{ #JAM }: Tiger La – Deadly Rhythm [Bobby Green Remix]

You can be my pilot, take me to the stars.

Featuring :: Tiger La – Deadly Rhythm [Bobby Green Remix]

{ Shannon Silver // Champagne at Shannon's }

This song is absolutely phenomenal.

I would not be lying to you guys if I told you I had this on repeat all week.

I don’t know what it is about this sick jam by bombshell Tiger La that has kept me captivated since I first heard it.

To be completely honest, I randomly stumbled upon this song on Spotify and have been obsessed since. Another perfect summer jam like Little Games & Rendez Vous.

I love the vibe that Bobby Green remixed on this.

{ Tiger La - Deadly Rhythm [Bobby Green Remix] // Champagne at Shannon's }{ Tiger La - Deadly Rhythm [Bobby Green Remix] // Champagne at Shannon's }

To be completely honest, it kind of takes me back to the mid 2000s, say 2006? It’s probably just me but it reminds me a lot of Gigi D’Agostino – who btw I was OBSESSED with at that time… OBSESSEDDDDD – think a lil L’Amour Toujours with a lil La Passion – so it is a welcome trip down memory lane.

Also, remember what Club cheval said: “It’s a good challenge to make music that people can’t tell when it was made.”
(for reference, this sick song was released in March of 2013)

The beat is clean, and the vocals are perfect. I love how he has them sampled on repeat in the background throughout the first 30 seconds (that’s where I get those Gigi vibes) and then transitions into something out of this world from the middle to conclusion.

Tiger La has a gorgeous, strong voice that I can listen to over and over and Bobby Green has me transporting to another galaxy (aka my favourite feeling ever). Total power duo.

Also, I’m pretty sure I uhhhh, yeah, this at the 2:30 mark after that insanely phenomenal build up from 2:15-2:30. Ho-ly. IJS.

So give it a listen but careful y’all, this rhythm is deadly af…  (couldn’t help myself 😉 )

Cheers to the weekend!

x Shannon


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{ #WCW }: Jenna from the life & style blog, Cheers J!, spills the juicy details allllllll about blogging!

{ Jenna, life & style blogger of Cheers J!, talks blogging // Champagne at Shannon's }

Hey what’s up hello!

I am so, so, so excited for today’s post.

When I first launched my blog, I featured the blog Cheers J by Jenna as a blog to check out! Now, it’s almost a year later, so I wanted to bring Jenna in for real and get the skinny on blogging.

As a friend and fellow blogger (we were both Delta Gammas together!), I found her interview SO so so interesting. It has been so neat to see her truly evolve her blog every single day and keep learning. That, alone, is what I think is KEY for blogging is progression and the slow and steady race.

When I was first getting started, she gave me a ton of advice, and now almost a year later, she has even more new extremely relevant advice.

One thing about Jenna’s blog that I very much admire is that she posts 5x a week (not only does she blog full-time, but she also has a FTJ in a demanding field). That is a major goal of mine (I do 3x a week), as I learn to balance work, life, and love so it was really interesting to hear about that.

Jenna also has phenomenal style! She always has when I knew her in the sorority. She was the epitome of polished, classy, feminine, and timeless. I’d show up to class in uggs, VS Pink sweats, and a sweatshirt (yes, I was that girl), while Jenna was in a crisp blouse, trousers, and pearls. Her style was one that I always admired ever since I met her.

Not to mention her style, but her approach to life is just contageous. A huge reason why she started her blog was to truly celebrate everyday. She just exudes those Kate Spade celebrate-esque vibes. I am so stoked that she is going the entertaining / lifestyle route as she evolves because it is something that is just so her!

Now, without further ado – Meet Jenna!

{ Jenna, life & style blogger of Cheers J!, talks blogging // Champagne at Shannon's } { Jenna, life & style blogger of Cheers J!, talks blogging // Champagne at Shannon's }

⚜ Introduce yourself & tell me about your blog, Cheers J!

Hello, my name is Jenna Howe and I’m from Pennsylvania/California, but I currently call Houston my home!

I started Cheers, J! about a year ago and it’s a life and style blog that looks for ways to celebrate life every day. Whether it’s you celebrating mixing up a great cocktail, whipping up a killer meal, finding the perfect finishing touch for your home or putting on the perfect outfit, it’s something that deserves to be celebrated!

My goal is to share my celebrations with you and hope that they inspire you to celebrate yours.

⚜ Tell me about balancing a full time job and managing a blog full time

It’s definitely a challenge.

You have to make sacrifices of your time, finances and social life. Fortunately, I have an absolutely amazing fiancé who helps me out so so much! He’s become my (almost) blogger husband and I couldn’t do it without him. 

⚜ What are your short-term and long-term goals?

Photos are so, so, so important and I want to make sure that my photos have a concrete and consistent style to them across platforms. {<<< guys, I cannot stress this enough either}

I want to start giving back to the blogging community and those that have invested in me because I have learned so much from them. I want my blog to be at a place where I could not touch it for a few days and have everything run smoothly.

Also, sort of being able to have a life again where I can do non blog related things would be nice…#dreams lol

{Shannon here but I wanted to brag on Jenna’s new photo studio dedicated to the blog! check it here}

⚜ What is your advice to others working a corporate job with dreams of starting their own business? 

Just start and don’t give up! {<<< #SAME

It will take time, A LOT of time to develop, but you have to just start somewhere.

Don’t be afraid to take risks and treat your dream like a job. When you are serious about it at the beginning, you will be able to overcome anything!

{ Jenna, life & style blogger of Cheers J!, talks blogging // Champagne at Shannon's }

 Favourite books?

I’ll be real. It’s been a while since I read a real book. The last one I read was called Tales from the Back Row by Amy Odell, which was a funny and realistic view of life behind the scenes in the fashion world.

For magazines which I read more often, InStyle and Food & Wine are definitely my go tos.

 Biggest Beauty Secret? Spill! 

Once a week, I do a 45 minute coconut oil hair mask and it has totally changed my hair!

 What is your go-to timeless style advice?

Wear whatever you want to wear no matter the trend! Fashion isn’t about trends, it’s about how people take those ideas and make them their own. That’s what we are drawn to!


 Who or what inspires you or where do you find inspiration?

Pinterest and Instagram are huge sources of inspiration and so are the bloggers I’ve met in my blogging community. They’re so talented and each one has such a unique outlook on life.

Also, pretty much anything Kate Spade inspires me because it’s a reminder to live colorfully and not take life too seriously!

⚜ What are some of the challenges in blogging and how you handle them?

The biggest challenge is comparison. It’s so easy to forget what goes on in the background and how long it takes people to get to where they are. Very rarely does a blog become a hit overnight.

You just have to remind yourself what made you start all this in the first place and keep bringing yourself back to that.

I’m not very good at it, but taking some time off is absolutely essential! You need time to recharge your creativity and have fun in life.

⚜ What are some of the pros & cons you’ve faced through blogging?

I’ve basically learned that I have so much to learn which is challenging, frustrating and exciting at the same time. {<<< love this}

Since I’ve started blogging I’ve learned so much about photography, social media, web design, coding and everything in between so that’s been so exciting!

It’s also been lovely to get to know the other bloggers in my community. Blogging isn’t an individual thing (even though it’s easy to think it is especially when you are caught up in the comparison game) and having a supportive community is so helpful.

⚜ Looking back, if you could do anything differently in building your brand & blog, what would it be?

I would take more time to really think about my brand and plan it out. If you want to have a blog as a business you need to be serious about it at the beginning.

I probably wasn’t as serious about planning as I should have been about it, so I’ve definitely had some branding growing pains. 

cheers-jenna-blog jenna-cheers-j

⚜ Currently, what is your favourite social media outlet & why? Any social media tips?

My favorite social media outlet is Pinterest! Having one place where I can be so inspired and find so many new bloggers is awesome!

My biggest tip is engage with people.

If you want people to talk to you, you need to talk to them as well in a timely manner. Just because it’s digital, doesn’t mean it’s not a two way conversation. Also, don’t get too caught up in numbers and stats. They don’t always have the importance that everyone thinks they do.

 Let’s talk Apps – what do you use and recommend?

I mainly use SnapSeed for editing photos on my phone, Planoly for planning out my Instagram, and Tailwind for scheduling pins. I recently did a post about 6 blogging apps I recommend – check it out!

⚜ What is next for Cheers J?

There will hopefully be more entertaining features with more décor touches, fun cocktails and new recipes. I’m still trying to figure it all out, but I do have a thing or two up my sleeve…. 😉

⚜ You post very consistently every day. That is a major goal of mine & I know firsthand how hard that is to do. How do you do it? I’m talking both physically the time, and mentally finding the content?

 I’m the type of person where I can’t slow down when I know I have things to do, which is a good and bad thing. It’s the thing in the back of my mind that constantly keeps me pushing forward.

I think it’s a having a “business” mindset about it as well.

I spend a lot of time brainstorming, planning out content as well as utilizing as many tools as possible. They have been a totally lifesaver in balancing a full time job and a blog.

⚜ How do you see social media and blogs evolving and how do you plan to evolve with it?

 I think they will continue to become people’s “go to” for information. For example, Pinterest is no longer just an inspiration board. It’s a search engine that people go to just as frequently as google.

As long as you focus on where your audience is engaging with you most, then you’ll be able to keep up with the changes. {<<< this is key re: engaging}

{ Jenna, life & style blogger of Cheers J!, talks blogging // Champagne at Shannon's }

⚜ What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Figure out what makes you “you”. It’s the hardest thing to do, but it will set you apart from everyone else and creates your space in the blogging world.

That’s why the market can be so saturated and at the same time be endless.

Everyone brings something unique to the table that will peak someone’s interest. Be patient while you figure that out.

⚜ Finally, advice for others who are looking to follow their dreams, but not sure how? 

You need a plan, but you won’t have all the details and you will fail. You won’t fail at everything, but it’s bound to happen so give yourself a little grace. Don’t let not having a plan or the fear of failure stop you.

I’m a planner and haven’t always had a plan, I’m totally afraid of failure and have failed several times, but I’m still here and have learned so much from those experiences.

So instead of just focusing on the destination, focus on the journey and you will most definitely get to a destination.

…And who knows, it may be a million times better than what you first imagined.

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{ Jenna, life & style blogger of Cheers J!, talks blogging // Champagne at Shannon's }


My Birthday Dress: For Love & Lemons Niccola Maxxxi

{ For Love & Lemons Niccola Maxi Dress // Champagne at Shannon's }

{ For Love & Lemons Niccola Maxi Dress // Champagne at Shannon's }

{ For Love & Lemons Niccola Maxi Dress // Champagne at Shannon's }

When I first saw this stunning Niccola Maxi Dress from For Love & Lemons, I knew I had to have it for my birthday.

We had just booked my Cabo birthday vacation and I needed a dress to ring in this new decade with.

I was casually scrolling through Shopbop during their sale a few months ago and came across this beaut.

After a MAJOR should I or shouldn’t I moment (which I documented on Snapchat – un: shnnnlynn – of course bc #bloglife) so I decided to blame it on the alcohol. I downed an entire glass of Chablis and whoooooooooops, pressed purchase!

…And I have zero regrets.


{ For Love & Lemons Niccola Maxi Dress // Champagne at Shannon's }

{ For Love & Lemons Niccola Maxi Dress // Champagne at Shannon's }

{ For Love & Lemons Niccola Maxi Dress // Champagne at Shannon's }


I said it before on Instagram and I stand by it 100%. If I had to wear only one item of clothing for the rest of my life, it would EASILY be this dress. Zero question.

From the floor skimming length, to the most gorgeous shade of blue, to the impeccable embroidery, and of course, my favourite part, the nude mesh inlays in all the sexiest places make this dress a winner in my book.

I wore it styled with some knee high lace up gladiators but you can easily wear it with flats, heels, or espadrilles… or even barefoot on the beach.

{ For Love & Lemons Niccola Maxi Dress // Champagne at Shannon's }

{ For Love & Lemons Niccola Maxi Dress // Champagne at Shannon's }

Also, it wouldn’t be a For Love & Lemons dress if it didn’t have all the best little details.. in fact, the ribbon bows on the wrists were one of my favourite details.

By FAR though, my favourite part are the mesh inlays. They are nude and in unexpected places. It shows a flash skin, yet is still covered. Major sex appeal in my book.

Also, the Niccola comes in a mini dress as well! The little details on that one is incredible. I love the slits on the arms. I do not own it, but I might have to add the blush one in my arsenal!

EASILY my favourite item of clothing I own, but can you blame me?! 😉 xx


{ For Love & Lemons Niccola Maxi Dress // Champagne at Shannon's }

{ For Love & Lemons Niccola Maxi Dress // Champagne at Shannon's }

Outfit details ::

Dress – For Love & Lemons Niccola Maxi in Navy (in Blush here)
Shoes – Forever 21 Knee High Gladiator Lace-Ups (sold out, similar)
Sunglasses – Express Brow Bar Retro

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{ #JAM }: La Plage – Rendez Vous [Saint Pepsi Remix]

Featuring :: La Plage – Rendez Vous [Saint Pepsi Remix]

{ Shannon Silver // Champagne at Shannon's }

When I was living in Dallas, I coined a genre called FG, or Feel Good tunes.

I’d make FG playlists which just really did wonders on my mood.

They kept me motivated to push through work-outs. If boys were pissing me off (aka story of my life in Texas from 2009-2013 because boys were so annoying) they made it better. They kept me calm when work would get stressful, and kept long road trips short.. all in all, they kept my mood UP in general.

What constitutes a feel good song in my book?

Think an upbeat tempo, positive vibes, and immediately upon hearing, just makes you feel feel good (hence the name) & HAPPY.

They are songs you find yourself nodding, tapping your feat, dancing in your head to. I think everyone can agree that the simple “Call Me Maybe” is the epitome of a Feel Good. In fact, I’ll make and share an entire playlist this month.

At the end of the day, it’s just the perfect, & easiest remedy for when you are feeling low.

This Saint Pepsi remix of La Plage’s Rendez Vous is no exception and has been on repeat all week for me.

{ La Plage - Rendez Vous [Saint Pepsi Remix] // Champagne at Shannon's }

{ La Plage - Rendez Vous [Saint Pepsi Remix] // Champagne at Shannon's }

It’s a funky lil jam, that just is so incredibly upbeat. It reminds me of the likes of RAC.

La Plage is a Belgian trio with a pop focus on “summer nostalgia”. Here is a great link to get acquainted with them and more on said summer nostalgia. What nails it in that link is this quote:

 [Their music]  possesses a charming je ne sais quoi, both upbeat and downbeat in the same breath, and is inspired by “the poetry of Tellier, Timberlake, and long walks on the beach,” the band explains.

{ source }

Saint Pepsi – now known as Skylar Spence – is the electronic brainchild of Ryan DeRobertis who describes his own sounds as  “‘future pop,’ ‘R&B,’ ‘liquid disco,’ ‘slowjam,’ and my favorite, ‘gibber boogie.'” { source – quoted directly } Check out that interview for more… & it is a fantastic interview btw.

Speaking of “Call Me Maybe”, I first heard of Ryan on THIS insane rework back in the summer of 2014. Obsessed.

Back to Rendez Vous…

The tempo is positive, there is a fun whistle vibe, and the vocals are strategically placed throughout. Saint Pepsi’s remix gives it more of the tropical house / nu-disco feel. Which I’ve mentioned how much I LOVE.

Like Little Games, this remix just screams SUMMER VIBES.

Like, you need this while sipping skinny spiked orange juliuses by the pool or driving to the beach with the top down.

Hope you enjoy this sweet jam as much as I do! Sending all my love.

x Shannon


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{ RECIPE }: Skinny SPIKED Orange Strawberry Julius! Yes please!

{ Spiked Orange Strawberry Julius // Champagne at Shannon's }

TL;DR recipe HERE

sooooo the past week has been terrible.

I’ve been SICK as a dog (most likely brought upon Cabo withdrawals) & it just has not been pretty.

Literally, bed time has been 7:00 pm (and with a solid 12+ hours), and my nightly cocktail has been more like benedryl neat vs some single malt neat.

I find whenever I am sick, I randomly always crave ORANGES.

Maybe my body is craving the vitamin C? But there are few things more satisfying to me on a sick day than a never ending bowl of oranges. (I do have very specific sick-day cravings… for example, I strongly believe wonton soup and fried brown rice is THE cure for any sick days but that’s beyond the point).

Most of my sickness was throat related. Gross & TMI I know… but that meant the idea of eating something was far less appealing than drinking… so I decided to get somewhat creative.

If you’ve been following me, you know by my recipes that I am a MAJOR fan of simple.

{ Spiked Orange Strawberry Julius // Champagne at Shannon's }

I think it is super easy to complicate a dish and make it less appetizing.

Like, I’d much prefer a perfectly grilled medium rare steak vs steak seared, then grilled, then baked, then deep fried, then topped with red wine sauce spiked with taragon simmered with rosemary with butter infused with herbs… like, it’s like those ridiculous HowToBasic YouTube videos where it starts so simple & innocently enough but before you know it, it’s extremely unappealing chaos.

SIMPLE is key, y’all.

Even if I wasn’t working & blogging full-time, I have a VERY, very lazy side that very much appreciates simplicity.

That said, I also like simple since I can be a psycho with ingredients.

{ Spiked Orange Strawberry Julius // Champagne at Shannon's }

For example, I mentioned I don’t keep sugar in my house – just coconut sugar.

I also don’t drink dairy milk (never have when I was little) – so it’s hemp milk for me.

I am Patrick Bateman psycho when it comes to aging – so I put collagen in my coffee every day

That said – it’s very easy to make an innocent lil recipe extremely weird, unrelatable for lack of better terms, and overly complicated for no reason.

The more simple I keep things, the easier it is for me to implement ingredients I love.

Like, who wants me to post a smoothie recipe with apples, berries, spinach, kale, spirulina, coconut oil, coconut sugar, coconut milk – hell just throw the entire coconut in there, cacao nibs, incaberries, hemp milk, mesquite powder, lucuma powder, camu powder, maca powder (bc they’re different, duh *roll eyes emoji*), acai, and wheatgrass?!

I probably had you guys interested until I got to the coconut madness. After that, HOPEFULLY, you fell off…

One, that is just totally & completely unrelatable on so many levels. Two, there are FAR too many ingredients where the flavours are just clashing. And Three, that is one fucking expensive smoothie.

And don’t get me wrong – everything I mentioned there, I mentioned on purpose because I either have it, use it regularly, or used it before…. but my point is, you want to use 1-3 of them max in a recipe and call it a day. For example, in my matcha lattes , I use maca / mesquite / coconut sugar which I’ll admit is pushing it, but the flavours meld well together.

Sooooo /rant but y’all get it.

Back to the lecture at hand…

{ Spiked Orange Strawberry Julius // Champagne at Shannon's }

So I was craving an orange drink & was super sick of Emergen-C. I wanted something creamy, frothy, and indulgent (but not tooooooo). And for whatever reason, my mind brought me back to growing up in suburbia – shoutout to The Woodlands, TX – and going to the MALL… and any 90s mall-rat knows where I am going with this… but to Orange Julis!

Talk about a #TBT right? Plus, the 90’s are so chic right now.

I was ob-SESSED with Orange Juliuses (is that the plural – let’s go with it). In fact, my favourite was the OrangeBerry Julius aka orange and strawberry!

If you are unfamiliar with Orange Julius, it is a DELIGHTFUL beverage. Not really a smoothie, but not really a juice. Think in between. Super creamy, a bit frothy, with a vanilla flavour. Kind of creamsicle like.

Turns out, the frothy-creaminess is c/o egg whites (they use a powder of dairy milk, egg whites, and vanilla). Also, it is made with orange juice, simple syrup, ice (they use crushed ice), & their secret egg / milk / vanilla powder all in a blender.

Now, I needed to add the Shannon touch to it.

I have not one, not two, but THREE secrets that I will share with you guys 😉

{ Spiked Orange Strawberry Julius // Champagne at Shannon's }

1 }: Vanilla Hemp Milk Ice Cubes

Before making, I made filled an ice tray with hemp milk & added about 1 tsp of vanilla extract to each. If you want to go the extra mile, you can simply blend hemp hearts in a blender, strain it through a cheese cloth, add vanilla and freeze. My favourite hemp milk brand is Tempt. This adds to the freezy part of it, but keeps things creamy, rather than icy and granular

2 }: Chia seeds!

Rather than egg whites, I added about a tablespoon of chia seeds! Chia seeds are full of high omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, and are an awesome egg subsitute. These mighty lil seeds also have wonderful thickening powers. Black or white chia seeds will work, but white will be less visible. I used white for that very reason.

3 }: Coconut Sugar

Again, I don’t keep sugar in my house and I posted about the benefits of coconut sugar here but I love the stuff because it has more of a caramelly vanilla flavour. Yes, the health benefits are rad, but I thought this would really emphasize the vanilla from my hemp ice cubes.

That’s about it!


{ Spiked Orange Strawberry Julius // Champagne at Shannon's }


{ my exact blender HERE & I LOVE LOVE LOVE it }

It’s also super versatile. I used oranges and strawberries, but you could easily swap them out for whatever fruit you desire. I’m thinking strawberry lemonade julius or straight up raspberry. You can also make a citrus medley with orange-grapefruit-lemon.

However, if you do use lemon, I recommend doubling the sugar to balance the acidity. Also, use as much or as little fruit as you want. A good base is 1:3 ratio of oranges and strawberries. I used 2 small oranges and 6 berries for each. As far as ice, 1 large cubes will work, or a handful of small ones. I used just 1 from this ice cube tray to put it in perspective.

Oh…. and I almost forgot…

 Add some booze!!!!!!

{ Spiked Orange Strawberry Julius // Champagne at Shannon's }

I added vodka to mine and Erik’s {he’s having a major screwdriver moment since Cabo} but tequila would be BOMB AF, as well as gin.

Also, the best part?! This tastes much more indulgent and sinful than it actually is!

This drink has summer vibes written all over it… bottoms up!


{ Spiked Orange Strawberry Julius // Champagne at Shannon's }

⚜ Spiked Orange Strawberry Julius à la C@S ⚜

Ingredients ::

Oranges (as much or as little as you want)
Strawberries (same as above)
Hemp Milk (I love Tempt!)
Vanilla extract
Coconut Sugar
White Chia Seeds
Liquor of your choice!

Directions – literally so easy! ::

The night before, freeze hemp milk with 1/2-1 tsp of vanilla in an ice cube tray.

In a blender, add all of the ingredients together – including the booze & blend. Garnish with berries, a mint leaf, lemon zest, or my favourite way, topped with champagne 😉 cheers!

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{ Spiked Orange Strawberry Julius // Champagne at Shannon's }

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