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Pesto is a must for summer! Make it yours here. x

THE Universal Pesto Recipe :: brighten up your recipes with this classic!

It’s getting hot out there so pesto is perfect to brighten up your recipes! Here, I’m breaking down a universal pesto recipe so you can make it YOURS! x Read more

{ COOKBOOK CLUB }: Giada’s Skinny Chicken Parm

From start to finish, this easy & healthy recipe will take you less than 20 minutes, ideal for weeknights! x Read more

Make these for your Valentine! Hand-Rolled Bacon Truffles from Silver Oak Winery

{ COOKBOOK CLUB }: Silver Oak Winery’s Mushroom Stock

WEEK 1: Silver Oak Cookbook :: Mushroom stock! A must-make staple to add a lil extra extra to your dishes. Read more

How I Take My Coffee? With Superfoods!

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