The Champagne Edit :: Houston Edition

What’s up from H-town??

Not even going to lie, I am so behind on this. I planned on working on this post from the plane but the wifi was broken! I unexpectedly found myself with 4 hours of disconnected downtime.

I’m currently reading this book: the Devil in the White City & made great progress. I HIGHLY recommend it. Creepy, but I’m obsessed / fascinated with H. H. Holmes. Like, it’s like those memes where it’s like: “Me before a date: don’t be creepy, don’t say creepy – me at the date: ‘….so have you ever heard of H. H. Holmes?'”

I mentioned it briefly here but I highly recommend the read. It’s so crazy it’s hard to believe it’s real. The thing that gets me too is that this all happened about 120 years ago… which really isn’t that long ago.

Anyways, before I weird you all out, I’m going to get this post finished so I can indulge on one of my favourite things in the world: the TollHouse Crunch cake at Empire Cafe in Montrose {#10 on this list}.

I will say, it is strangely great to be back here, especially being here with Erik for the first time. I’ve alway been more partial to Houston than Dallas, and I just have a ton of memories here. We went to an old favourite bar of mine last night, Poison Girl, and it was as if nothing changed from 7 years ago. If you’re a fan of whisky & pinball, put this on your list.

If you have any Houston reccs, let me know – we are off to The Woodlands tomorrow {where I went to middle / high school} and then back to SF on Sunday. I might even try to run by my alma mater – University of Houston – just to see it. I can’t imagine how different it must be now!

All right, I gotta go, a cake is waiting for me!

xx Shannon

EAT ME }: Avocado Dip as inspired by Ninfas on Navigation by me on Cheers J! :: The second we landed, we beelined to Ninfas on Navigation for fajitas, queso, green dip, & margaritas and MAN did it hit the spot! I was featured on my girl {& fellow DG!} Jenna’s blog for a fun healthy twist on the green dip which I crave on the daily! PS – I also made a realllllly fun margarita on it – think watermelon, tequila, & sparkling rose aka all good things.

DRINK ME }: Golden Gate Swizzle from Drink Dogma ::  Okay so this is a trip down memory lane. When I lived in Houston, I lived right by the bar, Anvil & was a regular here. The Golden Gate Swizzle was my absolute favourite. I love me a good swizzle but the fact that this has Fernet in it is a major win. Also, maybe it was some foreshadowing because if you told me I was going to live in San Francisco 7 years ago, I wouldn’t have believed it 😉

READ ME }: The Master of the Murder Castle  by Harpers Bazaar :: Get on the H. H. Holmes train! I promise you, after you read this article, you’ll want to head on over to amazon to purchase the book here. The story is so mind blowing & fascinating. A lot of “haunted hotels” in entertainment – think American Horror Story – are based on his story. Sorry, not so much macarons & peonies on this blog 😅

BUY ME }: Plunging V-Neck Puffed Sleeve Bodysuit by Express :: RUN over to Express because they are seriously killing it this season. I recently ordered this and I’m SO excited for it to arrive. It’s a simple black bodysuit with a spicy neckline & retro sleeves. I also love how the model is wearing it with some low rise jeans, where you see a peak of skin. How would you style this?

LET’S DANCE }: Estelle – American Boy [Wilfred Giroux Remix] :: While I’m reminiscing about Houston, when I was in college at UH, THIS was my favourite song. Remember when ringback tones were a thing? This was mine. HA! I’ll admit, 10 years later, I still love it. Well, a few years back, Wilfred Giroux made a remix of it and it’s so silky smooth. I call these remixes of songs I loved when I was younger Grown & Sexy Remixes and this def fits the bill! Nostalgic but now we all grown up & sexy 😉


  • I love that book! I can’t wait for the movie with Leo

    • omg ME TOO. I seriously am counting down the days. I can’t wait to see who they cast for everything! x Shannon

  • Fash-n-Curious

    Hmmm..I love to read….may look into that author.

    • You will seriously LOVE – the story is so nuts. x Shannon

  • wow! I hope you are having the bet time! dancing to this cool track you’ve shared 😉 so groovy.

    ♡Courtney Bentley ||

  • Love your post, and we have the same taste in Music 😉✨



    • I love it, Arianne! What are some of your favourite songs? I’ll add them to my playlist! x Shannon

  • Loving these recommendations! I am obsessed with that bodysuit!


    • SO GOOD, right?! How would you style it, Linda? x Shannon

  • Rosy Ferry

    The Devil in the White City sounds super interesting, I’m going to have to look it up. Hope you enjoyed your cake!

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
    My Instagram | Instagram

    • Read the link I included, it will seriously entice you so much to get the book. The cake was everything I could imagine 🙂 Thanks for reading, Rosy! x Shannon

  • Kelly Iverson

    I’ve been looking for a new book read so thank you for the recommendation.

    • My pleasure, Kelly!! Let me know what you think 🙂 I hope you enjoy! x Shannon

  • Kimberly Samantha

    Loving all these recommendations. That song is everything <3 I'll be having this on repeat for days now lol


    • It seriously takes me back every single time! Any songs I need to check out? LMK 🙂 x Shannon

  • Morgan Jorgenson

    I love The Devil in White city! So good! Some great recommendations here! Thanks babe!

    • omg I’m about halfway through and can’t get enough of it! So glad you love girl! x Shannon

  • Great post and loved that song, what a great flashback. Off to read more about the Master of the Murder Castle. <3 /Madison

    • Right?! Isn’t it so good? Love it!! LMK what you think about his crazy story! x Shannon

  • Houston!!! I live there/here lol. Dang next time you visit, hit me up we can so meet!

    • Ah! Love it Brenea!! I grew up there and will be back in August – I’ll def be reaching out! x Shannon

      • Oh that’s awesome! Yeah let me know, i’ll shoot you my number via email so we can meet up.


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