The Champagne Edit :: The Perfect Day

This week FLEW BY – I’m still in shock it’s already May.

Last weekend, we went to wine country and had really, what Erik & I keep calling, the perfect day.

It was a bit impromptu and we checked out two different wineries from our usual suspects… well, kinda.

First, we had a pickup party at Twomey to attend! We got our shipment of wines and enjoyed some brick oven pizza. My favourite was the pancetta, pea, & gaarlic creme fraiche one. YUM.

Afterwards, we went to the brand new Silver Oak in Healdsburg / Alexander Valley and it was just stunning! We go to the one in Napa quite often but it was our first time to visit the new one. You have to go – in fact, when I lived in Healdsburg, I’m KICKING myself for never making it out to the Alexander Valley.

There are SO MANY good wineries out there that I truly missed out by having in my backyard.

{ the iconic Silver Oak water tower }

{ such a gorgeous setting – Silver Oak Winery in Healdsburg } 

After we went to Silver Oak, we went to Stonestreet right across the street. I have been a fan of their Chardonnay for a while, so it was super cool to taste their cabs & others. In fact, one that rocked my socks off was the Sauvignon Blanc – it was VERY complex and easy to drink at the same time. My favourite was the Upper Barn Chardonnay – so killer & complex… each sip left me wanting more, more, more.

We took home a bottle of good cabernet with the sole purpose of drinking that evening – ha! We went to Whole Foods, picked up a porterhouse, dumplings, & fries {FUN combo, right?!} & Erik cooked me dinner while we enjoyed our new wine discovery.

{ me at twomey! }

All in all, it was the perfect day from start to finish and one that I will remember with Erik for a long time. It’s funny how some days just completely stand out… well that was one of them.

Going to Stonestreet was special because when I came here in 2013, I met up with a friend in the wine industry and he gave me a bottle of {really special, limited reserve} Stonestreet Chardonnay to enjoy in San Francisco. That was the first bottle of wine Erik & I shared together in California in the VERY beginning stages of things. Kind of fun to revisit that memory – each sip took me back to his old apartment!

{ tasting at Stonestreet – love the outdoor tables! }

{ the cab we brought home – sadly i didnt take any photos at dinner!! }

{ my favourite view – feels like home always } 

In fact, one thing I ALWAYS think about with wine is the vintages. I always wonder where I was at that point of time. For that very same reason, 2013 vintages are SO special to me. 2014 was cool because it was my first one to see from start to finish but 2013 will always have a special place in my heart.

How about you? Have you ever had “the perfect day” – if so, spill! we have big shoes to fill now lol

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{ erik & me at silver oak }


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Deconstructed Mexican Corn by Sivan Ayla :: I love Sivan’s blog! She’s an influencer who’s so refreshing and real and legit all of her content I find SO valuable. I especially love her recipes, they are EASY, healthy, & full of flavour. This is a dish Erik would LOVE & she makes it so easy. Def making this weekend!

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Sparking Ginger + Lime Margaritas :: if you are making some margs this weekend, add some ginger to them! I love this recipe by Annie Garcia. Hers are healthy & hella refreshing!

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Confessions of a Millennial Writer :: This was a great read from Katey at the Violet Fog. She keeps it real, and I can totally relate to the insane pressure of your worth & work being reduced down to numbers as it’s something that gives me anxiety by the second, and I wish I was exaggerating. A must read!

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Falling in Love by Vario Volinski  :: this song transports me back to 2014. Since this post was all about the perfect day in wine country, I couldn’t help but reminisce on my first Spring & Summer there. This is a fun chill tropical house jam that’s just a feel good. I hope you enjoy! x




  • ELEGANTedge

    Have I have ever had the PERFECT day? That’s a tough call. I’ve definitely had a lot of very good ones :). Love those tracksuit pants!

  • My perfect day seems like more of a dream still? I want it to involve wine, my wife, my dogs, and my partner. I want beach, gorgeous weather [upper 60’s, sunny, light breeze], I want it to be fully instagrammed while being completely unplugged, and i want it to happen ASAP.


  • Sounds amazing! To be honest I’m not sure what my perfect day looks like, but I’m hoping to get some more traveling in shortly and that’s pretty close to perfect!


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  • nightly ritual 🍷✨ drinking the @karah_estate 2011 Pinot Noir and it it’s PHENOMENAL. Loved every sip and it just gets better and better. It’s from the Sonoma Coast {fav region} w flavors of cherry, vanilla, tobacco, & black tea and only like $25. Highly recc! ✨ any wines you’re loving lately?

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