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The Champagne Edit || Best of 2017 - Champagne at Shannon's

The Champagne Edit || Best of 2017

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It’s been quite of the while!

Since my last post, we had an earthquake, cannabis legalized, and it’s now 2018. Time sure flies! Erik and I spent the new years in Jenner, which you know if you follow me on instagram. I miss it already.

It’s no secret, I’ve taken some time off of the blog digitally. Both Erik & I have spent the holidays with each other – slightly disconnected. We rarely get full extended periods of uninterrupted time with working & blogging so I really wanted to take advantage of it.

That said, although I was not updating the blog digitally, believe me, I was working on it – but more pen & paper style. It was a full on strategy session but also it was fun to take the time offline and really reflect on things. It’s funny because with those strategy sessions, the magic happens OFFLINE. They leave you completely vulnerable yet inspired.

2017 was a transformative year as a blogger so I wanted to highlight some highlights… for lack of better term!

my 2017 highlights

✧✧✧ in 2016, I mentioned cannabis would play a major part on my blog. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to work with and collaborate with different cannabis brands like Eaze, 3 Leaf Edibles, Mount Joy Sparkling, & Green Jay Carry to name a few. This was even before legalization! It’s a favourite topic of mine to blog about so if there’s ever anything you want to know, let me know. If you are a cannabis brand, I’d LOVE to work with you as we enter a new era. Shoot me an e-mail! Check out my canna content here

✧✧✧ I found my aesthetic in a major way. I redid my blog completely, and I’ve never been more happy with it! Finding your aesthetic is so important as a blogger. I spent the beginning of the year totally uninspired because I was trying to be a “typical blogger”. I swapped my marble & rosegold to a glitchy cyber 80’s / y2k world and never been happier. It also helped my growth a LOT.

✧✧✧ we went to Paris for the first time :: Paris has always been a dream of mine – in fact, I minored in French in college! From being so involved in food & wine, I’ve been dying to go there. I had the chance to go this year with a catch… we only had 24 hours! I can’t wait to go back.

✧✧✧ speaking of travel, we went back to Amsterdam and visited Barcelona for the first time. I fell head over heels in love with Spain & the cuisine there is like nothing else. In 2018, I hope to bring more irecipes from my travel to you!

✧✧✧ I am on the end of redoing my studio! Basically, I am turning it into just that, a blog studio. It has a y2k / vaporwave theme that I’m totally stoked about for future youtube videos. By turning my apartment into a mini office, it has changed the way I work and shifted my mindset. I can’t wait to reveal everything soon!

✧✧✧ I introduced the Champagne Edit. Ever since I’ve started my blog, I wanted a weekly series where I just talk to you guys and catch up. I personally love Friday Favourite links so it’s been fun to show you what’s rocking my world!

✧✧✧ I started a new series called #champagnefilters where I share some VSCO editing tutorials. Follow the hashtag here on instagram to be up to date on the latest filter! I will be getting these to you bi-weekly & eventually weekly. Next one will be live next week 🙂

✧✧✧ I met one of my #WCW’s in person! I met Cristie Norman for champagne in Beverly Hills and it was a major highlight. Blurring the digital lines to reality is really neat and I’m so glad we went from online friends to real life friends.

what’s in store for 2018

A few days ago, my girlfriend & fellow blogger Cherie texted me asking how I feel about 2018 which really got me to thinking.

I am VERY excited for 2018. It is my third year blogging, but more importantly, a full year with me knowing exactly what my brand is. That took me some time & again, my biggest lesson from this post was to be so fiercely you. It sure is a force to be reckoned with!

As far as what 2018 brings, well, let me just say the plans are big & right now I can’t say much. There is a huge thing coming which I’ll talk about in a few months once we get there, but for the most part, I want to grow a business, expand my brand, continue to collaborate with likeminded brands {especially cannabis related}, & really, seriously take care of my health.

I am bringing on a photographer full time so I am very excited for that. As mentioned above, I am putting together a photo editing guide for you guys which will be launched this year. I also plan on bringing recipes much more regularly as it was a big reason why I started this blog in the first place.

And finally, I want to thank YOU. Anyone reading this, thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings, follow along on instagram, or connecting with me. I’ve said it once & I’ll say it again, it’s my favourite part about blogging. No question

To celebrate 2017, I made a special Champagne Edit for you guys including a fun playlist! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and see ya on Monday!

 < E A T  M E >

silver oak winery’s mushroom stock

Erik & I made a deal for 2018 to cook every meal except one a week. This includes breakfasts & lunches. With the right planning & prep, it’s totally doable. To be completely honest, I overindulged the entire month of December so we are getting back on track. This recipe is DELICIOUS & extremely healthy and nourishing. Make a batch over the weekend and keep it all week to stir in risottos, as a backbone for soups, thicken for sauces – the uses are endless. It’s a vegan recipe but it complements meat dishes VERY well. The Silver Oak Cookbook is my ultimate favourite cookbook – buy it here. I can’t recc it enough! I’ll def bring in more recipes over the new year since I’ve kind of neglected the cookbook club 🙂

< D R I N K  M E >

orange is the new pink… orange wine 101

Orange wine is one of my favourite styles of wine! I also have a feeling it will have a major moment in 2018. Think of it as the opposite rosé as it is a white wine with extended skin contact! It is extremely complex but ohhhhh so good. It’s super food friendly, but also so fun to drink on it’s own. Have you tried orange wine before?

< R E A D  M E >

Let’s Talk Microdosing Cannabis

The era of prohibition is over. Cannabis is legal in the entire west coast & I can confidently say soon it will nationwide. I’ve said it before & I’ve said it again but this is HUGE. I am not a fan of prohibitions of any kind, especially against a plant that can potentially cure cancer… this is not hyperbole. Now is the time more than ever to educate yourself on the benefits of marijuana & how to utilize it. It changed my life & it will change yours I promise. I made a “How To” on Microdosing this year and it was my favourite post I wrote last year. Check it out!

< B U Y  M E >

Blue Light Glasses

It comes as no surprise that I am constantly behind the screen. I’ve noticed myself feeling fatigued and drained and realized it was because of all the blue light! These glasses have been an absolute must. I bring them to work with me & bring them home while I blog all night long. I can’t recc these enough, especially if you find your sleep is being affected. They are super inexpensive & honestly quite cute!

< D A N C E  W /  M E >

Best of 2017 Playlist

To wrap up 2k17 &, I made a very special playlist below for you guys of some of the most rad 2016 releases. I hope you enjoy! Each song is a rad release from 2017 Download my Best of 2017 playlist on Spotify here. & while you are at it, check out my Best of 2016 here {i personally LOVE this one, so many good tracks from that year}

{ link here }



the friday stuff playlist

best of 2017 playlist

best of 2016 playlist


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