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{ WCW: Annie Spano, founder of The Style Collective }

{ #WCW }: Annie Spano, the mastermind behind Style Collective, spills turning her passion into a bonafide biz!

Happy Wednesday! I am SUPER stoked for today’s #WCW feature with a major girlboss, and honestly, someone I have admired for some time now. This mega-babe is no stranger in the blogging world. She runs the blog, The Lovely Girl, full-time but also launched a collaborative community called The Style Collective for bloggers by bloggers…. Read more

{ Q & A sesh // Champagne at Shannon's }

Hey what’s up Hello! Let’s chat… Q&A vol. I

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Now that Champagne at Shannon’s is almost a year old, I figured it would be fun to really introduce myself to you guys, answer some questions, and have you really get to know the girl behind the blog! If you have any other questions, leave them in the comments, shoot me an… Read more

{ Jenna, life & style blogger of Cheers J!, talks blogging // Champagne at Shannon's }

{ #WCW }: Jenna from the life & style blog, Cheers J!, spills the juicy details allllllll about blogging!

Hey what’s up hello! I am so, so, so excited for today’s post. When I first launched my blog, I featured the blog Cheers J by Jenna as a blog to check out! Now, it’s almost a year later, so I wanted to bring Jenna in for real and get the skinny on blogging. As a… Read more

{ Alexandra Pierson of Springpop // Champagne at Shannon's }

{ #WCW }: Alexandra Pierson of the hot new app, Springpop, talks social media branding, building an app, and dream chasing!

I am SO, so, so excited for this interview. Recently, a hot new app called Springpop launched. I actually read about it about a year ago and it sounded right up my alley. I actually signed up to be on the waiting list & I got my notification on June 1st! Think Pinterest, minus the clutter,… Read more

{ Amelia Swaggert & Elizabeth Ripps of California Scrub Co. }

{#WCW}: The Powerbabes behind California Scrub Co.!

Hi!!!! So, remember my feature on California Scrub Company for Earth Day?! Well – get excited, because I’m sharing some champagne with the ladies behind the brand on the blog today! Not even going to lie to you, I currently have their Spicy Chai on my face for a mask as I type this. Not… Read more

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