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♡ My Virtual Valentine || My 7 Girl Crushes To Follow ♡ - Champagne at Shannon's

♡ My Virtual Valentine || My 7 Girl Crushes To Follow ♡

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Happy Valentine’s Day, loves!!

I am a major fan of this holiday. I mean anything that celebrates love, desserts, & wine is a win in my book. Not to mention, I am having a major pink & red moment… I blame Glossier 😉

To share the Valentine’s love, I wanted to share some of my girl crushes who I just love to follow. Perfect day for a #WCW, no?

Seriously, I am obsessed with these babes and love every one of their posts. In fact, these are the seven I actually have my notifications turned on for.

I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for more accounts to follow on instagram. It keeps me inspired on the daily & it’s always rad to see other babes do their thing. In this online world, it can get pretty noisy, but these gals always stand out to me and I know they will to you.

Without further ado – babes to follow on instagram this Valentine’s Day!

< o n e >

Monique Sedlar


This girl is seriously a bombshell. Her instagram aesthetic is dead on & she has such a real voice & approach to blogging. I also love how she edits her photos and her vibe in general. From her modelesque looks to timeless style, you need this chick on your timeline. For you tall babes, she is over 6 feet tall so she is major inspo for fashion! Her style is timeless, flattering, with a bit of an edge… love, love, & love.

< t w o >

Dayanna Roman


I met Dayanna through instagram and I am so glad I did. Her aesthetic is extremely creative & I get such retro Hollywood vibes. She’s her own creative director & model and almost all of her pictures look like it came straight out of the dopest magazine. Her stories are also phenomenal – she gets very creative and inspires me to get a little extra with mine {basically, you’ll never see her screenshot her feed with an emoji over her most recent post}.

< t h r e e >

Fiona Briseño


I am OBSESSED with this babe, you can ask Erik. Absolutely huge girl crush and I just kind of want to be her bff. She is a young model in New York City & her style is to die for… TO DIE FOR- I want to steal every single one of her outfits. Her aesthetic is strong and mark my words, hers will be a face everyone knows in the next few years on the runway. She’s a high fashion dream & not to mention, her and her boyfriend are the most beautiful, adorable couple ever. Her account has inspired me to take more risks with my style!

< f o u r >

Julie Lievens


Through following the Magician over the years, I became obsessed aquainted with his partner, Julie. I have a theory if the guy is rad, then the woman he is with has to be even more rad {sorry guys, it’s always true}. Julie is no exception & a huge driving creative force for him too. I am obsessed with her photos and style. Everything she posts is dreamy & her closet is one every girl would love to raid – not to mention her little girl is just adorable. Her style is feminine & chic – I die for all of her posts and travels. Everytime we go to Europe {or when The Magician is in SF}, I always ask Erik if it would be creepy if I DM’ed her to grab champagne but I always chicken out. One of these days! Speaking of, we’ll be back in Europe in 2 weeks – who knows!

< f i v e >



I can’t write my love letter for Shrazzi long enough. Her account is one of my all time favourites. She just exudes retro glamour, has an amazing singing voice & her stories are some of my favourites – in fact, she posted something I cannot WAIT to try in her stories but fresh eucalyptus in the shower! All I want to do is go to her house, put on music, & cook with her while we get drunk on wine. Is that too much to ask? Trust me, after watching her stories, you will want to do the same.

< s i x >

Tatiana Ringsby


My girlcrush with her is strong. I’m a huge fan of her youtube channel – her positivity seriously beams & she is incredibly inspiring. You can tell she is one of those girls who is as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside. She’s another young model based in Hawaii / New York / LA & her photos are just stunning. She is another one to expect huge things from in years to come. I dare you to watch her vlogs and NOT drink more water. She is also vegan – so if you’re thinking of going vegan or incorporating a vegan lifestyle, her channel is FULL of fun ideas!

< s e v e n >

Colette Prime


If you follow me on instagram, you know I am OBSESSED with Colette. I mentioned her briefly here but seriously, this chick is amazing. She is the Amazon babe and everything she wears is CHIC, affordable, and from Amazon. All of her photos look straight out of Vogue. I also love her because she is disrupting the blogosphere in all the best ways. Trust me, you want to keep an eye on her

Any babes I should follow?? Let me know in the comments.

Any fun Valentine’s Plans? We were going to go to Benihana {#RANDOM} but slacked on the resos… & they are full – WHO KNEW?!

The Benihana here is located in one of the coolest Japanese malls in San Francisco’s Japantown District – not to mention, hibachi fried rice is a weakness of mine {could happily eat 5 orders in one sitting nbd}, so I thought it would be a fun way to spend it… but apparently everyone else beat us to it!

Instead, we are going to a favourite mediterranean wine bar of ours in Russian Hill for kebabs & lots of wine.


x Shannon


+++ all images in post from the instagrams linked


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