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{ #JAM }: All These Things Are Gone – The Young Punx - Champagne at Shannon's

{ #JAM }: All These Things Are Gone – The Young Punx

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Let’s go on a journey…

This journey is about time.

It will last about 14 minutes and will be extremely thought provoking.

I’m talking feelings of nostalgia, happiness, uncertainty, sadness, and maybe even tears. In fact, The Young Punx themselves describes it best as “alternately joyous and melancholic”. You in?

Usually, I put the song at the bottom, but I will leave it here so you can press play as you read since it is a long one – both the song and my highlight:

? Featuring :: All These Things Are Gone – The Young Punx


{ Shannon Silver // Champagne at Shannon's }

Very simply put – this song is about the passage of time… but with an Irreversible {but far less brutal} take on it that time destroys all.

I heard this song first in Spring 2014 in the conclusion of The Magician’s Magic Tape 41 – and the deadpan voice saying random words piqued my interest… only to find out the words were anything but random… and quite poignant.

The thing they have in common is stated in the title.

The song itself is a very pleasant aural experience.

Musically, it starts hypnotizing, has a jovial beat, then ends in a reflective yet melancholy verse. The tone is set, and remains constant, with the first vocals simply stating: “All you love will always fade away”.

It is hazy, dreamy, and backed with a nod to 90’s bliss house… another thing that time took with it. The 5:42 – 11:15 mark is all instrumental as it goes through the aural part of the journey. Tons of genre switching but then ends with the reflective melancholy melody as mentioned above.

In that verse, the final items in the verse include things that were mentioned, but also get more personal including childhood, a mother’s touch, my dog, my edge, the American dream – while re-mentioning my first wife and my virginity. I’ll admit, it’s a tough verse for me to get through, which I am sure is the point… and like that, the song fades off.

{ The Young Punx }

Now, the deadpan (which I love, love, love) is a very interesting touch..

As the song goes, the deadpan simply names 60+ things that seem random up front but again, the thing that ties them all together are that they were all stolen with time. Some are cheeky, some are tragic, some extinct, and some personal… though personal, are some we all have experienced (for the most part).

…However, the deadpan turns into heart-wrenching emotion – still anchored by the robotic monotone – at, and only at, a certain part:

“The way you used to look at me. The way you used to look at me. The way you used to look at me when I touched you in the night.
All these things are gone.”

One of the messages of this song is that despite all that is gone, the loss from heartbreak can be the hardest of them all… as comparing it to, expressionless, 60+ other things that cease to exist.

The video (below) is phenomenal and literally illustrates it all – fair warning – verrrrrrry trippy though. In fact, Han Hoogerbrugge was the artist for it. I highly encourage you to watch after you read this.

At the end of the day, this song, again, is about the progress of time. Everything in life will be gone with time. Some are trivial, some are huge, some are things we love, and some are things we hate. As life goes on, you learn nothing is infinite. Time itself is what makes the infinite finite.

I will be totally honest: this post took me a very long time to physically write because I had to leave the computer and take a break multiple times. As I write my song highlights, I play the song on repeat until my post is done and this one was a little too intense for me to do in one sitting. That said, it is & will always be one of my all time favourite songs ever since I first heard it in 2014.

This song provokes me every.single.time with every emotion I mentioned. That may sound lame to some, but music is something that transports me & that is a huge part of my life. Music tells a story with either the words, the beat, or both. Music has gotten me through times when both I’ve had everything, and when I’ve had nothing… again, something that time changes constantly.

…And to be frank, the concept of time scares me. Sooooooo, to reiterate, this song brings out feelings of melancholy, fear, uncertainty, heartbreak, and awareness – all backed with a pleasant, dreamy, happy beat. What a total mindfuck, right?!

I hope you enjoyed this journey, and not to sound sadistic, but I do hope it evoked all those feelings in you, including tears. It will also make you think, and think hard. It touches on the environment and though it isn’t gone… yet – it’s quite ominous that it will be at some point, re: the honey bees & the ice caps.

You can find the official lyrics here – trust me, they will make you think – but I highly recommend watching the video below to see it all drawn out. It is pure art.

PS – this song is also the title to their album, and the entire album relates to this song. It is a phenomenal LP paying homage to different music genres in the 20th century – here is a great article with all the influences. Incredible record.

On that note… happy Friday!


x Shannon  ?


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NOTE :: to get the song, you have to get the album but it’s damn good. You want it. Trust me.

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