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{ COOKBOOK CLUB }: Silver Oak Winery’s Mushroom Stock

WEEK 1: Silver Oak Cookbook :: Mushroom stock! A must-make staple to add a lil extra extra to your dishes. Read more

{ Haute in Houston // Champagne at Shannon's }

Haute in Houston with Cheers, Jenna!

  #TBT to the max here on the blog. You guys remember Jenna of the blog Cheers J?! Well I’m LIVE on Cheers J on a fun feature called Haute in Houston with two fun recipes: “Green Dip” & a margarita I whipped up just for her! It’s pink, full of watermelon & topped with sparkling… Read more

{ Easy AF Yellow Curry // Champagne at Shannon's }

Pin it! THE Easiest Yellow Curry Ever thanks to Curry Love!

Seriously, this recipe is so easy, my cat could do it. This is very “semi-homemade” & again, like all my recipes, EXTREMELY versatile. To be real, this was one I threw together because my boyfriend had a 10:00p flight and wanted to have a quick healthy dinner in before heading out to SFO at 8:00p…. Read more

{ Loosey Goosies // Champagne at Shannon's }

Loosey Goosies! [ like sloppy joes with a much cuter name! ]

I’m all about effortless, super easy, healthy, and flavourful dishes. And I am not talking about an easy balance between all four. I want it ALL and to the extreme. Working full-time in an office, as well as blogging full-time means that time is a major luxury. For whatever reason, a few weeks ago, I… Read more

{ Green Couscous // Champagne at Shannon's }

Green couscous :: so nice they named it twice!

So now that I am out of my weird, annoying rut, I’ve been cooking it up in the kitchen – & boy oh boy it feels good. For starters, I’ve mentioned that I find the act of cooking extremely therapeutic. I never, ever, ever see it as a chore. In fact, when I wasn’t cooking… Read more

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