‎♡ My New Approach to What I Wear in 2018 ‎♡

Oy! I don’t know about you but today is the Mondayest Tuesday ever. However, I’ve been excited for this post for quite some time.

It’s no secret I shop a lot {a lot a lot a lotttttttt} at Brandy Melville.

It’s my favourite store to stock up on basics, knits, & sweats… not to mention, it’s a quick hop, skip & a jump away from my apartment.

I’ve noticed lately I’ve been getting a ton of graphics from there too. Like this shirt here & here – I love it because, well, it’s a shark holding a beer and I love the bar full of fish {& joke that the tall bartender is actually Erik} but if you google the place… it’s fake.

That said, it sure makes for a cute photo!

About a year ago, Erik & I went to Jenner to revisit Timber Cove after it’s renovation. While in Jenner, we popped by the Jenner Inn for a drink since it’s one of my fave bars there and I bought a sweatshirt on my way out. See me in it here & here.

Well- that sweatshirt slowly became one of my favourite things in my closet. It was a fun memory with Erik at that bar in one of my favourite places & fits perfectly… not to mention the seal is adorable!

In fact, I told Erik that this was something you would 100% see at Brandy.

As we roadtripped back to San Francisco, we stopped by some of the most random but fun places in Bodega Bay – including a super cute Salt Water Taffy place called Patrick’s. Everywhere, I got a shirt.

I realized I was buying things so similar to what I was already buying but now everything had a special memory or place tied to it.

I told Erik that that will be my new MO for this year, style wise.

If it’s not a black mockneck, then I want it to be a place that I went to with Erik, or my girl friends, or my family – you name it.

It’s been a fun way to truly personalize items & even better? With each wash, it gets softer & softer & lends the vintage “lived in” feel & look.

So from travel, to restaurants, to concerts, to the random moments – if they’re selling something to wear, I’m buying it!

Here, I’m wearing the long sleeved tee from Jenner Inn with pants from the Reformation {sold out – similar}, Pixie jacket from i.am.gia {cannot recc this jacket ENOUGH – in fact, it merits it’s own post so I’ll do that soon. do note it runs HUGE so size down, I’m wearing XS}, sunglasses from Spitfire {sold out – similar}, & brand new Superga’s – not pictured but I’m obsessed with them!

It may not be haute couture, but it’s a fun way to wear your memories!

Wellllll that’s all I got for today. Let me know your thoughts on this! It’s def a different approach to what is in my closet, but I’ve been loving it lately & even better to support the places that bring Erik & I so much joy!

Okay talk soon!!

PS – these pics were taken after I got my hair cut – I hope you like the length, I am in LOVE with the result!

xx Shannon


Some of my favourite basics to pair w/

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  • Alice

    This is an amazing idea!

  • Jessica Burke

    so fun! That fuzzy coat is so perfect! http://www.welllayered.com

  • Tia Johnson

    Yes. I love when my clothes are nicely worn in due to multiple washes. I lovvvve the coat, btw. 🙂

  • Ben

    Hello Shannon,

    you have a style 🙂 Great post and great pictures

  • Ann

    First of all I love the coat, second of all I also experience that one when you keep buying things that it’s almost the same with what you already have. I’m also guilty with that. Memories are good to keep though.


  • I totally agree! When a piece reminds you of a special memory it just makes it so much better. Also, I LOVE your coat!!

    xo Kayla

  • Jen Pilchak

    Items picked up that hold a special meaning are the best!!
    Jen from http://www.StyleinShape.com

  • I do love your bear coats, these are such a cute trend! xx


  • Shan!!!!
    I love this approach. I have the same one with work swag. I travel a fair amount for work, and every time I go into a new office, I try to get local swag. When I wear it back in the US, it makes me feel super special.
    Love your earrings btw- I know, random.

  • Ira

    Great ideas dear!


  • You look gorgeous! Love this clothes.