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{ R E A L T A L K }: my San Francisco ROI + Big Blog Changes

{ The Five Blogs I Read Everyday // Champagne at Shannon's }

Where the Magic happens… My Five favourite INSTAGRAM accounts {HUGE SOURCE of inspo}

Oh Instagram – how I love thee…. Well, to be real, I have a love/hate relationship with Instagram. As we used to do in the sorority days, I’ll start and end with a pro. The first pro? It is 100% the outlet I find the most inspiration. Maybe it’s a photoshoot, recipe, outfit, design, blog… Read more

blogger Shannon Silver & Iron Horse Ocean Reserve sparkling wine!

A Very Important Date…! BLOGiversary & 5 things I wish I knew about blogging before I started!

Who cares if it is 9:00am #onawednesday but it’s time to pop the champagne because this little blog of mine is 1!!! Now, those who know me personally know that this blog was a long time in the making. (tbh the actual birthday was last Wednesday 9/8 but I was still recovering from Labor Day)… Read more

{ The most important question you can ask yourself before you hit PUBLISH on that blog post! // Champagne at Shannon's }

The most important question to ask yourself before you hit PUBLISH on a blog post…

Something is in the air, y’all. I swear, I’ve gotten more questions than ever regarding starting a blog. I’ve gotten them before, but now that I’m a good year into it, I’m getting even more & more. I totally get it. Blogging is such a new industry, where honestly, the best people to learn from… Read more

{ Shannon Silver in Cabo, Mexico // Champagne at Shannon's }

{ Blog & Stuff }: How I Edit My Instagram Using VSCO

TL;DR: How I Edit My Instagram Using VSCO here A while ago, I posted on Snapchat a text message between my boyfriend and me. I had got to his text about 30 or so minutes later saying “sorry, I was making an Instagram”. He is an awesome blogger boyfriend because he just gets it… & he… Read more

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