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cottage pie

Red Wine Cottage Pie – Lightened Up! {for 2}

TL;DR – Recipe Here   As a Texan, I do not handle the cold well! While everyone is happy that it is in the 50’s-60’s here in SF, I am bundling up in my fleece lined or sweater knitted everything – in fact, I just ordered these & these in both colours from The Gap… Read more

{ bourbon bacon chili for two // champagne at shannon's }

Bacon Bourbon Chili {for 2}

Bourbon & Bacon – need I say any more?! TL;DR – Recipe here It has been COLD in San Francisco lately. And by cold, this Texan means anything less than 70 degrees – I am busting out the riding boots, fleece lined leggings, and cozy flannels {to be specific – in Elmer Plaid}. To be… Read more

America's Test Kitchen Spa Chicken // Champagne at Shannon's

Spa Chicken {for two}

TL;DR – Recipe here Spa Chicken – Isn’t the name to this so dreamy?! SERIOUSLY though – the easiest chicken recipe that will become a regular weeknight staple. I have been at the office late as I coordinate this giant conference (I leave tomorrow for Vegas – eeeeek!) – Like, I am talking 9:00 PM… Read more

White Chicken Chili for Two

White Chicken Chili {for Two}

So nice I made it twice.. in a week! TL;DR – Recipe here White Chicken Chili is having a major moment in the blog-osphere. It seems everyone is making this, but for good reason – it is EASY, rich yet light, and damn tasty, if I do say so myself. I’ve seen various recipes all… Read more

Get your morning started off right with blogger Shannon Silver's spicy detox lemon-aid! It's super easy, nourishing, healthy af, and anti-aging! yes, yes & MORE yes!

Spicy Lemon-Aid: Get your AM Detox On

Over the years, I have found that I have gotten my schedule pretty regimented – and I love it that way. Just call me Patrick Bateman. I wake up early in the morning and… –   [if I am not washing my hair] re-twist my hair in a bun and spray it with my home made… Read more

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