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{ Lacey da Costa // Champagne at Shannon's }

Power Couple: Lacey da Costa of Girl Friday… & Supermom + wife!

I am so excited to share this powerbabe, Lacey da Costa with you & all her Power Couple Secrets! She sure has one hell of a resume… I know I talk about starting new, leaving behind Texas to move to SF to take a major gamble { still to this day, the wildest/best things I’ve… Read more

#WCW: Support your Girl Gang

I was casually browsing through instagram where I saw this quote – and had such a YES! moment. Support your girl gang. With Thanksgiving & the holidays creeping around the corner, tis the season to be thankful & appreciative. But… real talk.. you should be thankful & appreciative all year. #dontbeadick But what to be… Read more

{ Shannon Silver of Champagne at Shannon's // Ryan Johnson Photography }

Spending Money.

Today, I will keep it short and sweet – but one thing I really want to talk about is money, honey For fun, here is one of my fave songs – Spending Money to set the mood… Now – let’s talk. This blog, as I mentioned, takes a lot of my time. That time… Read more

Give Me Mora x Champagne at Shannon's

#WCW: Give Me MORA that Nic Mora

  All… I am SO excited to feature this power babe, Nic Mora, of Give Me Mora, TV Personality & Blogger.   Not only has she been a great friend to me, she has also been my biggest cheerleader when it comes to Champagne at Shannon’s. In fact, when I decided to do this back… Read more

{ Shannon Silver in Stone Cold Fox // Ryan Johnson Photography }

So Necessary :: Personal Recovery Day

As discussed here, when I am between #WCW’s, I will dedicate Wednesdays to all things business. My goal with this is to provide an outlet of my {unsolicited!} advice, and to help empower others. It is not uncommon for me to have group texts or facebook messages open with people like Franceska, where we share… Read more

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