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{ golden state cider // shannon silver }

Weekend Vibes :: Tea Time to the Max

  weekend vibes w/ Golden State Cider ↞ favourite // Monday Vibes with  Brandy Melville   Another Monday! Crazy to think that Thanksgiving is next weekend. My boyfriend and I have a special tradition for it, I’ll talk allllll about next week. 😉 My weekend was more on the chill side – per usual – but… Read more

collagen coffee // champagne at shannon's

Why I put Collagen in my Coffee

Okay, before you X out, hear me out! First thing I do before I get my workday started: I make my spicy morning Lemon-Aid. I make absolute sure it is the first thing I drink other than water on the daily. But this is old news. As soon as I finish my lemon-aid, I go… Read more

Get your morning started off right with blogger Shannon Silver's spicy detox lemon-aid! It's super easy, nourishing, healthy af, and anti-aging! yes, yes & MORE yes!

Spicy Lemon-Aid: Get your AM Detox On

Over the years, I have found that I have gotten my schedule pretty regimented – and I love it that way. Just call me Patrick Bateman. I wake up early in the morning and… –   [if I am not washing my hair] re-twist my hair in a bun and spray it with my home made… Read more

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