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DESSERT TEA :: My Favourite Way to keep Cravings on lock lock

I’ve alluded to this here & here but it seriously has been a huge game changer for me. This may sound weird, but one thing I am very passionate about is tea. In fact, tea is what single-handedly piqued my interest into wellness as a whole, as well as food & beverage. Back in 2006,… Read more

{ gremolata for lentils // champagne at shannon's }

Gremolata to make your soups say holla!

TL;DR – Recipe & Uses here Oh wow, look at me going really wild and getting a post in…. #onatuesday Usually I post on Mondays, Wednesdays, and/or Friday but this tip is too good, I wanted to share it ASAP! This week, my boyfriend has international travel, so I am dining for one all week Not going to… Read more

{ Pumpkin Spice Latte cookies inspired by Kitchen Decoded // Champagne at Shannon's. }

Weekend Vibes :: Cooking for Two

Hey what’s up hello Hope everyone had a rad weekend. Not much going on here, which is actually kind of a lie, because I’ve been so busy with life, so I guess my goal every weekend is to try and turn off? Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Let’s see…. We practically ate our weight… Read more

{ spaghetti squash with turkey ragu // champagne at shannons }

My Food Diary for the Week

So last week, I mentioned I was cleaning things up MAJORLY before our holiday – and I documented everything in my own food diary for the blog! The idea to do this was not only to hold myself accountable, but to show what I bought at the grocery store and how I applied it to… Read more

{ egg porn // champagne at shannon's }

Breakfast in Bed :: The BEST Eggs ever to Upgrade your AM

holla holla Man do I have a TREAT for y’all – the BEST EGGS EVER!! TL;DR – Recipe here & use Greek Yogurt & Ghee. As mentioned, I have cleaned things up 100% and started new healthy habits, including making time every morning to cook breakfast. I am one of those {pls don’t lecture me}… Read more

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