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I hope my boyfriend reads this post... What I Want For My Birthday!! - Champagne at Shannon's

I hope my boyfriend reads this post… What I Want For My Birthday!!

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Well, just like that, May is almost over & just like that I’m about to complete another year around the sun.

My birthday is on Monday so I thought it would be fun to share what I want. Who knows, maybe I’ll just gift myself 🙂


Sega Guccy Bag

If you follow me on instagram, you KNOW I’ve been lusting for this bag since I first saw it on the runway last September. If I was a billionaire, I’d buy the ENTIRE COLLECTION like this top, these shoes, & THIS jacket which is what my dreams are literally made of. I can’t decide on the white or gold one but erring towards the white. I’m OBSESSED with the Sega {used w permission!} font & how it’s spelled GUCCY. Fun story, when I first told Erik about this bag, he asked what it looked like and I said “a gucci bag that says guccy” – well out loud, it didn’t quite paint the picture. HA. Anyways, this is #1 on my lust list 🙂

T  O

Sega Genesis

Speaking of Sega! The Sega Genesis was the OG of all the video game consoles. I can beat anyone at Sonic the Hedgehog. Though, if we are being honest, Sonic & Knuckles is my fav. I really want to get one for my apartment so I can really ensure I don’t get any work done during the day lol. I’ve been super nostalgic for games like Ecco the Dolphin & Toejam and Earl. If you’re into these nostalgic vibes, check out this board on my Pinterest!

T H  R  E  E

Bodaskins Napolean Leather Jacket

I’ve been eyeing this spicy number for a LONG time. It’s so chic and a good leather jacket is an investment piece worth the splurge. I love the military detail & it’s a super easy way to elevate just a plain ole jeans and a tank top. Not to mention, SF is whack and even though it’s almost June, I’m in a hoodie. Even better but it’s 30% off until Friday! *looks for Erik’s credit card*

F O  U  R

Solid & Striped The Michelle in Maui Shimmer

I LOVE this brand even though I don’t have anything from them lol. I think their swimsuits have such a classic silhouette and gorgeous prints. I’m having a MAJOR pastel moment {if you can’t tell from reading this on the new layout} & I love the shimmery print. It’s very retro chic. They are currently having a rad MDW sale where it’s free express shipping AND 20% off so I’m thinking of getting this for myself  for a birthday treat for our vaca next week!

F I  V  E

Lazy Oaf Pastel Sweater

More pastels! I really can’t get enough. I saw this sweater on Instagram and I NEED IT. I feel like it would go with everything and be super cute with some black ripped skinny jeans.

S I  

Canon PowerShot G7x

So I know I’ve promised you guys some vlogs but my cameras I have right now aren’t video user friendly. I’ve been doing a lot of research and it seems that this is the camera all the vloggers have. I love how slim it is {it was HARD using the large one in Tokyo} and I’ve heard nothing but good things. Speaking of vlogs, let me know anything you want to see & I will make a vid!

S E  V  E  N

Holographic Headboard

My girl Cherie sent this to me a few weeks ago and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. It’s pricey but just so stunning. I’ve been looking for a headboard and this one is just perfection! Also, how cute would the selfies be?! #realtalk

E I  G  H  T

Prada Sugar Pop Perfume

I was in Sephora the other day and got a sample of this perfume. Not going to lie, the packaging and name sold me. Not to mention, it would look gorgeous on the shelf as decor. It’s like the all grown up version of Pink Sugar {THROWBACK! – this perfume was what I wore in 2005 – 2010!}. It’s a flirty floral with notes of vanilla, apple, & green bergamot. YUM!

N I  N  E

Mandarina Duck X The Blonde Salad Unicorn Suitcase

I am in DESPERATE NEED for a new suitcase. The ones I got YEARS ago just aren’t cutting it anymore, and Lucy has made it her personal bed. My loss, her gain. I’ve been looking for a holographic hardshell & leave it to Chiara Ferragni {girlcrush!} to provide. How on brand is this for travel instagrams?

T E  N

Susie Cakes Tropical Coconut Cake

OMG. THIS [bleep]ING CAKE. It is my absolute favourite. You can ask Erik, it’s all I’ve been talking about lately. It’s pure perfection: vanilla cake, coconut pineapple in between & vanilla frosting with coconut shavings. I’m obsessed. I’m actually going to try and make it this weekend for Monday but if not – looks like a quick stop to the bakery we go! { fun fact but I’m not a chocolate person at all. I LOOOOOOOVE love love vanilla everything though }

That’s it! Just a quickie casual list I hope my boyfriend just happens to stumble upon 😉

Any fun memorial day weekend plans?!

Other than trying to make a cake, not much here. We are avoiding the crazy MDW vaca travels & doing a staycation in SF for my actual birthday during the long weekend. Next weekend, we are off to somewhere very special to us for a belated celebration & I’m SO stoked – stay tuned!!

xoxo the almost birthday b



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More Things I Want! 😇

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