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{ Aphrodisiac Bath // Champagne at Shannon's }

Let’s get a lil sexy here, shall we? APHRODISIAC BATH.

  One of my favourite things in this world is a good bath. When I lived in Dallas, it became a Friday night ritual. They ranged to as simple as hot water with essential oils to salts, bubbles, candles – the whole shebang. There is nothing better than coming home after a long week and soaking… Read more

A lil late but… a super fun gift for the Wine & Whisky lover in your life! { for less than $30! }

Hey what’s up hello So I am a little way late to this…. which is no surprise seeing that I have yet to do my Fiji post {it’s coming, I swear! – speaking of, sending so many good vibes after Winston 🙁 } but I absolutely wanted to share, because it is damn good, if… Read more

{ Shannon Silver of Champagne at Shannon's and Nic Mora of Give me Mora shares their dating advice! }

{ DATING ADVICE }: Kissing & Telling with Nic Mora just in time for Valentine’s

Happy early Valentine’s day loves! So a quick apologies, after I make a huge post saying how active I am on Snapchat, and all this – I got extremely sick and have been bedridden all week. Figured I’d spare you guys the most part of it. I am finally starting to feel better, just in time… Read more

{ shannon silver in Byron Bay // champagne at Shannon's }

{Champagne Travel Guide:} Byron Bay, NSW

TL;DR – Guide Here Exploring Byron Bay with my love Hello from Sydney! I hope everyone had an absolutely amazing holiday. Ours was an absolute dream. We left San Francisco on Tuesday and landed in Australia on Thursday / Christmas Eve. Getting to Byron from San Francisco took a good 24 hours, but it was worth… Read more

{ erik schuchard and shannon silver // champagne at shannons }

Weekend Vibes :: My Boyfriend’s Birthday + what I got him!

Hey what’s up hello holiday vibes outside my boyfriend’s office I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Another low-key one here. I’ve mentioned it a few times, but I’ve hardly seen my boyfriend since Thanksgiving. He’s been all over the place for work – including his birthday last week, which he spent in Tokyo! On… Read more

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