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{ Shannon Silver at the Golden Gate Bridge // champagne at shannon's }

Weekend Vibes :: Alcatraz + A Confession…

foggy daze at the Golden Gate Well, hello! I hope everyone had a good weekend. Any one make some breakfast in bed? My weekend was great. I had one of my close friends from Dallas in town, and it was her first time in San Francisco! It’s always fun to play tourist in your own… Read more

{ silverado sunset vibes // champagne at shannon's }

Weekend – err – Tuesday vibes :: Napa Valley

hi, hi, hi! Wicked napa skies // The Mansion at Silverado Resort So sorry to be so MIA. I do try to post consistently, but if you follow me on instagram, then you know this was one of those weekends where life just came up – and I’m not compaining! It all started with brunch… Read more

Jenner, California // Champagne at Shannon's

{Travel for 2}: Jenner, California

pacific dazing w/ rosé in hand Now this post…. part of me does not even want to do it, selfishly, because it has been “our” place between my boyfriend and I. It is off the radar in the best possible way. Not only is it super reasonably priced, but it is only 60 miles away… Read more

Franceska Ostermann of Franzie's // Power Couple

Power Couple: Franceska McCaughan Ostermann from Franzie’s

Hi everyone! It is with my greatest pleasure to debut my Power Couples Section. I cannot begin to explain how excited I am for this interview. Franceska is the epitome of #GOALS. She has her own life (that she works damn hard on and has since the day I met her), a husband who works just… Read more

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