The Champagne Edit :: BLOGGER’S BLOCK

This week, I had a serious case of blogger’s block.

It wasn’t just writer’s block but more so a creative block.

Every photo I uploaded in Lightroom to edit, I just wasn’t digging. Every graphic I made in photoshop, I thought sucked… & don’t even get me started on sitting down to write my posts. I’ve just been feeling very… MEH… if you will.

And on top of it all? I have a crowded AF content calendar and so many things I can’t wait to share…  sooo what gives, right?

{ pretty blooms by Fort Mason }

I just wasn’t feeling it. I actually got on instagram stories, a little vulnerable, just saying that I just wasn’t feeling it, I’m in a rut / block, & unsure how to get out of it.

I got a ton of {very sweet!} DM’s from other bloggers, freelancers, graphic designers, & even some in the cannabis industry saying they deal with the same thing and gave some of their tips. I feel like I need an entire post on this since it’s something I think everyone – especially in the creative industry – deals with.

I ended up just getting outside of myself –

I got out of my studio apartment {which is also my office}, went to the gym, ran some non-blog related errands, took some Sunday Scaries {seriously a life saver}, & basically caught up with my day.

By the time I came back, it was about 5:00p & I was ready to get back in action. I was on the computer until about midnight that night but I felt back with it & back in action.

{ thursday’s office }

Over the weekend, I also took a social media hiatus – it was very therapeutic FOR SURE but it felt a little weird to be so off. I spend so much of my day glued on my phone and computer & I actually like being on all the time! I do think it’s important – at the very least for the blue light – to take a day sans screens so I’m trying to decide which one is best.

ANYWAYS- just wanted to chime in saying that sometimes when that pesky meh feeling kicks in, getting outside of your work, whether it’s a quick break or walk – even for just 5 – 10 minutes – can sometimes do the trick.

{ Farmhouse Thai in the Mission – SO GOOD!!!! }

On top of getting outside of myself, I switched up my work locations. I worked in the Mission & Fort Mason and currently finding new places to work from!

On Wednesday, I went to the Glossier pop up and got the new lidstar duo {I got “Lily” & “Slip”} & I gotta say, I’m a fan – it’s SO pretty on blue eyes! If you’re in San Francisco, be sure to check it out! It ends this Sunday so don’t miss it! If you  haven’t ordered from Glossier before & not in SF, be sure to use my link for 10% off. I’m a major Glossier girl 🙂

{ glossier pop up!! }

As far as this weekend, now that I got my blog mojo back, that’s basically what I’m doing – lots of shooting, recipe testing, and computer time while Erik golfs. What are you doing this weekend?

Other bloggers, creative: have you dealt with the pesky meh rut with your work? If so, how do you overcome it?

what I’m digging

Everything Hummus by What’s Gaby Cooking :: It’s no secret I’m obsessed with everything seasoning & EASILY my favourite bagel. How to make it better? HUMMUS. I’d def use my superfood everything seasoning on this perfect for spring treat!


SAKURA by Imbibe Magazine :: Just in time for cherry blossom season! This gin cocktail is just stunning & perfect for the warmer weather. In fact, they serve it at Hotel Kabuki here in SF, so looks like i need to go 🙂


How To Stay Healthy At A Music Festival by Marianna Hewitt :: It’s Coachella season!! I’ll be here in SF enjoying the ghost town {we were in LA last year during Coachella and it was SO EMPTY IT WAS AMAZING}, but for all you babes getting your ‘chella on, here’s a good read from mega-babe Marianna Hewitt on staying healthy and hydrated at coachella.


Sunday Scaries :: Y’all know I am obsessed with Sunday Scaries. It’s some of the best CBD I’ve used and helped me get back down to earth when the meh feeling was taking over. They are THC free and DESIGNED to combat anxiety. Trust me, it works. Use the code ‘silver’ for 10% off!


Giraffage – Do U Want Me :: I love Giraffage. I find whenever I have to shazam a song anywhere, it always ends up being Giraffage… who will end up being at Coachella on Day 3 {Sunday!} – his music is hella chill with a bit of that synth I love, an R&B feel, a bit of nostalgia, & a touch of vapourwave. I’m obsessed. Do U Want Me is my current fave – enjoy!! x




  • Shannon, I can totally relate! I feel like I’m going through a creative rut at least once a month… Just recently wrote a post about what I do when the block hits out of nowhere. Hope you can find those tips helpful!

    Sending love from Napa!

    Paulina |

    • Thank you so much, babe! This means so much, & strangely comforting that we can relate on this, and I can’t wait to read this post. Let’s have a Napa date soon- I’d LOVE that 🙂 xx

  • I can really relate, I’m at a point too where I’m figuring out what direction to take my site and what content provides more value. Something great will come out of your block though I’m sure!
    p.s. Gaby’s ‘Everything Hummus’ needs to come into my life ASAP!

    • You are the sweetest, Annie – your support means the world. I know THAT FEELING very well. In fact, I was going through that exact thing this time last year. That soul searching is hard but SO rewarding. Always ask yourself “why” as you write and I find the value comes! AND YES TO THAT HUMMUS. I need to eat it all right now pls 🙂 thanks for reading babe! x

  • Lydia D’Antonio

    This happens to me from time to time too, but then once the block break through I am on a spree for months flooded with ideas! I am sure that will happen for you too!


    • RIGHT?! It’s so funny how that works. Sometimes just getting outside & outside of yourself does the trick! xx

  • Mellissa Fernandes

    Hey gal, I ususally read other blogposts, do research on trending topics online, I had not posted a makeup article in a longtime, I suddenly found a trend that really inspired me, and I got going 🙂

    • Love this, Mellissa! There’s something so inspiring about supporting and reading other blogs too! Great tip – thank you for sharing 🙂 x

  • ELEGANTedge

    Hi Shannon! I totally get where you’re coming from. We all get that block from time to time. And yes, sometimes it IS good just to step away. Thanks for blogging about this. Great topic!

    • It’s so nice to know we aren’t alone in this online world! It’s funny how stepping away can just flood you with inspo. Thanks for reading babe 🙂 xx

      • ELEGANTedge

        You’re welcome!

  • Hey girl! I know what you mean! I go through bloggers block every once in a while and it’s the worst! Glad you got your mojo back! 🙂 xo Jana |

    • You’re the sweetest, Jana! In fact your blog is one that inspires me constantly! Keep the mojo going 😉 xx


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