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{ TRAVEL }: My 8 tips for CRUSHING Jet Lag!

Traveling is my absolute favourite, but the jetlag that comes with it? Not so much. Talking my favourite tips to beat it! Read more

My 2017 Resolutions :: More, more, MORE!

How I Take My Coffee? With Superfoods!

I’ve been drinkin’….

Watermelon is, hands down, my favourite fruit. There really is no better fruit in my opinion. Not only is it so sweet, but the ways to serve it are truly endless, whether it be in salads, on it’s own, frozen for an icy treat, topped with salt (trust me on this, it amplifies the flavour)… Read more

{ egg porn // champagne at shannon's }

{ GUEST POST }: Healthy Eats for Busy People on the Go, Go, GO!

Hey everyone! I am back from my magical birthday vacation from Cabo… and it is hitting me. Hard. Lots of sun, LOTS of chips, even more guacamole, & way too much tequila – if there is such a thing… I am in need of a serious recharge & reboot. Shelly recently reached out to me… Read more

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