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& hey what’s up hello.

As mentioned here, Erik & I begin our insane August. Basically, we are out of town more than we are in town this month – it was fun to chill while it lasted!

Today, we are off to Milwaukee for my grandparent’s 65th wedding anniversary {!!!} – funny enough, we both  have family from there.

It will be a whirlwind weekend but I am looking forward to exploring some of the bars and restaurants there. A girlfriend of mine told me about a tiki bar that serves ice cream drinks?! ummmm I’ll be right there!

If you have any Milwaukee reccs, let me know!

THEN! When we get back on Sunday, we are setting up my new bed! It’s all here, from the mattress, to frame, to linens. I’m stoked for this because it’s the beginning of the reno & will really set the tone to my Y2K studio.

I am SO excited for this to be finished & I cannot wait to share the finished product. Trust me, it’s going to be 300 square feet of just wildness. Here & here are my inspo pinterest boards.

Other than that, that’s all I got.

What are you doing this weekend?!


EAT ME }: Raw Raspberry Cheesecake Bars by Spirit Co

One thing I really want to start incorporating n my edit are other blogger’s articles & recipes. These raw raspberry chocolate cheesecake bars Natalie made from Detox Cleanse Nourish sound & look divine! I love how indulgent yet healthy they are & the base is only 3 ingredients: dates, coconut oil, & almonds – win, win, win!

DRINK ME }: I Drank Old Fashioneds Where Jeffrey Dahmer Killed His First Victim in Milwaukee by Vice Munchies

In this edit, I talked HH Holmes & now we’re talking Mr. Dahmer. Again, not exactly a peonies & macaron blog here. Milwaukee has it’s share of haunted hotels & this is one of them – this was an interesting read on eras past. I totally agree with the article that there’s a “Kubrick” feel to the place. I know it’s not a recipe but it’s still a great read!

READ ME }: How Kris Jenner Built an Empire with Just $200 by Lenny Letter

Say what you will about the Kardashians, but I am absolutely fascinated by Kris Jenner. Her story is very interesting & you can’t deny the empire she created. Her work ethic is incredible – in fact at the airport today, I hope they have her book!

BUY ME }: Jobs Sweater by The Reformation

Another Reformation pick – shocker huh?! WELL- imma let y’all bloggers finish about the #nsale but the #REFSALE is the best sale. I just ordered this slinky turtleneck in black – I love how it channels Steve Jobs! I wish I could say this is for fall, but really, it’s for summers in San Francisco. Hurry though, it’s going FAST!

DANCE W/ ME }: Golden by Solidisco f/ AM!R

I heard this jam from one of Quick Sex FM’s humpday mixes – so cool, basically he gets on instagram live & just spins. I try to catch it when I can bc I always find new hot tracks. Well, this was one of them! The second I heard it, I had to have it. It basically has everything I could ever want from the sexy synth, FG lyrics {more on FG here}, & the retro nu-disco vibes. You & I are fucking golden, baby. x

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+ all pics used are from the articles
  • Vanessa Moore

    65th! Holy cow! Also those raw cheesecake bars look AMAZING!

    Vanessa |

    • I know! So cool & just as happy as day 1 🙂 thx for reading, Vanessa! x

  • The Midwest Wife

    Have so much fun in Milwaukee! I’ve been up there a few times but only for summerfest! You’ll have to do a post on what you did!

    • Thank you so much!! We went to so many cute places, I wish I took more pics. I’ll def make a list though! x Shannon

  • That hotel looks cool, I have a weird fascination with serial killers. Have you ever listened to My favourite murder podcast ?

    • NO but I need to! I’ll def add that to the list. I’m the same way. SO stoked for Zac Efron as Ted Bundy in “Extremely WIcked”. x

  • Kathleen Blehl

    Love your vibe girl!

  • Fash-n-Curious

    Those cheesecake bars seem quite delish! I may have to try them.

  • Oh I love this list! Despite being in Chciago and, thus, really close to Milwaukee, I haven’t ever spent much time up there. CLEARLY I need to take a trip up there sometime soon.


    • Thanks Dannie! It’s amazing how similar the two cities are. Def lmk if you go and I’ll give you some reccs! So much history there 🙂 x Shannon

  • Esraa Bassiouny

    Great post.
    Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin’? Follow me and I’ll follow you back.

    • Thanks Esraa! Always happy to connect on BlogLovin 🙂 x S

  • Nikki Arnold

    That tiki bar sounds great haha!! I haven’t been to Milwaukee in a long time, so I can’t say I have great suggestions LOL.

    • You can never go wrong with alcoholic icecream!! Hope your week is going well! x S

  • Love that post dear! Thanks for sharing it 🙂 Have a nice week!

  • Jannine Pampu

    Those raw raspberry cheesecake bars sound so good! Getting a new bed is so exciting, enjoy!
    xo Jannine |

    • I know! I need to be eating them right now. Thanks for reading Jannine! x S

  • I would be really excited for a new bed as well! Anyway, raw raspberry chocolate cheesecake bars sounds delicious.

    Jessica |

    • omg it is AMAZING! Nothing like a new mattress for sure. Those look SO good! x

  • Rosy Ferry

    I hope you had a fantastic weekend, my travelling month is next month and I can’t wait 🙂

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
    My Instagram | Instagram

    • Thanks so much, Rosy! Where are you going?! x Shannon


  • spiking this with vodka today while @erikschuchard golfs 🍉🍸✨ happy saturday y’all! #cheers
  • ...& just when I started bitching about the weather: the sun came out, now there’s a heat wave advisory for the weekend, AND these sick 1994 @gucci kicks came in today soooo I guess the moral of the story is that bitching and complaining really does get you somewhere after all. ⚠️😇 #champagnegetup #tgif
  • summer flashback friday 🔆 in reality, I’m in SF hella stressed about #IGTV & it’s ab 10 degrees too cold, per usu 📲
#oomoments #embracingpalmilla #oneandonlypalmilla #postcardsfromtheworld
  • a simpler time... pre IGTV 😅🌊🌙 #halfmoonbay #california #rcmemories
  • GUYS, this rosé has been rocking my world in a major way! It’s seriously SO GOOD and only $15. I seriously can’t get enough. This is the one I’ve been going on about in my stories lately!
@DOMAINE_TERRE_DE_MISTRAL 2017 Laura Rosé from Provence • First off, that colour! I love a pale salmon pink rosé. This dry rosé is 50% Grenache, 35% Syrah, & 10% Rolle aka Vermentino. It has notes of watermelon jelly rancher {this may sound weird but it’s my absolute FAV rosé note}, white peach, rose petal, nectarine, & lemon zest... legit anything I could ever want, like I kind of want a bowl of this right now. 😅 The mouthfeel is more luscious than the average rosé with a finish that lingers on your tongue making you just want more. I promise this wine will go with everything but especialllllllyyyyy prosciutto wrapped melon, poolside, in a chic swimsuit and big sunnies. Anyways, I found this at my local supermarket here in the Marina so hopefully yours has it too!
I know you guys like rosé and I seriously can’t recc this enough! Ok your turn- what are you drinking and digging?? LMK 🍉💕✨
#trustmeimasomm #roséallday #summerwater
  • that sf june gloom in full force 🌁🌫 #champagnesf
  • tuesday casual ⛵️⛵️⛵️ #mydetails shirt: @brandymelvilleusa • jeans: @gap • bag: @replay • nails: @essie ‘at sea level’ {current fav nail shade} 🐚🌊 #californiastyle

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