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I’ve been drinkin’….

Watermelon is, hands down, my favourite fruit. There really is no better fruit in my opinion. Not only is it so sweet, but the ways to serve it are truly endless, whether it be in salads, on it’s own, frozen for an icy treat, topped with salt (trust me on this, it amplifies the flavour)… Read more

{ Row Zay // Champagne at Shannon's }

{ WEEKEND VIBES }: Wine Country & Hitting a MAJOR Reset… From my iPhone AGAIN

Happy Monday! I hope yours is off to a productive start. Not even going to lie, but this weekend I drank entirely way too much wine. Like… the kind of too much where you don’t realize it until it’s a bit too late and it’s 8:00pm on a Sunday and you decide it is bedtime…. Read more

{ Haute in Houston // Champagne at Shannon's }

Haute in Houston with Cheers, Jenna!

  #TBT to the max here on the blog. You guys remember Jenna of the blog Cheers J?! Well I’m LIVE on Cheers J on a fun feature called Haute in Houston with two fun recipes: “Green Dip” & a margarita I whipped up just for her! It’s pink, full of watermelon & topped with sparkling… Read more

{ Wine Country BBQ // Champagne at Shannon's }

{ Weekend Vibes }: Wine Country BBQ

  Well this was a good weekend – I hope everyone can say the same. It was full of wine, BBQ (WAYGU BURGERS), and lots of rest which is a major win in my book. On Friday, I made {semi} home-made pizzas for Erik & me. Super easy, I’ll do a full on post (need… Read more

{ Spiked Orange Strawberry Julius // Champagne at Shannon's }

{ RECIPE }: Skinny SPIKED Orange Strawberry Julius! Yes please!

TL;DR recipe HERE sooooo the past week has been terrible. I’ve been SICK as a dog (most likely brought upon Cabo withdrawals) & it just has not been pretty. Literally, bed time has been 7:00 pm (and with a solid 12+ hours), and my nightly cocktail has been more like benedryl neat vs some single malt neat…. Read more

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