#CHAMPAGNEFASHIONWEEK :: Channelling Steve Jobs.

If we are being completely honest, this is going to be my go-to look for fall… & likely many seasons after! If we are being even more honest, I probably have at least 5 of these mocknecks.

Here in San Francisco, minus the very numbered days of warm weather, it’s generally a solid 50-60 degrees. In fact, it’s a rule of thumb to always bring a sweater with you since the weather changes at the drop of a hat.

I’ve mentioned many times throughout the blog {here, here, here, here} that one of my biggest inspirations is Steve Jobs… so it was only right for me to pay tribute to him and his iconic mockneck.

Mockneck turtlenecks are one of my absolute favourite necklines. It’s less turtle-ly {for lack of a better word} & super flattering.

I personally love the relaxed fit of the sweaters.

This one I am wearing is actually called the “Jobs Sweater” by Reformation. Remember when I featured it here? And it is one of my favourite things I own. From the soft knit to the slouchy mock neck, it’s a major win.

Now, this look I’m channeling Steve Jobs, but another who’s style I love {let alone his work} is Bill Gates. From the chunky knits to the relaxed slacks, & loafers.

Black Mockneck Sweater
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I know these guys weren’t trying to be style icons at all, but think about how different our lives would be without these two?! This is something I think of often.

It’s not that their style was iconic, but basically everything they did literally changed the world & it’s amazing how much computers & the internet has evolved since… let alone Macintosh & Microsoft!

I also love how effortless the look is – it’s something you can easily wear to the office and then out to dinner. It’s super polished & by having a few on hand, it gets rid of the “what should I wear” today… which helps with productivity!

I am also digging the idea of putting the 2 looks together. Pair the black mockneck under an oversized slouchy crew neck or sweater dress!

Here, I’m wearing it with my favourite jeans of the moment {also worn here}: high rise bootcut jeans cut slit at the ankles with black boots and a men’s Louis Vuitton belt. Is it just me or do bootcut jeans not get the love they deserve?! They are one of my favourite cuts! The glasses I picked up from a vintage shop in Barcelona but these are similar. Purse I also got from Barcelona – here is the exact purse.

Here are some of my favourite articles on Steve Jobs, I encourage you to read them!

Now, how about you? Who inspires you? Spill! x

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Channel your inner Jobs / Gates

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