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Why I put Collagen in my Coffee - Champagne at Shannon's

Why I put Collagen in my Coffee

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Okay, before you X out, hear me out!

First thing I do before I get my workday started: I make my spicy morning Lemon-Aid. I make absolute sure it is the first thing I drink other than water on the daily. But this is old news.

As soon as I finish my lemon-aid, I go back into the kitchen, and make myself a light roast, with 1 or 2 shots of espresso. Then I go back to my desk, add in a scoop of collagen, and mix it thoroughly (I also add coconut oil and a variety of spices but more on that another day).

I am sure the majority of you are already grossed out, but let’s dig deeper anyway…

This is the exact collagen I use. I like it because it also contains Vitamin C (which helps enhance collagen production), and Hyaluronic Acid (which helps keep the skin moisturized).  Ingesting collagen internally is the best way to get your body to create collagen, rather than with expensive skin creams.

Not only is this way cost-effective, but I am able to get my caffeine fix.

Collagen Coffees // Champagne at Shannon's

First of all, it is unflavoured. I do not notice it. Real talk.

Texture wise, I have coconut oil added to my coffee, so it is already on the thicker side, but not unpleasant. Just fuller bodied. In wine terms, body is the weight of the liquid in your mouth. I will admit, at first, I would get uncomfortable with the thought of adding collagen to my coffee, but then I realized I’ve put a lot more weird things in my body (weird: charcoal, clay, vinegars, oils, various alcohols/tinctures, bee propolis.. to name a few)  and after my first few coffees, I became immune to it.

I love finding dynamic ways to implement supplements. Maybe it is the same reason why I love the concept of alcoholic desserts? I like the idea of eating/drinking something and getting an effect out of it. I’m weird, I know.

By adding collagen to my coffee, I get the nice supplemental punch, and it truly makes getting collagen effortless.

At this point, I am sure you are wondering why I am such a psychopath about getting collagen in the first place. Well, the benefits are sick. Not like, bad sick, but as in Taylor Swift’s “this sick beat” sick.

Cliff notes version, it is phenomenal for your hair, nails, and skin.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Collagen is the main structural protein found in animal (including human) connective tissue – commonly bones, tendons, muscles, and skin, andand the building blocks to renew the cells in your teeth, hair, nails, as well as your inner organs. In essence, it is the foundation of the body, providing strength, support, structure, renewal and elasticity.  { source | source }

And, as mentioned  here, when you heat collagen, you then get gelatin – so this comes as no surprise that by making stock, or when I’m feeling trendy: “bone broth”, it is chock full of gelatin from the heated collagen from the skin, cartridge, bones, etc that stock consists of. In fact, a well made stock should jiggle because it is so full of gelatin – but this is a post for another day.

Anyways, as we age, our collagen production declines. With the declination of collagen comes loss of elasticity in skin – re: wrinkles/sagging skin, the weakening of bones, and deterioration of joints.

my favourite brand of collagen // champagne at shannon's

As we already know, collagen provides the structure to our skin and bones, so it is no surprise that through supplementing with collagen, it will can help keep your skin looking plump, tight, and bright (which means it fights cellulite! #holla). It also aids in keeping your joints healthy, your immune system strong, and your hormones regulated.

I’m not finished!

It is also full of amino acids, which assists with building muscle. If we know the basics, building muscles burns fat, so collagen aids in weight-loss as well.

collagen coffee // champagne at shannon's

Many might be skeptical, but this is something I have found that has worked for me. I strongly believe in anti-aging prevention. You may not see results instantly, but I do this for the sake of my skin in the long-term. I started putting collagen in my coffee back in the Spring of this year, and have absolutely seen a difference in my skin, both texture and radiance. I find it is softer with a nice glow, if you will. My nails, are also stronger than ever. In fact, it can get annoying because if I paint them – there is obvious growth within days. But hey, if that is the worst thing happening to me, I cannot complain.

Also, let’s take a gander at my hair. This was me at the end of last year, 2014 (I cut it and dyed it dark), and me now in September of 2015 (with balayage done back in March). The first photo, my hair is a few inches past my shoulders. Now, my hair is down to my waist.  I constantly get asked how I keep my hair so full and long and the answer is simple – Collagen. Other than some light filtering on the pictures, they haven’t been altered. To be honest, I don’t even know how to do that, nor do I want to. PS – I want those yellow sunglasses back. {anyone else deal with their boyfriend stealing their glasses?!}

Collagen for Hair Growth // Champagne at Shannon's

Do you take collagen? Any fun way to implement supplements? Have I already totally grossed you out yet? Should I dye my hair back dark? LMK.


Again, this is something that works for me, but always do your research, start off in small doses to see how your body reacts, and do what works for you.

Side effects noted  include hypercalcemia – aka too much calcium in the body leading to joint pain; constipation – sorry, but it’s important to know;  fatigue; abnormal heart rhythms – do not take this effect lightly y’all; and food hypersensitivities.  { source }

DISCLAIMER: Not Vegetarian. So sorry! I promise I will get some vegetarian friendly posts in.



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