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The Coolest Sparkling Water on The Block + 2 Fun Mocktails! - Champagne at Shannon's

The Coolest Sparkling Water on The Block + 2 Fun Mocktails!

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NOTE :: these recipes work for regular sparkling water &/or sparkling wine if cannabis isn’t your thing! 🙂 click here for the recipes

One of my absolute favourite things about cannabis are all the creative ways to take it!

I’m not talking about smoking it out of an apple or something… though I gotta say, I do love the rose joints that are rocking instagram at the moment. {cool, right?!}

I’m talking edibles specifically.

I love the creativity you can find in edibles & one of my favourite ways to “consume my cannabis”? In my water.

YUP! I mentioned it here that a great way to get the health benefits of marijuana.

I also have a major thing for the idea “drinking my weed” & love the idea of an alcohol edible. It’s very Alice in Wonderland, if you will. A really out there goal of mine since 2009 is to have a place where you drink your mary jane & eat your alcohol but THAT, my friends, is a story for another day.

It’s also no secret that sparkling water is having a major moment these days. WELL- I am here to talk about easily the coolest sparkling water on the market. Even cooler than “ya boi”.

Mount Joy recently sent me some of their waters & I AM OBSESSED.

I have been medicating or “medicating” {depends on the day 😉 } with edibles lately because I’ve had a chronic cough I just can’t shake.  It’s much easier for me to get on my cloud without irritating my throat. In fact, these waters have been soothing my throat.

Mount Joy is based in Sonoma County & they infuse sparkling water with THC.

They come in 3 flavours: Natural, Orange, or my favourite, Peach. It’s an every day, accessible approach to cannabis. The slender bottles are super portable and easy to throw in your purse, tote or gym bag.

The process is pretty cool too. Each bottle is handmade from start to finish. The water is sourced from Sonoma Country & then infused with high grade cannabis oil. It is carbonated in near-freezing temperatures resulting in an effervescence like no other.

All bottles are zero calories, refreshing af, & fast acting. You will be able to enjoy the effects in 15 minutes, whereas some edibles can take their sweet time.

It’s really a simple, uncomplicated way to get your cannabis without any unnecessary stressors. No wondering when the edible will kick in, no way to overconsume, & super easy to scale.

When to drink it? Really, whenever! I love it as an alternative to alcohol.

Since it’s a hybrid blend, you get the benefits of both Sativa & Indica. Again, another fun way to take it? Before or after a work out.

As fas as dosage… well, this is where things get fun.

Each 500mL water has 12mg of a sativa / indica blend. The recommended dose is one bottle.

HOWEVER it’s also easy to microdose! I can easily measure 1/4 of the bottle if I want the benefits without the buzz.

Microdosing canna-sparkling water is fun because you can use 1/4 of the bottle to top your drink off, kind of like a champagne cocktail!


On that note…

I created some cannabis mocktails! Again, I love to get creative with edibles & these are so fun you won’t even miss the booze. I’ve had some sativa infused vodka before at a bar once before but for these, I wanted to keep the alcohol out of the equation. If you want to add alcohol, add a shot of vodka or gin to the mix OR top w/ champagne for extra bubbles.

If you want to keep things completely cannabis free, sub the water for the same flavoured in regular sparkling water.


for one :: 12 mg of Cannabis per serving
for 2 :: 6 mg per serving {split in 2 glasses & double fruit / mint}


1 bottle Mount Joy Peach Cannabis Sparkling Water
5 Strawberries, sliced
4 mint leaves
squeeze of lemon
lemon zest to garnish


In the glass of a cocktail shaker, add strawberries, mint, lemon juice & muddle! Add some ice & give a quick shake. Pour in a glass & top off until full with the sparkling water. Twist lemon over drink to release the essential oils and garnish.

Note :: if you want it sweeter, add a dash of simple syrup to the strawberries / mint / lemon mixture. Check out my recipe for coconut sugar simple syrup here

Vampire OG Fashioned

for one :: 12 mg of Cannabis per serving
for 2 :: 6 mg per serving {split in 2 glasses & double fruit}


1 bottle Mount Joy Orange Sparkling Water
1 blood orange, sliced in half crosswise
Handful of Pomegranate seeds
zest of blood orange


In a glass, take the orange zest & rub the rim of the glass, squeeze both halves of blood orange to get the juice. Discard seeds as necessary. Top with sparkling water, add pomegranate seeds & garnish with zest!

Note :: if you want it sweeter, instead of garnishing with the twist, place zest at bottom before squeezing the juice in it. Muddle orange zest with a pinch of sugar together. Add juice, stir, & add in the sparkling water & pom seeds!

How about you- Have you heard about cannabis infused sparkling water?? Would you try it?? Basically water & cannabis are two of the best things for your body so drink UP.

As far as where to buy, you can find it at various dispensaries. If they don’t have it, be sure to ask your budtender for it! If you’re a dispensary, you can order here.

Also, unrelated, but I need a name for my canna-series as it’s a regular series here & there are a lot more things to come. Any ideas?? If I use yours, I’ll send you a little somethin-somethin. Ok time to spark up a sativa to get those creative juices flowing for a name – HA!

If you have ANY questions, let me know. And as far as the canna-topic, anything you ever want to see, let me know. Your wish = my command. Not to play favourites, but I’m going to play favourites & it’s one of my favourite things to blog about. As always, I appreciate your respect on the topic. 🙂

***sips mountjoy*** xx Shannon


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 If you need a medical marijuana recommendation, Eaze.MD is amazing, inexpensive, & you can do it from home in less than 15 minutes.

+++ thank you for the collaboration, Mount Joy. ♡



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