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BLUE LIGHT GLASSES! Why I’m a major fan.

Talking about why I am obsessed with my blue light filtering glasses. Your screen may be messing with your sleep in a way you might not know! Read more

Let’s Talk Blogging & Working Full Time.

Like many bloggers, I balance a full-time job with my full-time blog. Today, I’m spilling my tips on how to do it & would love to hear how you do it! x Read more

Blogger Recognition Award! + My Nominees, My Blogging Story, & My Advice to New Bloggers

Well this is cool! I was recently nominated for a Blogger Recognition Award. In order to accept, I must tell my blogging story, give new bloggers some advice, & nominate other blogger babes soooo here we go! x

Thank you so much for reading & supporting my blog – it means the world! x Read more

My Mid-Year Resolution :: Putting the Social in SOCIAL Media

Back at it with the NEW new!

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