{ COOKBOOK CLUB }: The Silver Oak Cookbook!

WOW. Can y’all believe it is February?!

Well, as promised, I am starting a CookBook Club! & personally, I am very excited.

Like many people, I own a ton…. TON…. ton of cookbooks. To be honest, they are my absolute favourite books to read. I love reading what ingredients go in a dish, how they work together, and how they turn into something beautiful.

I mentioned the book club here on this post & on instagram and was happy to see that there was interest! The goal of this cookbook club is to explore new recipes, make rad dishes, and share cookbooks. If there is a cookbook you are kind of on the fence on, let me know because then I will be sure to feature it.

It will be a mix of cooking through recipes and a review on the book. I will do a variety, including vegan, so nothing is left out.

I am very excited to announce the first cookbook since I am obsessed with this book. Without further ado, the book we will commence the Cookbook Club with is:

The Silver Oak Cookbook by Dominic Orsini!

 +++ Check it out here
+++ Read about Dominic Orsini here

What’s really neat about this book is that it is seasonal! For that reason, I am going to feature it quarterly this year to represent each season.

We will start with February for Winter, May for Spring, August for Summer, & November for Autumn.

For February, I will be making the following from the Silver Oak Cookbook:

Week 1:
– Mushroom Stock

Week 2:
– Rolled Bacon Truffles {perfect for Valentine’s Day}

Week 3:
– Wild Mushroom Farrotto {with the prior week’s mushroom stock!}

Week 4:
– Sunchoke Soup with Fava Leaf Pesto

I am a huge fan of Silver Oak. It is one of both Erik & my favourite wineries. We are members at their sister winery, Twomey, so we can have access to the events & secret wine allocations at Silver Oak. Let me tell you, the kitchen and events are off the charts there.

I had my first taste of a Silver Oak party in the fall of 2013 when I first moved to Northern California. I was living in Healdsburg {Russian River Valley} at the time, and was invited to some party at Silver Oak’s Alexander Valley location in Geyserville. They knocked it out of the park, but one thing I remember so vividly was how phenomenal the food was. Turns out, they have one of the most highly regarded winery kitchens. In fact, we will be going to a Silver Oak event this weekend and I am beyond stoked.

{ Silver Oak – Alexander Valley Location // pc via }

I mentioned it here but when I saw the Silver Oak Cookbook at Twomey when we were picking up our allocations for New Years, I treated myself instantly with this book.

One thing that is really neat about this cookbook is that it mirrors the winemaking process. Not only does the book boast recipes, but a cellar log & garden journal {keeping things seasonal} as well as wine pairings, of course. I truly cannot recommend the Silver Oak Cookbook enough. A must for any food & wine lover!

⚜ You can purchase it here & read about the cookbook in further detail here. ⚜

I personally love this cookbook because through keeping it in season, the flavours shine on their own, rather than being masked. Don’t be intimidated by some of the names. It’s easierthan you think, promise. I’ve made quite a few things from this book {& snapped it!!} and was shocked how simple it all was.

I should also mention that this is NOT sponsored. Really, I just cannot recommend this cookbook enough & cannot wait to cook through it this month! If my cookbook club grows & I get sponsors, I will be crystal clear about it and will only partner with any that are a seamless match. I promise. As mentioned here, that is VERY important to me.

{ Silver Oak – Oakville // pc via }

On another note, I’d love to eventually make this a community. If you have any ideas, let me know. I’m thinking of starting a Facebook group for the time being or a membership {complementary!} site. Any ideas? Let me know. I want this to be super interactive. At some point, I’ll include videos. Baby steps. 🙂

I imagine the first few months to be a bit of trial and error on when to post, how to outline recipes, etc, but by the time we revisit Silver Oak in May for Spring, I hope to have a structured schedule so you know exactly when to check back for the recipes.

Anyways! Let me know what you think!

Any ideas / suggestions, PLEASE let me know!! If there are any cookbooks you would like to see, tell! I am open to everything. Let me know in the comments or shoot me an e-mail at shannon@champagneatshannons.com

Happy cooking! x


PS – Edited to change it to one recipe a week on 2.8.17! 2-3 were too many for now!

+++ order The Silver Oak Cookbook H E R E 
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  • Komal Patel

    omg! i need to be a part of this!

    • Yes!!! Come hang! Let me know anything you want to see : ) any favourite cookbooks / recipes?? xx S

  • YASS! So cool! I wish I was more open with my food choices but I have so many food allergies :0 I would love to join but it would be half/half due to that, let me know if that works ok!! Love it!!

    Courtney Bentley || http://www.courtneyvioletbentley.com

    • Thanks Courtney!!! What food allergies do you have? LMK and I’ll try and find ways for you to work around them. Any participation is great & I’m more than happy to swap things out. I’ll also make notes on how to make it vegetarian or vegan, as well!! xxxx Shann

  • What an awesome idea Shannon! Your choices look so delicious and I would love to come for dinner to try them!

    Cheers, J

    • Thanks Jenna!! This book is 10000% up your alley (& I recommend visiting when you come to wine country)! Def check back and see how they turn out and give them a go!! xx Shannon

  • Victoria

    I love cookbooks too! Makes me hungry and excited just thinking about it. I am definitely going to check this one out! Thanks!
    victoria | victoria@thesoutherntrunk.com

    • RIGHT?! I was soooo hungry making this post. Def do & come check back in throughout the month to see the recipes featured! x

  • JessicaHxoxo

    I wonder if some of these recipes could be tweaked to be vegetarian/vegan?! They look amazing otherwise!
    xo, jess


    • Hi Jess! Thank you so much for your comment. I will absolutely be keeping vegetarians / vegans in mind. A lot of this can be vegetarian so I will mention other options (so you can take advantage of the vegetarian / vegan friendly sides / flavours)! I would love for you to follow along and let me know how to veganize them as I go!!

      Week 1: The Farrotto is completely vegetarian and vegan if you omit the parm!! The mushroom stock is PHENOMENAL and a must for a vegan kitchen. The truffles can be vegetarian without the bacon. I’ll see what works cream wise to make it vegan!

      Week 2: I will specify when I make these, but the potatoes can be made vegan by using olive oil & omitting cheese. The Gremolata is completely vegan (& a game changer! I love it in soups. I made a post here . As far as the short ribs, you can use the flavours from it for a portabello patty. I’ll explore other options! The crab Arancinis can be made without the crab! They are SO good with just the arborio rice.

      Week 3: The cabbage and spices are vegan! Minus the brined pork, you will be good to go. Let me know what you think would be a good alternative to serve in place. The pizza is vegetarian and can be vegan without the cheese and creme.

      Week 4: The soup & pesto is vegan and SO GOOD AND CREAMY omg it’s a favourite of mine!! As far as the filet, I’d honestly omit it completely and double up on the mushrooms & Parsnip Puree!!

      Sorry for the long comment, but if you have any suggestions on vegetarian subs, def let me know!! Thanks again for reading!! xx Shannon

    • Dominic Orsini
      • Dominic Orsini

        The book has 15 +vegans based recipes.

  • Yes yes yes!! I can’t wait to see more… and I also want to eat ALL of the things!! I wish there was a way to share those delicious meals online! 😉

  • This cookbook sounds seriously fab. The rolled bacon truffles sound INSANE. Definitely going to have to get my hands on this!

  • Dominic Orsini

    Hi Shannon, Thanks for reviewing the book. I hope you like the recipes. Feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions. Chef@silveroak.com


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