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{ Courtney Bentley // Champagne at Shannon's }

{#WCW}: Meet my Personal Trainer! Courtney Bentley ♡

Yes, you read that right.. I am stoked to announce I have a personal trainer! I’ve mentioned the internet is a really rad place and can connect you with so many awesome people. Courtney is no exception. Thanks to the internet, I was introduced to this powerbabe and now she is my virtual personal trainer… Read more

{ Shannon Silver of Champagne at Shannon's and Nic Mora of Give me Mora shares their dating advice! }

{ DATING ADVICE }: Kissing & Telling with Nic Mora just in time for Valentine’s

Happy early Valentine’s day loves! So a quick apologies, after I make a huge post saying how active I am on Snapchat, and all this – I got extremely sick and have been bedridden all week. Figured I’d spare you guys the most part of it. I am finally starting to feel better, just in time… Read more

{ Kate Bitner of Nomad in Nihon // Champagne at Shannon's }

{ POWER COUPLE }: blogger Kate Bitner, Nomad in Nihon.. Coming atcha from Japan!

Words cannot explain how thrilled I am for this post. And I know you will fall in love with her too. Kate Bitner runs one of the most phenomenal blogs on the planet : Nomad in Nihon I actually had the absolute pleasure to meet her in San Francisco. In fact, both her & her… Read more

{ Shannon Silver interviews Brittney Vawn for her secrets on how to balance freelance design & her full-time job! // Champagne at Shannon's }

{#WCW:} Miss Brittney Blanco!

The internet is a cool world. It is a way to connect you with so many like-minded people. In this case, Brittney Blanco. TL;DR – Meet Brittney here As Champagne at Shannon’s was coming to fruition, one thing I desperately needed was a logo. I had an idea of what I wanted, but couldn’t quite… Read more

{ Lacey da Costa // Champagne at Shannon's }

Power Couple: Lacey da Costa of Girl Friday… & Supermom + wife!

I am so excited to share this powerbabe, Lacey da Costa with you & all her Power Couple Secrets! She sure has one hell of a resume… I know I talk about starting new, leaving behind Texas to move to SF to take a major gamble { still to this day, the wildest/best things I’ve… Read more

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