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{ TRAVEL }: My 8 tips for CRUSHING Jet Lag! - Champagne at Shannon's

{ TRAVEL }: My 8 tips for CRUSHING Jet Lag!

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Well, talk about a whirlwind week.

Erik & I are back from Europe. Always bittersweet to come home! I do love coming home to my cat & the golden gate bridge, but man, I fell in LOVE with Paris.

In major love. Like, it’s my favourite place I’ve been next to Tokyo. I’ll do full blown post in the next week or so after I wrap my head around it. But it was more than everything I could of imagined. I am missing it in a major way and already planning a full blown French vacation for much longer this year or next.

However, today I wanted to talk JET LAG!

When we went to Australia at the end of 2015, I had the worst jet lag of my life – mentioned here. Literally, my mind and body were in different places and it took about 2 weeks to fully overcome. Bru-tal. Ever since then, I promised myself NEVER AGAIN.

I’ve traveled quite often at this point and have found my ways toheal after a long flight and different time zones

Here are my tips to overcome jetlag!

ONE }: Put yourself in the timezone of the destination the second you board the plane. 

This is probably the most important tip. When we boarded our plane to San Franciso from Paris yesterday at ~9:00am, it was midnight in San Francisco. It was about a 10 hour flight, so Erik and I both fell asleep within one hour of taking off. By the time we woke up, it was 8:00a PT! Despite being on a plane, we felt rested enough and on track for coming home.

The worst thing I could of done yesterday was take a nap. I was still tired, but I stayed up until bedtime and got a good night’s sleep. Come Monday (today), it feels as if I haven’t traveled at all! Sometimes this might mean falling asleep {for the night!} at 4:00p, depending on the route.

This might also mean skipping a meal. It’s okay and trust me, when you’re going somewhere like Paris, it’s MUCH better to eat at the destination than on the plane. 😉 Plan around it before your flight. Grab a quick bite at the airport or bring some snacks on the plane to stay satiated. Erik & I always get nigiri + miso soup from Tomokazu at SFO before any international travel – it’s our fave pre-flight tradition! If you’re in the international terminal in SF, def go there, we love it.

TWO }: LOTS of water both on the plane and when you get home.

Planes are sooooo dehydrating. I try to drink as many bottles of water as I can on the plane. For every alcoholic drink I have, I have to have twice as much as water.

On top of it all, the food on the plane is chock full of sodium, which adds to the dehydration. For this reason, I also like to put on a sheet mask for the last 20-60 minutes of flying {generally when they announce the descent}… btw, Erik thinks I’m so ridiculous for doing this, but it makes a difference!

When you get home, chug water like it’s your job.

If you’re sick of water, drink some peppermint tea (soothing, good for your stomach & hydrating) or ginger tea (awesome for anti-inflammatory and bloat).

If you really want your body to thank you, make my Detox water before you leave to take care of future you. 😉

THREE }: Don’t push it!

Although I wasn’t really jetlagged, I still wasn’t at 100% to hit the ground running. We got home, picked up some sandwiches to go {Caprese with Proscuitto for me, please!} & then worked on the computer. I caught up with my FTJ and other blogs… from bed at a leisurely snail’s pace.

I also read some books, hung out with Lucy, & just screwed around online with social media. I knew I had to hit the ground running on Monday, so I wanted to take a rest day. I also did not work out. Listen to your body 😉


Okay so, this lentil soup saved my LIFE when I came back from Melbourne. Literally, it was my saving grace to feeling like a human again. It takes literally 10 minutes to prepare & so incredibly soothing.

Lentils are BOMB. They are anti-inflammatory, incredibly filling, & full of nutrients, protein, and fiber.

In fact, I’m making it tonight! 😉

+++ Recipe HERE

{ lentil and kale soup // champagne at shannon's }


Take 20 minutes out when you get to your destination to stretch it out! Even if I have a seat that reclines flat into a bed, I still feel cramped and sore when I get back.

I like to do the butterfly stretch for my hip flexors, cobra, touch my toes standing & sitting. Trust me, you will feel amazing afterwards.

SIX }: Relax in a bath!

Okay so I love my baths. I wrote about my Aphrodisiac bath here which is great to relax the mood. As I’ve done my girl Courtney’s Bombshell Angel plan, one thing she really reiterates on is self-care. It is so good for the mind & body.

My general recipe for baths go: water + salt + milk / oil / clay + essential oils.

Speaking of essential oils….

SEVEN }: Fill your place with oils!

Essential oils are the best. They really help to create a spa-like ambiance at home during stressful times. They help keep the mind and body calm. Some of my favourites to really set the mood at home is a blend of eucalyptus, peppermint, & lavender.

You can use them in an oil diffuser, in the bath above, mixed with a little hemp oil on pulse points, reed diffusers, or candles. Literally, the options are endless!

EIGHT }: You know I had to, right? MMJ.

Okay, so we have lifted the pot curtain a few posts ago so let’s keep going there because I LOVE it. I’m not talking just straight up cannabis, but CBD. First things first, I strongly believe 2017 will be the year of CBD (Cannabidiol). For starters, it’s not psychoactive, so no worries about getting high. It will also eliminate anxiety {!!!!} + promotes sleep and healing.

You can find it in chocolates {I like these from Kiva – sooo good}, oil, tablets. However, my favourite?? These mints! SO GOOD. omg I am obsessed. These ginger ones are also on my “to buy” list. I like to take CBD right as I board the plane or an hour before bed. Much better than Xanny or Valium & far more natural, . Heads up, it’s not cheap, but that’s because it literally is liquid gold. Worth every cent. Trust me.

Looking to add a little THC to your cloud? Go with a relaxing Indica. Indica really will give your body a physical high, promotes sleep, and relieves muscle pain / soreness. I like to microdose indo with my PAX {I have this one in blue} to get the effects without overdoing it since it is psychoactive. Obvs, you can’t do this on the plane – if you want an in-flight lift, go with edibles or capsules – puffing would be for when you are home. 🙂

Some of my favourite Indica strains are: Granddaddy Purple {bomb for anxiety & stress}, Bubba Kush {GREAT for headaches / Migraines}, Berry White {love this if I am watching a movie before bed} & Blueberry {love it for back & muscle pain}.

+++ I’ll do a full blown CBD post very soon, as well as Indica / Sativa & which strains are best for what. LMK anything else cannabis you want to see. 

Well, that’s all I got for today!

Now, I wanna know… what are your tips for beating jet lag? It affects people in so many different ways, so I always love knowing other ways to kick it. Currently sipping on a lemon / ginger / green tea blend I made.

I’ll be announcing the cookbook club and details on Wednesday! Any cookbooks you want to see? Anything you want to get from it? Let me know. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!



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