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Pumpkin Enzyme Anti-Aging Radness

So, as I told y’all about the Lavender Tonique a few weeks ago, I mentioned a fun embarrassing fact about myself that I am not quite over… { TL;DR – this pumpkin enzyme mask is the } Being completely honest here…. #judgementfreezone In college, I read on Cosmo {so obvs, it’s true – also… Read more

Lavender Tonique // Champagne at Shannon's

Current Obsession : Lavender Tonique

TL;DR version: Best toner I have ever used. Phenomenal. As we all know, I LOVE MY ROUTINE. I am extremely regimented with my skin care. I exfoliate twice a week, use a bentonite clay mask once a week, and switch out between a face cleanser or an activated charcoal cleanser.  After cleansing, the two products that remains constant… Read more

collagen coffee // champagne at shannon's

Why I put Collagen in my Coffee

Okay, before you X out, hear me out! First thing I do before I get my workday started: I make my spicy morning Lemon-Aid. I make absolute sure it is the first thing I drink other than water on the daily. But this is old news. As soon as I finish my lemon-aid, I go… Read more

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