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{ Spiked Orange Strawberry Julius // Champagne at Shannon's }

{ RECIPE }: Skinny SPIKED Orange Strawberry Julius! Yes please!

TL;DR recipe HERE sooooo the past week has been terrible. I’ve been SICK as a dog (most likely brought upon Cabo withdrawals) & it just has not been pretty. Literally, bed time has been 7:00 pm (and with a solid 12+ hours), and my nightly cocktail has been more like benedryl neat vs some single malt neat…. Read more

{ Pumpkin Spice Bourbon by Shannon Silver // Champagne at Shannon's x Maker's Mark }

TGIF! Pumpkin Spice Bourbon {!!!!!} with Maker’s Mark

Pumpkin Spice Bourbon + Maker’s Mark I know I’ve referenced it, but it’s here! And ready! And so good! I see your Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and I raise you Pumpkin Spice Bourbon… the perfect addition to coffee, coconut milk, hemp milk, almond milk, hell milk milk – or even tasty on its own… TL;DR –… Read more

{ golden state cider // shannon silver }

Weekend Vibes :: Tea Time to the Max

  weekend vibes w/ Golden State Cider ↞ favourite // Monday Vibes with  Brandy Melville   Another Monday! Crazy to think that Thanksgiving is next weekend. My boyfriend and I have a special tradition for it, I’ll talk allllll about next week. 😉 My weekend was more on the chill side – per usual – but… Read more

THE Binder // champagne at shannons

How to Stabilize Alcohol

TL;DR: Use Gelatin. I became obsessed with the idea of alcoholic desserts about six years ago in 2009. I was absolutely devastated from a long distance relationship that ended when the summer did, so I immersed myself in my studies as I entered my senior year in college (all while listening to It Don’t Move… Read more