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{ #WEEKENDVIBES }: Dallas & …stuff.

Well, well, well, hello there. If you’re a C@S follower, you likely noticed I’ve been a bit MIA. Something random happened in my life on Monday that stole my focus and energy. I’m making it sound like a bigger deal than what it was but those in San Francisco will get it. Once everything is 100% official,… Read more

Not so Laborious…. Jenner for Labor Day Weekend {our secret California spot}

!!! Warning: Pictures overload !!! Ahhhh, back to the swing of things. I don’t know about you, but I am feeling SO refreshed! Anyone else? I love Labor Day weekend because every time I come back, I am ready to hit the ground running! I think a lot of it is being out of the… Read more

{ LA Calling // Champagne at Shannon's }

{ WEEKEND VIBES }: LA Calling! + the strangest nail experience ever…

{ the swanky bar at the Viceroy // Rad lighting at the W } Well, hello! I recently just got back from an amazing weekend in LA, and despite being sick as a dog, I still feel on Cloud 9 about it. In the 72 hours of being there, I got to see so many… Read more

{ New York, New York // Champagne at Shannon's }

{ WEEKEND VIBES }: New York, New York… from my iPhone

Well, hello! Hope everyone’s week is going off to a great start. Mine is on the crazy end. As you know, I was in New York all week and decided to play hooky on Friday. That said, I am paying for it with my inbox blowing up out of control. C’est la vie. Now, let’s… Read more

{ Los Cabos, Mexico // Champagne at Shannon's }

{ TRAVEL }: Los Cabos, Mexico.

Dear Cabo… I love you. A lot, a lot a lot. PS – this is a VERY picture heavy post. You have been warned! Seriously, though. I’ve heard about Cabo from family, friends, colleagues, and other bloggers. Everyone raves about how special, tranquil, incredible it is there. All I have to say is that it… Read more

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