The Champagne Edit :: QUICK SEX

TGIFF! How’s that clickbait for ya?! You’ll see in a second, I promise.

Not even going to lie, this week FLEW by!

As far as the weekend, I have NOTHING planned. The big thing on my list is to clean out and organize my closet. Basically I have so many things & too little space bc #sfstudiolife soooo I’m going to sell them on Depop & such. Really looking forward to getting that rolling. Get a head start and follow me on Depop HERE!

Other than that, cooking all weekend long, shooting some fun content, & spending quality time with Lucy. We have a ton of travels coming up in August so really looking forward to just straight chilling until then.

I know I said it on Wednesday but thank you so much again for all the feedback on this post! Personally, I love the comment sections of blogs – it’s where I find so much great “insider” advice & generally from people with similar interests. It’s one of my favourite parts about blogging and really how I find new blogs to follow. Can’t wait to stalk over the weekend.

Per usu, if there is ever anything you want to see on the blog, let me know. I have a TON of CBD/canna content coming your way thanks to Instagram stories & some messages I got in response of me droning on & on about CBD! If you wanna follow, I ain’t mad at that :: @shannonsilver

How about you – what are you doing this weekend?!

See ya Monday! xx Shannon

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PPS – v proud of myself for this edit I made below – I hope you like the vibe!!!!

EAT ME }: How to Make My Favorite Spaghetti al Pomodoro in L.A. by Cupcakes & Cashmere :: The second I read this recipe on Monday, I HAD to make it. I instacarted all the groceries over on Wednesday & it was a MAJOR win {you might have seen this on my instagram stories!}. She included some chef secrets here that really amplify the dish. In fact, I think I’m going to start making this sauce every Sunday so I have it on hand for the week. HIGHLY RECC.

DRINK ME }: The Regents Royal by Jane Danger featured on Eater:: Apparently this drink tastes like a pink starburst. It’s definitely an ambitious cocktail, but well worth the effort. It serves 3, so it’s perfect to share in good company. I also love the idea of green tea infused cachaça which will last you 2 years! Oh, did I mention the drink is a nice pastel millenial pink?!

READ ME }: The Top 5 Fast Food French Fries Ranked! by Give Me Mora :: My girl, Nic Mora {remember her here & here?!} is a FRY EXPERT. TRUST ME. Well, she ranked the best fastfood fries in a VERY thorough post. This was such a fun read but I wish I was able to help her taste test 😉

BUY ME }: Distressed Denim Jacket by Forever 21 :: A few days ago on Facebook, my best friend posted a photo of her new car! Her car was so cute, but the jacket she was wearing was even cuter! I had to get it the second I saw it on her {yes, I’m that girl w my friends} & share it with y’all. I personally love the length of it with the raw edge hems & of course, the price. The options to wear this are endless. How would you style it?

DANCE W/ ME }: Quick Sex Fm – Rad Taste :: So. It’s no secret I have a total retro 80’s / 90’s vibe. Through instagram, I found Quick Sex FM for that same vibe. Well after stalking his photos, I started stalking his soundcloud and it was a gold mine. Basically, he puts together totally tubular {had to} mix tapes called Sex Tapes. ONE, love that & TWO they’re phenomenal. His single, Rad Taste, is no exception. Basically, it’s a mix of nu-disco / tropical house with a retro 80’s synth wave vibe – aka all my favourite things. In fact, I have yet to hear a musician like him. When you listen to him, you can’t tell if it’s a recent hit or a hidden treasure from the 80’s. This song is a total FG & perfect for any weekend vibes.

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+ all pics used are from the articles linked
  • fashionistha

    Nice post, babe! Editing is really good

    • Thanks so much, Nistha! Hope you had a great weekend!! x S

  • Vanessa Moore

    Happy Friday girl! Have a great weekend!

    Vanessa |

  • Nicole

    have fun cleaning out your closet! Love your new jacket too!

    Nicole /

    • Thank you so much! It’s so adorable, right?! Happy Monday 🙂 x S

  • Riva Treasure

    Having nothing to do on the weekend is the BEST! That green tea infused drink sounds magical!

    • RIGHT! I could use one more day of absolute nothingness!! Thanks for reading, Riva 😉 x Shannon

  • Gisel Luna

    The weekend is perfect for a good read – why not make it about food? Loving that french fry book recommendation!

    Gisel |

    • I like the way you think! Food is always the BEST way to spend a weekend. Thanks for reading, Gisel! xx Shannon

  • Fash-n-Curious

    Ooooo I am going to try that sauce since you say its so good!

    • OMG you will LOVE! The dollop of butter at the end tho!! LMK how it turns out! x Shannon

  • Chérie Renee

    First off, LOVE your jumpsuit in this post!! I, too, have cleaned out my ROOM. I currently have 6 bags to get rid of. Feels sooo good. Also, loved the French fry post! McDonalds all the way hehe. Love you girl, have a great and relaxing weekend.

    • Thanks Cherie!! It is Flynn Skye – I am obsessed! UGH I am still so behind on it but it already feels oh so good. I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Loved catching up the other day. xx SLS

  • Nic Mora

    Shannon! Thank you so much for including in this post! We LOVE you! I wish you were here to taste test with me!! xoxo

    • GIRL! Let me know the next tijme & I’ll be there. The pleasure was all mine! Such a fun post to read!! Love you & the GMM team so much! x SLS

  • That pineapple drink looks so yummy!

  • Love love love your jumpsuit sweetheart! You inspire me with your fresh approach to style!
    xo Debbie |

    • Thank you so much, Debbie! You made my day with this sweet comment. Hope you had a great weekend! x Shannon

  • Jannine Pampu

    Great picks I’m so going to have to check him out on Soundcloud!
    Xo Jannine

    • OMG Jannine – I am already so excited for you, he is amazing! LMK what you think. I love working out to Sex Tape 37! Thanks so much for reading, babe! x Shannon

  • Azanique

    That drink looks amazing girl! So yummy

    – xo, Azanique |

    • & it’s millennial pink & tastes like a starburst!! SO yum! Thanks for reading, Azanique! x Shannon

  • you look so great in that outfit! loving this post. excited for you August travels!

    Courtney Bentley ||

    • Thanks Courtney! You are the sweetest! I hope you had a great weekend love. x Shannon


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