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{ Wine Country BBQ // Champagne at Shannon's }

{ Weekend Vibes }: Wine Country BBQ

  Well this was a good weekend – I hope everyone can say the same. It was full of wine, BBQ (WAYGU BURGERS), and lots of rest which is a major win in my book. On Friday, I made {semi} home-made pizzas for Erik & me. Super easy, I’ll do a full on post (need… Read more

{ Shannon Silver in Victoria's Secret Swim // Champagne at Shannon's }

{ WEEKEND VIBES }: Rosé all Day + RIP Victoria’s Secret Swim

Hi hi hi! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was a busy one. I pretty much worked the entire weekend. On Saturday & Sunday, I helped my friends at Smith Story Wines pour some Rosé at the Union Street Festival. It was my first time to both try my friend Ali’s wines and attend the festival… Read more

A lil late but… a super fun gift for the Wine & Whisky lover in your life! { for less than $30! }

Hey what’s up hello So I am a little way late to this…. which is no surprise seeing that I have yet to do my Fiji post {it’s coming, I swear! – speaking of, sending so many good vibes after Winston 🙁 } but I absolutely wanted to share, because it is damn good, if… Read more

{ Sexy Stuffed Salmon - easy & super clean! // champagne at shannon's }

{ Sexy Dinner In }: Stuffed Salmon!

So I had to post this since it is the perfect dinner to wow that special someone in your life! Seriously easy enough to throw together for an impromptu date night or Valentine’s Day and look like you’ve spent hours just slaving away in the kitchen. TL;DR – Recipe here I actually made this on… Read more

{ shannon silver in Byron Bay // champagne at Shannon's }

{Champagne Travel Guide:} Byron Bay, NSW

TL;DR – Guide Here Exploring Byron Bay with my love Hello from Sydney! I hope everyone had an absolutely amazing holiday. Ours was an absolute dream. We left San Francisco on Tuesday and landed in Australia on Thursday / Christmas Eve. Getting to Byron from San Francisco took a good 24 hours, but it was worth… Read more

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