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Just in time for Earth Day :: Cali Scrub Co - as good for the planet as it is for your bod! - Champagne at Shannon's

Just in time for Earth Day :: Cali Scrub Co – as good for the planet as it is for your bod!

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Happy Earth Week!

As you are hopefully aware, Earth Day is this Friday, April 22!

To celebrate, I collaborated with California Scrub Co about a super rad product that I, quite frankly, cannot get enough of.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been using Cali Scrub Co’s Babe in The Woods Coffee Scrub.

It smells beyond sexy & AMAZING {srsly I’m obsessed} – but even better, my skin looks phenomenal. Before we get into all the benefits of coffee scrub – and there are a ton – I want to talk about California Scrub Co.

California Scrub Co. is based in Los Angeles, California & founded by powerbabes Amelia Swaggert & Elizabeth Ripp.

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From every step of the way, their products are completely recycled. I’m talking upcycled coffee grounds, to jars with metal lids, to their {minimalistic + rad} labelling and packaging.

Every single part is strongly backed by the “reduce, reuse, recycle” mentality.

Another big focus of Cali Scrub Co., is to Beat The Microbead… which I love, love love.

For those unfamiliar with the Beat The Microbead campaign – pretty much, a ton of our everyday products ranging from face/body scrubs to toothpaste have tiny plastic beads. These beads are then washed off of us, and into our sinks, then drain into the sewer systems which then drain into the ocean.

I am not sure how vocal I have been about my love for the ocean here yet, but my boyfriend and I care very deeply about our oceans (& outerspace, but that is a story for another day).

Despite being a Gemini, water is absolutely my element.

{ cali scrub co x champagne at shannon's // babe in the woods }

Well, those pesky microbeads are not biodegradeable – so once they are in the ocean, they are there for good. The sea creatures absorb or eat them and they are impossible to eradicate from the ocean. (PS – that also means that it comes back to haunt us in the food that we eat).

One thing I read that was real scary is that with each day, a few hundred TRILLION microbeads pollute our ocean. Not to mention, these gross beads also act as a sponge to toxins… and I’m not talking toxins to detox from or anything, but we are physically contaminating our bodies, our oceans & the beings that live there one tiny bead at a time every minute of the day. { source }

Count me TF out.

Before even getting into the benefits, the fact that Cali Scrub Co. is working against this is enough for me to support them…. on top of that, their product is bomb.

For starter’s, let’s get into the benefits of coffee scrubs:

{ benefits of coffee scrub // champagne at shannon's }

⚜ Exfoliation:

The exfoliation aspect is obvious, but no joke, this scrub has left my skin the smoothest I’ve felt it. Massaging the coffee grounds in your skin is a natural way to slough off the dead, dry skin cells & reveal healthy, glowing skin! I find that both the Jojoba & Almond oils in the scrub leave my skin feeling super smooth for hours after I shower.

That said, this isn’t your typical shower scrub. In fact, I kinda “dry brush” with it – using the scrub rather than the brush. The instructions recommend turning off the water and letting it sit for 5-10 minutes so you get the full effect. I like to use this before I get into the shower for an extra burst of energy, and skin as smooth as butter.

I know it’s kind of awkward to be just chilling naked with a coffee scrub on you, so during the time, I like to make and apply a mask. I use either my favourite pumpkin mask or make my own with bentonite clay + apple cider vinegar + tea-tree oil. {will do a full blown post on this mask}

By the time I am done, it’s time to wash the scrub off and from head to toe my skin looks great!

⚜ Anti-Inflammatory:

Caffeine is actually really awesome for your skin! Caffeine is an awesome ingredient to treat inflammation with the skin, and help balance skin tone. In fact, there has been studies that caffeine can treat inflammation as well as Asprin! { source }

{ cali scrub co x champagne at shannon's // babe in the woods }

⚜ Cellulite Reduction:

Not only is caffeine good for some extra energy & the anti-inflammatory properties, but it is also great to help treat cellulite temporarily! Holllla.

Women’s Health describes it much better than I ever could::

“As a stimulant, the caffeine in coffee dilates blood vessels, which temporarily tones and tightens tissue. Plus it increases circulation and reduces water retention, both of which may also help smooth the rumpled look of cellulite.”

In fact, one of my best friends, Alyssia, told me that she swore by this for pool party prep and her skin is so stunning. I’m sold! With the summer approaching, a sexy coffee scrub is key to show some legs by the pool 😉

⚜ Circulation benefits:

One of the major benefits of dry brushing is improved circulation, and you get the same benefits with this scrub – especially when used dry!

Pretty much, as you massage the coffee in the skin, your circulatory system is stimulated. Yes, this is also related to the above, and why it helps fight cellulite for the short term, but also helps improve blood flow to the heart.

Improved blood flow is key for keeping your skin looking good, but even more importantly, keeps your body working properly, and making sure all nutrients – especially oxygen – are being distributed properly.

{ A phenomenal article about the importance of good circulation & more tips on how to improve it here }

⚜ Brighten undereye circles:

I love to use this scrub on my face, and I very gently use it around my eyes. In fact, my favourite eye cream is a coffee bean one – and if you know me, I am psycho about anti-aging – so this was a happy addition to my skin care routine.

As mentioned above, the anti-inflammatory & healthy circulation properties work in synergy with each other. Caffeine will help shrink the blood vessels under the eyes thus diminishing dark circles – and I find it keeps my eyes looking youthful.

For around the eye area, I mix a bit of the scrub with some coconut oil {skinny & co is my fave} & create a paste, and let it sit for about 10 minutes every other day. I wash it off and follow up with my coffee bean eye cream!



{ cali scrub co x champagne at shannon's // babe in the woods }

The skincare benefits from coffee grounds are totally worth it. Yeah, the scrubs are easy to make, but I am more than happy to support California Scrub Co.

I love that it’s women-owned, sustainable, local, and the ingredients are top notch.

They also nailed it with the scent. I am obsessed with the sensual yet not overpowering scent of Babe In The Woods.

This Earth Day, treat yourself with a product that is fantastic for your skin & the Earth – you owe it to yourself!

Has anyone used coffee for skincare? Do tell other ways I can use it!

Also read about my favourite way to take coffee {spoiler alert: it’s with collagen and it is life-changing} HERE.

EDIT :: they are 40% off until 4/22 11:59 PM with the code GOGREEN – holla! Stock up, sex up your skin, and save the planet! Talk about a win-win, y’all! x

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Happy early Earth Day!


{ This post is in collaboration with Cali Scrub Co }

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