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{ spaghetti squash with turkey ragu // champagne at shannons }

My Food Diary for the Week

So last week, I mentioned I was cleaning things up MAJORLY before our holiday – and I documented everything in my own food diary for the blog! The idea to do this was not only to hold myself accountable, but to show what I bought at the grocery store and how I applied it to… Read more

shannon silver - thanksgiving 2015 // champagne at shannon's

Weekend Vibes :: Thanksgiving & cleanin’ it up… Hard!

HI! Steaks + Single Malts at Izzy’s // sweater – old, exact outfit underneath here WOW – y’all – sorry for being the worst blogger in the world. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, if it is one that you celebrate. Mine was lovely. I will get into it below, but I just wanted to… Read more

Pumpkin Enzyme Anti-Aging Radness

So, as I told y’all about the Lavender Tonique a few weeks ago, I mentioned a fun embarrassing fact about myself that I am not quite over… { TL;DR – this pumpkin enzyme mask is the } Being completely honest here…. #judgementfreezone In college, I read on Cosmo {so obvs, it’s true – also… Read more

{ Shannon Silver in Stone Cold Fox // Ryan Johnson Photography }

So Necessary :: Personal Recovery Day

As discussed here, when I am between #WCW’s, I will dedicate Wednesdays to all things business. My goal with this is to provide an outlet of my {unsolicited!} advice, and to help empower others. It is not uncommon for me to have group texts or facebook messages open with people like Franceska, where we share… Read more

collagen coffee // champagne at shannon's

Why I put Collagen in my Coffee

Okay, before you X out, hear me out! First thing I do before I get my workday started: I make my spicy morning Lemon-Aid. I make absolute sure it is the first thing I drink other than water on the daily. But this is old news. As soon as I finish my lemon-aid, I go… Read more

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