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Give Me Mora x Champagne at Shannon's

#WCW: Give Me MORA that Nic Mora

  All… I am SO excited to feature this power babe, Nic Mora, of Give Me Mora, TV Personality & Blogger.   Not only has she been a great friend to me, she has also been my biggest cheerleader when it comes to Champagne at Shannon’s. In fact, when I decided to do this back… Read more

Franceska Ostermann of Franzie's // Power Couple

Power Couple: Franceska McCaughan Ostermann from Franzie’s

Hi everyone! It is with my greatest pleasure to debut my Power Couples Section. I cannot begin to explain how excited I am for this interview. Franceska is the epitome of #GOALS. She has her own life (that she works damn hard on and has since the day I met her), a husband who works just… Read more

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