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{ Haute in Houston // Champagne at Shannon's }

Haute in Houston with Cheers, Jenna!

  #TBT to the max here on the blog. You guys remember Jenna of the blog Cheers J?! Well I’m LIVE on Cheers J on a fun feature called Haute in Houston with two fun recipes: “Green Dip” & a margarita I whipped up just for her! It’s pink, full of watermelon & topped with sparkling… Read more

{ Meditation for Bossbabes // Champagne at Shannon's }

{ #WCW }: Powerbabe, Courtney Bentley, talks Meditation for Girlbosses!

Hi everyone! Remember mega-babe Courtney Bentley? Well, she’s back on the blog talking all things meditation. I personally am so excited for this post, and I strongly believe meditation will be the next big wellness thing. Don’t believe me? Gary V, even though it’s not for him sees the future, and Forbes agrees. There is… Read more

{ egg porn // champagne at shannon's }

{ GUEST POST }: Healthy Eats for Busy People on the Go, Go, GO!

Hey everyone! I am back from my magical birthday vacation from Cabo… and it is hitting me. Hard. Lots of sun, LOTS of chips, even more guacamole, & way too much tequila – if there is such a thing… I am in need of a serious recharge & reboot. Shelly recently reached out to me… Read more