SET THE MOOD FOR FALL with these sexy candles!

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE FALL… which officially begins this week!

October is easily my favourite month & I can basic as hard as the rest of them when it comes to all things fall, pumpkins, Halloween… well, I can get more creepy & less basic on the latter but you get it.

Bring on the Pumpkin Spice everything! Martha Stewart may think it’s for basic bitches, but hey more for this basic biatch, tyvm… & raise your hand if you’ve felt personally victimized by Martha Stewart? HA!

ANYWAYS- 4 years ago next week was when I first moved to California from Texas. Texas may have been transforming from summer to Fall but California was doing the opposite and prepping for summer. That may sound like heaven to some, but this girl needs her some FALL in a MAJOR WAY come October.

SO- I need to set the mood & put fall into my own hands.

The very first thing I do when that craving for fall hits is stock UP on fall scented candles. When you’re working with 450 square feet – MAX – it really helps set the ambiance.

Over the weekend, I went a little cray cray on candles. After all, I have a new nightstand, bar cart, & desk and they each needed one!

Long story short, I bought the best damn candle and need to brag about it here… as well as some other dope candle picks.

Basically, I NEEDED a pumpkin candle. Not want, NEED. NON-NEGOTIABLE.

I hopped in my favourite home decor spot in the Marina & $36 later, walked out with the most heavenly piece of fall. YES, I know $36 is a lot for a candle but I will fully admit it’s my favourite guilty pleasure.

Before we went to Half Moon Bay on Saturday, Erik came that morning with coffee and instantly remarked how damn good my place smelled. “I know, Thanks”, I said, with a smile. We started talking about the candle, & how I couldn’t decide between two scents. He asked why I didn’t get both and I told him that I didn’t feel like spending ~$80 on my own indecisiveness. Basically, he was shocked about the price of the candle… something along the lines “you did NOT spend almost $40 on a candle.” I told him indeed I did, and what was the first thing he said when he walked in?

I find the luxury candles not only have the BEST scents, but they last – forever. I keep my candles LIT on the daily so lasting power is a must. In fact, THESE candles from the archives, I’m JUST now finishing. It may seem like an indulgent spend up front but the staying power & sexy fragrance is worth it to me.

ANYWAYS, as we get into fall, it’s time to get a little more sultry than summertime flirty. Swap in the breezy scents for something a little more indulgent. Less linen, more cashmere. Less coconut, more vanilla bean. Less palm leaves, more leather. Less basic b pineapple, and more basic b pumpkin spice. You get it.

HERE are my favourite picks for Fall – it may be getting warmer in SF, but it’s definitely getting more cozy in my tiny studio!

{{ ONE :: Pumpkin Farmhouse by Rosy Rings }}

+++ buy H E R E

THIS is the candle that inspired this whole post. I cannot even begin to tell you how good & comforting this scent is. It’s not overpowering at all with a lovely blend of pumpkin, cinnamon, vanilla, & other kitchen spices. The other one I was trying to decide on as mentioned above was Spicy Apple. TRUST ME, it smells amazing – it basically smells like this post. I’ll def be getting the Apple one for the later part of fall FOR SURE.

{{ TWO :: RICH (Cashmere & Smoke) by Sunday Forever }}

+++ buy H E R E

Exact words from the site, this candle smells like money, boys, smoke, & cashmere. I like it, I like it. *BUYS INSTANTLY* All jokes aside, it basically screams fall & who knows what may come if you light it. 😉  I also appreciate candles that come with their own matches, like this.

{{ THREE :: Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla by White Barn }}

+++ buy H E R E 

I strongly believe you can never go wrong with a vanilla candle. They are pretty seamless throughout the seasons. A go to way to make it more fall is to add cinnamon. This candle is a blend of vanilla bean, sugar, & cinnamon. YUM! I also love the marble vestibule {for lack of a better term}. Way chic for your coffee table!

{{ FOUR :: Boulangerie in Espresso by Anthropologie }}

+++ buy H E R E

One of the most comforting scents in the WORLD is freshly brewed coffee. I don’t know what it is about it, but it really brings on the fall season. This candle boasts scents of espresso beans, cocoa, almond milk, & Patchouli. Light this one up while you’re getting ready for the day for a sexy pick me up!

{{ FIVE :: diptyque in Cuir / Leather }} 

+++ buy H E R E

Leather is easily my kryptonite. The smoky, sexy scent of leather gets me every time. There is something so warm, sensual, provacative, yet comforting about it for me. In fact, my two signature fragrances are Novocaine by Tokyo Milk & Bourbon Nirvana by Elizabeth and James. I can’t get enough. Mix leather with fire & mohagany and consider me melted. This candle by Diptyque is a bit of a splurge but worth every penny. Think leather blended with firewood with a whollle lotta #giveittomenow

What are some of your favourite candles? I’m ALWAYS looking to add to the collection.


xx Shannon


  • J

    Sorry, but you ruined your site’s functionality with your update. It’s really hard to read/navigate and the image for the mouse is difficult/annoying/confusing. The mouse is the LAST thing I want to be thinking about when I’m reading a blog. It also took me a solid 10 seconds and some random clicking to figure out how to get beyond the preview of your posts.

    • Thank you for your input & constructive criticism. I will be working with this to make it easier on all accounts today. This is input I need or else I don’t know what to fix so I appreciate you taking the time to let me know. x Shannon

      • J

        Cool, sorry if that came across as unkind! Love your blog and have just been like “ahh what do i do….” since the update. Thanks for changing the mouse/cursor thingy back 🙂

        • No worries & thank YOU for your input. I am working with my back end on some custom code to make things a bit easier to navigate on the home page so that should hopefully be live by next week. Open door policy here! Thank you again for reading and your support 🙂

  • Riva Treasure

    dying, Martha Stewart for basic bitches! HAHA! I love candles and especially in Fall! Those all sound like they smell amazing!

    • HA! I know – more for us. 🙂 Let me know if you have some fall candle faves! x Shannon

  • Nicole

    As much as I try to ‘live in the moment’ and enjoy each season… I am so very excited for fall as well! I haven’t yet purchased any fall candles this season… BRB going to check out your recommendations! Typically love anything pumpkin-y!

    • HA! I totally feel you – something about Fall just gets me every time 🙂 you will LOVE the first candle, it seriously is the best pumpkin candle I’ve tried!! LMK if you get it! x Shannon

  • I LOVE fall too!!! The first thing I did was find my fall candles 🙂 I love your picks, I’m going to have to check those out! xo Jana |

    • RIGHT?! I feel like it’s our duty to welcome fall that way. LMK if you get any! I seriously can’t recc the Rosy Rings pumpkin candle enough. Thanks for the love, Jana 🙂 x S

  • I need some new candles, these all look so amazing

  • Shannon Dwyer

    1. i love the new blog look, and 2. i can’t wait to try a couple of these scents – nothing better than the smell of fall!!!

    • Thank you so much, Shannon! I’m so glad to hear you like it. It really is the best, isn’t it?! PS – I like your name 😉 x Shannon

  • Omg loving your picks for these candles! Definitely one of my favorite parts about Fall 🙂

    xo Anna Elizabeth

    • Thanks Anna Elizabeth! I totally agree, it’s such a cozy season 🙂 x S

  • Courtney Livingston

    So many great scents! I want to try the esspresso candle from Anthro! So perfect for fall!
    Courtney ||

    • I totally agree! Such a comforting, cozy scent & even better? an excuse to shop at anthro 😉 xx Shannon

  • Azanique

    I love every single White Barn candle! They are my favorite 🙂

    – xo, Azanique |

    • RIGHT?! they are SO good! What’s your favourite scent girl?? xx S

  • Lovely scents. Who doesnt love candles for fall? I would love to try the espresso candle too. That would be a really comfy scent for fall.

    Jessica |

    • They are the best!! The scents are always the best even though it just makes me want to stay home and drink alllll the mulled things 🙂 lmk if you get it!! xx S

  • This is so nice! I only have one candle right now and I am using it for a prop in my flat lays! I need to purchase the ones you listed! I love White Barn too!

    • HA! I love that & that’s so much blogger realness. I think you NEED the marble white barn one! It is SO flat lay friendly 🙂 xx Shannon

  • Oh! I need to check those out!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma


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