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The Champagne Edit :: New & Improved! {+ some London snaps!} - Champagne at Shannon's

The Champagne Edit :: New & Improved! {+ some London snaps!}

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{ the sunglasses I wish I bought – really into the Matrix & Men in Black aesthetic rn}

{ officially broke from vintage shopping in shoreditch }

{ the photo i take every single night when we get back to the Brown’s after a night out in Londontown… every night since 2014! }

It has been quite of the while since I’ve done a Champagne Edit!!

With all the new changes here with the blog & everything, I figured I’d jazz it up a bit.

Every Friday, I’ll continue to post these but they’ll be a bit more personal with some snapshots throughout the week. I’ll keep the champagne links at the bottom of the post on things I am digging.

I’m constantly snapping pics through my days & so many of it just doesn’t end up here or on my channels: facebook, instagram, anywhere SO this will be where you can find some highlights from my week.

It’s kind of a fun, personal look into my iphone & just chatting here and catching up with you guys 🙂

{ my favourite acai bowl from our fave hotel in Mayfair :: The Brown’s }

{ e after the churchill war rooms – so much history & very sobering experience – dejavu from 2016! }

We got back from London early this week & it’s been my first week in SF not at the office. I’ll def admit, it’s a weird feeling. I’m still taking some time off but a lot of it has really been gauging my days and what calendar makes sense.

Basically, I’m about to completely timeblock my calendar so my days are fully planned. Anyone have any tips for managing your day?

{ drinking an ale at the British pub near our hotel – the bartender said my jacket looked like captain hook LOL}

{ a very special hotel in London & where we stay every single time <3 }

ALSO on another note: San Francisco has been so weird weather-wise ALL week. I’m talking rain / sleet / wind / hot / cold / cloudy / sunny every single day.

I feel like I have to enjoy it though because once it’s over, it’s done until next year since it hardly rains here.

{ the life changing Yorkshire Burrito in SoHo as recc’ed by a sweet reader. ty! }

Anyways, low key weekend planned here. I’m in the middle of spring cleaning & Erik will be golfing. We are off to my favourite place on Earth next week so basically relaxing as much as we can.

I am planning on vlogging while I am there and it will be my first go at it! If you have any blogging tips or equipment needed – let me know.

On another note, anything you ever want to see in a vlog, just holla. would love to know!

On that note, I’m out – what are you doing this weekend?

what I’m digging

Easy Smoky Chili by Annie Garcia :: y’all know I love Annie – her food blog is a staple of mine and I love her approach to cooking. With the rainy / sleety weather {let alone, for a few hours of the day lol}, I’ve been craving this. Easily one of the best chili recipes I’ve read! ps – check the archives for my bacon bourbon chili… I’m thinking I need to update this one for a revamp!


Bloodhound by Goop :: if you know me, one of my all time favourite cocktails is a greyhound. I can drink them like water & they make me kind of nostalgic because when I first moved to SF, our favourite neighborhood bar would make them by putting a grapefruit through a handpress & adding vodka. This has a super fun touch that lends the name Bloodhound. Will def be making!!


The Playboy Interview: Stephen Hawking :: this interview from 1980 with Stephen Hawking is a must read. He changed the world with his brilliant mind. RIP.


FILA Disruptor II shoes :: I just bought these sick kicks and they are perfect for next week’s travels – I love the sole of them, they remind me of Sonic the Hedgehog LOL.


Touch Sensitive – Veronica :: Touch Sensitive has the most chill vibe – one of my favourites, not to mention I’m obsessed w his aesthetic. This jam is a lovely blend of 90’s, nu-disco, & house. check it out! I also love Pizza Guy too.





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