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{ Crystal Fighters }

I feel like I could make an entire series on Crystal Fighters.

They are one of my all time favourite bands.

In fact, how I found out about them is kinda funny…

I was on a United flight to Colorado from Dallas, and decided to listen to the on-flight music and a phenomenal song came on. This was before internet on planes was a thing {I make it sound so long ago, but this was in August of 2013} and this song was the one.

Immediately, I knew it was special & I needed it in my life, so I am sitting on the plane literally memorizing the lyrics as they are sung so I can google them and find the song when we land. Yes, this means repeating the verses I remember over and over in my head until I can take my phone off airplane mode because I’m cray. The second we hit the runway, I got to googling. LUCKILY this plan worked. After a few failed attempts, I was able to discover that this song was actually called With You by my soon to be favourite band – Crystal Fighters

Anyways, so I get to my hotel in Colorado and spent the entire night on my phone {honestly, how I spend every night} perusing their Soundcloud.

I literally hit a music goldmine.

Every one of their songs were so good, as well as their remixes. I was hooked.

It also came at a perfect time for me. I have already made the decision to start completely new, move to a city I’ve never been to, and really work on taking over control of my life. Champion Sound {I was obsesssssed with the Psychemajik remix} was as if it was written for me – just replace England with California… in fact, I WILL make a post on this song – stay tuned – it’s that special. I also  fell in love with At Home {this was another one that was good timing}, You & I, and Love is All I got.

Anyways, before I dive into the song, I wanted to give you my history with Crystal Fighters since I am psychotically obsessed with them.

I’ve followed them throughout the years, and if you follow me on snizzap {un: shnnnlynn}, you know I saw them live last night. It goes without saying, but they were phenomenal.

Plus, with today being EARTH DAY, I feel like it was more than appropriate.

? Featuring :: Earth Island – Crystal Fighters

{ Shannon Silver // Champagne at Shannon's }

What immediately attracted me to them was their dark, Basque folk mixed with an electronic touch.

Finding my favourite Crystal Fighters song is tough – because they are all so, so good – but this has to be one of the top contenders.

For starters, it is one of the most unique songs out there. Seriously. When you listen, you’ll get what I mean.

Also, I am going to be completely transparent about this, but I have no idea what the song is about. Every single time I hear it, I get something different. And to be quite honest, I think that is the point and all the things I am getting are all part of it. And I looooove figuring out the meanings of songs.

I think it is about Sex. I think it is about our Earth. I think it is about Making Love. I think it is about Exploring our Universe. I think it is about Exploring our Bodies. I think it is about Love. I think it is about Growing. I think it is about our Oceans. I think it is about Energy. I think it is about Future Love. I think it’s about Drugs {so sue me}. I think it is about Outer Space… I think it is about our connection with ourselves, our planet, our bodies, and our love.

Now, I might be totally off on this, but I do think the main meaning of this song is SEX.

…if you know Crystal Fighters, they are anything but raunchy – they are very big on the soul connection, and the power of love.

I personally love songs with these type of meanings. Another great example of this is Gravity’s Rainbow by The Klaxon’s – WHICH I 100% WILL DO A POST ON TOO – but the Klaxons confirmed what it is about and I think the meaning is somewhat similar.

It’s hard to explain… but let me take a go at it…

By sex, I am talking that psychedelic connection.

Okay moving on!

Now let’s talk about the song, musically.

It is SO so unique, right?!

One thing I love about Crystal Fighters is that they really pay tribute to their Basque roots & are very spiritually connected to it. They got their name from an unfinished opera one of the member’s grandfather wrote during his final months of insanity. The opera itself was about partying in Basque Country, and an old man observing it from afar. Their music is very reflective of traditional Basque folk with a party touch.  This interview nails it.

Earth Island remains true to their style and incorporates the Basque folk instruments and meshes it with a lil sexy synth, electronica, and dub. I cannot get enought.

It’s a groovy trip & you should go on it. In whatever way you want.

Have a rad weekend and Happy Earth Day!  Take care of this Earth, y’all – we only get one & call me selfish, but I’d like to keep it.

PS – I’d be curious to know what you think the song is about! I have their video with the official lyrics below. I’ve polled all my friends aka secretly turning them on to my favourite band. 🙂

x Shannon  ?


Crystal Fighters :: Soundcloud // Spotify // Facebook // Twitter // Official
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Crystal Fighters pic via Crystal Fighters

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