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Upgrade your AM with the best eggs ever!

Breakfast in Bed :: The BEST Eggs ever to Upgrade your AM

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holla holla

Man do I have a TREAT for y’all – the BEST EGGS EVER!!

TL;DR – Recipe here & use Greek Yogurt & Ghee.

{ egg porn // champagne at shannon's }

As mentioned, I have cleaned things up 100% and started new healthy habits, including making time every morning to cook breakfast. I am one of those {pls don’t lecture me} that will just skip breakfast. Now, if we are being totally honest – there is no “making time” with these eggs. It literally takes no more than 10 minutes from start to finish. AKA no excuses for me to skip my breakfast anymore!

All this being said – eggs and I… um…

we have a weird relationship, if you will.

For starters, they really creep me out. I know this is weird, coming from the girl who puts collagen in her coffee, but they just do. I cannot even begin to explain it – however, my boyfriend LOVES eggs – like, think honey badger scaring off an ostrich from it’s nest and stealing their eggs, loves the damn things.

Me with eggs, it’s all a texture and smell thing. I canNOT do hard-boiled eggs. I find them so repulsive – subjective, I know – but I cannot even look at pictures of them. In fact, there are recipes all over the internet mixing them with avocado and that is seriously my personal version of hell. If a place smells like eggs (like every apartment in the Marina over the weekend – ugh), I just cannot handle it. I cannot even do my ramen with the egg – which I know is the best part. My boyfriend doesn’t mind though, because that means he gets extra. 🙂

Usually with eggs, I have to throw on a hell of a lot of hot sauce, salt, pepper, and cheese. I cannot do eggs without cheese! Again, it’s a texture thing.

Now, I am one who will also eat things despite how I feel about them – for both health reasons & fuel for my body – for example, what I do with mushrooms – So I do try to eat eggs {and that’s how I know I hate hard-boiled eggs – I literally cannot stomach them despite the rad benefits} – but they usually ended up getting the back burner to a boozy brunch. All of the sudden, after being buzzed from a little OJ but mostly champagne, and a side of hashbrowns & bacon, eggs start taste a little bit better.

Unfortunately, I do not have the champagne handicap on the weekdays {not fair!}, so when I told my boyfriend I was going to make an active effort to have eggs every single morning until we leave for Australia – he was shocked, but also stoked because that means when he is back in town, he gets to reap the benefit.

Again, they are not my favourite, but they are so good for you. Elsa Hosk, one of my favourite models, has been quoted to eat EIGHT EGGS before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Also, if you want insta-inspo – check out her Food Diary.

{ Elsa Hosk }
{ elsa hosk }

Well, hell.

I want to look like Elsa when I am in Fiji next month. So I bit the bullet, & bought a dozen eggs over the weekend.

So taking the above in mind – I had to figure out how to make the eggs to my liking. I cannot stomach boiled eggs – both yolks & whites –  and hate over hard yolks (or that gross grey around it when it is boiled – ugh). However, I can handle fried eggs, over-easy eggs, scrambled, omelets, & poached eggs {sometimes}. I also like to add cheese to soften the texture and taste. Sooooo what does that mean?

The creamier & more tender the texture, the better.

It’s not uncommon to add milk or water to eggs prior to scrambling them. However, I don’t drink milk so I never have it on hand. Water would not lead to the creamy texture I so desperately need, and the thought of putting almond milk in my eggs kind of weirded me out – it’s a scent thing. Instead, I keep {full fat} greek yogurt in my fridge on the reg so I had a light-bulb moment to put that in.

I mix about a tablespoon (I eyeball it) of the greek yogurt with the eggs, and some salt & Pepper and mix the eggs until the whites and yolks fully blend. Sometimes the greek yogurt won’t fully blend, but this is okay, because it will when it cooks. For those who say adding salt will make them tough, whatever Serious Eats says to do, I do. FWIW, I have yet to have tough eggs.

{ TIP: }  To save time, set your stove on medium-low heat, with the fat you are using to cook the eggs before you mix them – by the time you finish mixing, it should be ready to go!

Now, speaking of Serious Eats… I’ve mentioned that The Food Lab is my favourite book for the kitchen, right? Not only do I love J. Kenji López-Alt, but that book is so special to me. Why? Because it doesn’t just satiate my hunger {no pun – but probably one of the only books that does so}, but ignites it. It makes me want to take the science and cause & effect on everything I learn from it and apply it to new recipes. And it works. Every. Single. Damn. Time. I’ve mentioned I’ve been binging on Desperate Housewives. Well, confession. I finished the entire series last weekend {THAT SHOW IS SERIOUSLY SO GOOD} so now I have nothing to watch. I’ve swapped out the TV for The Food Lab, and every night, I read a few sections with my cat curled up next to me – even if it is something I have read before. BTW, I’ve mentioned my addictive personality, right?

Okay, so where am I going with this? He has a recipe for creamy eggs. The thing he does that is different from what I have seen is that he adds cold butter to the eggs prior to cooking. This obviously intrigued me, so I wanted to make it mine.

I do regularly keep butter in my fridge – I am a huge fan of Plugra. I don’t go Paula Deen crazy, but I do add butter to almost everything I cook, and I love it for baking. Don’t even get me started on the butter substitutes. It is amazing how many people eat those, and think they are being healthier than eating butter. Sorry, but I’d take churned cream over hydrogenated oils & stuff.

Anyways /rant, but now, I’ve read about ghee, and I remember my father telling me about it – so I did some digging, and literally ran to the store last weekend to buy a jar. And like that, it is officially a new staple in my pantry…. or well, fridge. Seriously, you won’t go back to regular butter. This is the one I use. { PS – I will do a full blown post on Ghee }

Though refrigeration is not needed to store ghee, I keep mine chilled for the sole reason of making eggs! I take about half a teaspoon, and dice it into small cubes, and stir the cold ghee with the eggs right before cooking. Then, if you already have your stove set on medium-low, add the eggs to the pan – WITH the butter pieces.

Cooking slowly and steadily over a lower heat is necessary. Not only does this give you full control with the eggs & allows you to cook them evenly, but it will keep them from getting tough or rubbery (rubbery eggs are seriously the most disgusting thing in the world). Then, with your spatula, lightly scramble them. If you like larger curds, do a broad sweeping motion, and if you want small curds, stir them constantly. I personally prefer the larger ones – shocker alert – because it has the texture I prefer.

After they are fully cooked – I’ve been cooking for one all week so this takes me approximately 5 minutes since it is 1-2 eggs – serve them as you like! They are delicious on their own, but right before they are ready, I like to shred some grass-fed white cheddar on to the eggs in the pan before I do a final sweep with my spatula. If I am craving spice, I will add a teaspoon or so of hot sauce in the egg mixture with the Greek yogurt.

{ TIP: }  I use this Organic African Hot Sauce – it is organic, low in sodium, and uses apple cider vinegar!

I serve either with a side of spinach or in a corn tortilla with avocado salsa, more white cheddar, spinach – both ways, I always add hot sauce, of course, and top with lava salt for crunch. Either way, these eggs will be so tender! They are both extremely nutritious & delicious – packed full of all the right fats & protein.

Also, don’t fear the yolk!

Yes, it is fat, but it is so, so good for you. It’s not the equivalent to fried chicken on top of a pizza, and dipping the whole thing in ranch {but  really can i haz?}. By incorporating the yolk, you are getting everything that the egg whites lack aka you now are getting iron, phosphorus, zinc, folate (aka water soluble B Vitamin), vitamin A & D, choline, lutein and zeaxanthin, & even MORE protein… or to break it down, blood health, bone health, immune health, vision health, heart health {it needs the right kind of fats!} – aka a hell of a lot of HEALTH benefits that I want in on. If you are sensitive to fat, then do 1 yolk for every 2 eggs, or a half of yolk to 1 egg. { source }

And voila – seriously the BEST eggs ever. My boyfriend is in for a treat when he gets back in town. I am thinking with an Ezekiel Muffin, either ham / bacon / sausage, swiss, and some hot sauce. YUM!

Oh, want to know the craziest part?! This is the time of the day that I look forward to the most. Maybe I am delirious from not drinking, but… I think I like eggs now?

{ the best eggs ever - insanely delicious and even more nutritious! // champagne at shannon's }


Ingredients :
Serves 1 but you can easily adjust this for 2 – just add more eggs!

Ghee or Butter
– Eggs (I use 1-2, but use however many you want – this is for 1, after all)
– Greek Yogurt
– Pepper

Optional :

–  Hot Sauce
–  Herbs
–  White cheddar
–  Lava Salt

:: In ratio ::
2 eggs : 1 tbsp Greek Yogurt
spices / bourbon / umami according to taste

Recipe :

  1. Place ghee in pan over medium-low — erring on low. 
  2. Meanwhile, as the pan heats and the ghee melts, mix eggs in a bowl with salt, pepper, & Greek yogurt with a fork/whisk until the eggs & yolks blend. The Greek Yogurt may not be fully blended, which is okay, it will blend as it cooks. Be sure not to overmix the eggs.
    ›› Optional: Add hot sauce to the egg mixture for added heat or herbs for added freshness
  3. Take a teaspoon of cold ghee or butter, and cut with a knife into small pieces. Add to egg mixture with a quick stir.
  4. Add eggs to skillet. The eggs will spread out into a layer and immediately begin to coagulate, so start scrambling so you can get an even texture. Stir the eggs with the spatula to your liking. Use broad sweeping motions for larger curds, or stir constantly for smaller curds. Cook to your liking ~5 minutes
    ›› Optional: Add grated cheese to eggs about halfway through for added creaminess.
  5. Serve as desired! I like to top with hot sauce and lava salt, and serve along side with fresh spinach!

Enjoy! If you make this, I would LOVE to see! Post it on Instagram, tag or mention me @shannonsilver and use the hashtag #champagneforbreakfast

Happy Friday!


Elsa Hosk Photo via @elsahosk

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