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So ready for the weekend over here. Out of nowhere, I have become swamped – but for an exciting reason: I am re-doing my studio apartment completely.

Long story short, I live in an SF studio {450 sq ft} so obviously extra space is a luxury. That said, all my furniture is from Texas – including a king size bed, HUGE couch, long coffee table, etc. Basically, I feel like I am in Alice in Wonderland. My space is so small yet my furniture is so big.

Last Sunday, I decided enough is enough & that I need to part with my old furniture and start new.

I ordered a new bed & starting there. The thing I am the most excited for is that I am making a living room / blogger’s office hybrid! Now that I have the extra space, I will be able to divide the studio to different sections.

Other things I need will be a new coffee table, couch / loveseat / chaise, a desk, shelving {on the wall bc I want to add dimension}, & my desk chair… in fact, I know exactly what chair I want and it will be the statement piece.

I am going for a “Y2K is the future” vibe so if you have any reccs, let me know! I can’t WAIT to share the finished project here but my place is about to be a disaster in the interim.

Interior design is NOT my forte so it will be interesting to see how it all turns out

Speaking of renos, you may have noticed small tweaks to this blog. Basically, I do something new everyday to really lend to my retro cyber / y2k aesthetic. However, there’s only going to be so much I can do before I have to put the blog on pause for about a month for a whole new makeover.

I’m REALLY excited as I enter my next year in blogging {next month is my 2 year blogiversary!!} but it’s time to freshen up this layout. I have a clear vision on what I want from it. I’ve really honed in on my aesthetic & it’s just finally getting to be so much more… ME.

Anyways, that’s about all I got – I haven’t been on my posting game because I’ve been so distracted with my apartment but it will be well worth it.

Tomorrow we are off to wine country to go to one of my favourite events of the year :: Silver Oak’s Release Day. They sure know how to throw a party!

How about you?! Any places I should check for my apartment & more importantly, what are YOU doing this weekend?! tell tell!

See ya Monday, x SLS

EAT ME }: Homemade Spicy Lobster Rolls by Lauren Conrad

A good lobster roll is one of my favourite things in the world. Now as temperatures are getting warmer in SF {gotta love our delayed summers}, this is a must to pack to Dolores Park with some chilled rosé. I love the kiss of sriracha added to this!

DRINK ME }: How To Build A Cocktail In Your LaCroix by PUNCH

LaCroix is taking over the world! Five bartenders were challenged to create an “in-the-can” LaCroix cocktail & it’s safe to say I want them all. I love how the label really adds to the presentation. Passionfruit & Pamplemousse are my favourite LaCroixs – which ones are yours?!

READ ME }: The Importance of Saying No by Skylar Allen

This was a fantastic reminder, especially as bloggers, that saying no to things that don’t excite you is a must. Whether it’s content, to a collaboration, to even social settings you don’t feel like being in, sometimes no is the best answer. One of my favourite rules of thumb is if they answer isn’t FUCK YES, then it’s a no {which can be tough in this digital world}.

BUY ME }:  Zipper Jean by The Reformation

The second I saw these jeans, I HAD to have them. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about that zipper that is SO sexy. I love the raw cut top & that long exposed zipper. I am thinking this, with a white tee, fun slides, gold jewelry, & of course, killer sunnies. How would you style these?

DANCE W/ ME }: Can’t Hang by Justin Jay 

 Get your Friday fix with this chill house with a 90s vibe! It’s a brilliant, breezy track that builds upon itself, infused with flutes & dreamy vocals. As it ends, it leaves you wanting more. It was a song he wrote when he was feeling stressed & overwhelmed so he turned to music. A feeling we can all relate to, no?

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  • spiking this with vodka today while @erikschuchard golfs 🍉🍸✨ happy saturday y’all! #cheers
  • ...& just when I started bitching about the weather: the sun came out, now there’s a heat wave advisory for the weekend, AND these sick 1994 @gucci kicks came in today soooo I guess the moral of the story is that bitching and complaining really does get you somewhere after all. ⚠️😇 #champagnegetup #tgif
  • summer flashback friday 🔆 in reality, I’m in SF hella stressed about #IGTV & it’s ab 10 degrees too cold, per usu 📲
#oomoments #embracingpalmilla #oneandonlypalmilla #postcardsfromtheworld
  • a simpler time... pre IGTV 😅🌊🌙 #halfmoonbay #california #rcmemories
  • GUYS, this rosé has been rocking my world in a major way! It’s seriously SO GOOD and only $15. I seriously can’t get enough. This is the one I’ve been going on about in my stories lately!
@DOMAINE_TERRE_DE_MISTRAL 2017 Laura Rosé from Provence • First off, that colour! I love a pale salmon pink rosé. This dry rosé is 50% Grenache, 35% Syrah, & 10% Rolle aka Vermentino. It has notes of watermelon jelly rancher {this may sound weird but it’s my absolute FAV rosé note}, white peach, rose petal, nectarine, & lemon zest... legit anything I could ever want, like I kind of want a bowl of this right now. 😅 The mouthfeel is more luscious than the average rosé with a finish that lingers on your tongue making you just want more. I promise this wine will go with everything but especialllllllyyyyy prosciutto wrapped melon, poolside, in a chic swimsuit and big sunnies. Anyways, I found this at my local supermarket here in the Marina so hopefully yours has it too!
I know you guys like rosé and I seriously can’t recc this enough! Ok your turn- what are you drinking and digging?? LMK 🍉💕✨
#trustmeimasomm #roséallday #summerwater
  • that sf june gloom in full force 🌁🌫 #champagnesf
  • tuesday casual ⛵️⛵️⛵️ #mydetails shirt: @brandymelvilleusa • jeans: @gap • bag: @replay • nails: @essie ‘at sea level’ {current fav nail shade} 🐚🌊 #californiastyle

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