Crush it! 5 Powerful tips to Master Public Speaking by #WCW Shinjini Das

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Okay so I have a fun little feature today !!

You guys remember #WCW Shinjini Das of Das Media? Well she’s back and spilling all her secrets on public speaking.

Personally, I am excited for this article in a selfish way. It’s something I need all the help I can get with. I am very… awkward, if you will?… when it comes to public speaking.

To be blunt, I deal with social anxiety which really attributes to it. It’s something I’m truly working on {& post for another day, but something sativa helps me with}, but for now… halp?

Shinijni makes it so easy. She had me hooked ever since sharing with me her love for go-getter girls.

Now to be honest, I think a lot of this goes a bit deeper than public speaking, but also blogging. #2, just sub mirror for a word processor where you throw in test posts, or your notes app on the iPhone, or video content. For two years before I launched Champagne at Shannon’s, I made mock-blog posts and kept a running list of blog topics that I still reflect on to this day. More on that here & here.

Though we are behind computer screens, blogging is a different, modern way of public speaking… which can lead to plenty more.

So… even if you don’t have any personal gigs but run a blog, vlog, podcast {aka the new black} or even an instagram, these tips are very helpful to find success.

Anyways, am I totally off base with the personal speaker & blogger analogy? Let me know in the comments

Well, let’s kick things off with my favourite go-getter babe, Shinjini Das!


5 Powerful Tips to Become the Public Speaker of Your Dreams!

Let us be honest.

Public speaking is hard… like, super hard…. bthe good news is that you can very much improve your public speaking skills with practice, my go-getter girl!

The ability to public speak is one of the greatest gifts in the world and one that you can most definitely use practice to improve!

Focus your energy to master each of these 5 strategies and you will notice that your comfort with public speaking as well as ability to WERK a crowd are top-notch!

Here are my top 5 most powerful tips for you to become the public speaker of your dreams. <

Ready. Set. Go. SPEAK!



ONE }: Own your confidence in your area of expertise & research your points of conversation

Always remember, my #gogettergirl, you are the expert in this room, so there is absolutely no reason for you to feel like you don’t know what you are talking about or that perhaps you have no expertise. You have done the work to be educating those in the room.

Totally OWN your confidence!

TWO }: Practice your speech in front of a mirror for a couple of hours before your presentation

The art of transformational public speaking begins and ends with practice. I am talking hours and hours and hours. Since speaking is so personal, you literally must stand in front of a mirror, watch yourself showcase body language, & pronounce the words of your speech to make it real!

THREE }: Outline the content of your speech in the structure you feel best represents your flow

A solid speech is characterized by substantial content which motivates the audience to feel deeply, act, and overall, be fully energized to achieve their dreams! You must take great care to establish a framework for your presentation which aligns with your deeply held mission while speaking publicly.



FOUR }: Visualize your audience falling in love with what you say and how you say what you say

This is a big one. All too often, we get entangled with our own words in our own heads, so to create your own impact, you must truly see yourself being successful in spreading your message before your audiences. Visualize them learning and growing from the knowledge you give them.

FIVE }: Personalize your content and delivery to your specific audience because this matters a lot

Personalization of content is key to your success as a public speaker because each audience is different from the one before and the one coming after. You must absolutely learn the uniquely differentiated drivers of people and techniques to best relate to those who want to learn from you

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  • Ahh, so needed this post! I love talking to people but I highly dislike public speaking. How is that possible?! LOL. These were such great tips! xo, Roselyn

  • Great tips, I especially love #4!

    Treats and Trends

  • I am terrified to do public speaking, thanks for sharing

  • Monika Grunwald

    Great tips! I am such a bad public speaker (or in my head I feel like I am).. That’s most of us, right? Anyways, great post!

  • Nicole Fuentes

    These are all great tips, I never thought of visualizing before speaking in public but it totally makes sense. Thanks for the great post!
    xx, Nicole

  • Krystal Spiegler

    great tips! I am a nervous wreck when it comes to speaking in front of small groups. I will definitely keep these in the back of my pocket 🙂

  • Victoria

    Great advice! I am terrible at public speaking, so I am going to have to try this.
    victoria |

  • debbie_savage

    I am loving these tips! I need all the help as I present a lesson each Sunday at church! Thank you!
    xo Debbie |

    • Shinjini Das

      Congratulations, Debbie! You are powerful and will share some of the most beautiful lessons each Sunday at church! Sending you love! May you continue to be true to thine own style, girlfriend! xoxo

  • LOVE this interview, so I speak publicly often and I love to do it but I get so nervous after the 15 minute mark, I need tips on how to keep my flow and this post helped spark some ideas for me! Thanks for the interview Shannon <3


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