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DESSERT TEA :: My Favourite Way to keep Cravings on lock lock - Champagne at Shannon's

DESSERT TEA :: My Favourite Way to keep Cravings on lock lock

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{ Dessert Tea Keeping My Cravings on Lock // Champagne at Shannon's }

I’ve alluded to this here & here but it seriously has been a huge game changer for me.

This may sound weird, but one thing I am very passionate about is tea.

In fact, tea is what single-handedly piqued my interest into wellness as a whole, as well as food & beverage.

Back in 2006, I had just finished my freshman year of college…. and it sure showed. My diet was horrendous {think In-N-Out daily, fries all day, Hawaiian pizzas weekly, stupid alcoholic beverages like Spark – ugh} and I packed on more than enough LBs. I have a frame where an extra five pounds will look like fifteen…. and let’s just say I gained a lot more than fifteen pounds.

I looked terrible, I felt terrible, I was buying all new clothes in sizes way above my normal size, and I knew something needed to change, but to be honest, I did not know how.

I was shopping at the Galleria in Houston and found a store called Teavana so I went in. I’ve mentioned my addictive personality (& this story!) but I walked out with a ton of tea…. green, white, and peppermint to be exact. I started having a cup of tea first thing in the morning, and last thing at night. It became an addictive ritual, & I loved the taste of it.

{ dessert tea time // champagne at shannon's }

At the time, I worked in a restaurant as a waitress, so I was on my feet constantly…. but come August, right when my second year of college was going to start, I was noticeably trimmer! From being on my feet constantly, with the occasional workout, but daily tea, I lost a substantial amount of weight but more importantly, FELT better.

At 20, I finally had the realization – WOW, everything I put inside my body directly correlates with how I feel (which can directly correlate with how I look).

I started to recognize how important what you put in your body was.

I also became very appreciative of the different flavours and effects of the tea – for example, mint tea after dinner is perfect to aid digestion; green tea (especially matcha) is perfect to start your day; black tea is a bolder tea full of caffeine; chamomile is wonderful for calmness…. the list truly goes on.

I also went as far as pairing it with different foods. To this day, one of my favourite food & tea pairings is green tea with a bowl of pomegranate seeds. mmmmmmm

So, that is the cliff notes version with my relationship with tea…

Now, let’s take it one step further.

If I was to tell you tea is my favourite way to curb my dessert cravings, would you think I’m boring af?

Okay, well, what if I told you DESSERT TEA is my favourite way to curb desert cravings – slightly interested now?

Dessert tea – what even is that?!

Trust me, it is as delicious as it sounds.

Dessert tea is simply tea leaves mixed with dessert aromatics. Think tea leaves and something like caramel, chocolate, nuts, dried fruits, spices… etc, or straight up herbal teas.

And they are so, so, so good, that I promise, you will not miss the actual dessert. Pinky swear.

On top of that, you feel great before bed, and wake up feeling great.

Win & win.

{ Caramel Creme Rooibos - Dessert Tea // Champagne at Shannon's }

My personal favourite tea for dessert is Rooibos. I like it since it is caffeine free. As I get older, caffeine really effects me (I miss the days of espresso after dinner & fully caffinated green tea before bed).

Rooibos is a great tea in general. Benefits include: improved circulation, anti-inflammation, promotes healthy skin & hair, great for digestion, bone & teeth health, among many, many more.  { source }

One thing I really love about tea is taking the time out to enjoy it. When I am stressed – whether it be in the office or at home – the first thing I do is make a tea. For starters, it takes about 5-10 minutes to make. I find taking five minutes to just take a few deep breaths when tress comes up as it brews super healing. Then, each sip is nourishing & I can truly savor it!

Seriously, give it a go. It will change the way you see dessert time. For those wondering, my favourite dessert tea is chocolate peppermint roobios – yes, please!

TIP :: to up the creamy factor, steep with a part of a vanilla bean – YUM – or add hemp milk – or do it my way and do BOTH!

Other favourite dessert teas include (a ton are from David’s Tea since it is right by my house lol….}:

Mint Chocolate by David’s Tea {ROOIBOS} :: Hands down, mint chocolate is my favourite dessert combo – mint chip ice cream with oreos, to be specific – so the tea is no exception! I love this for after dinner since you get the benefits of peppermint, with the decadence of chocolate. It is also caffeine free.

Better Than Sex by Tay Tea {ROOIBOS} :: Okay, so yeah I obviously have a type since this is practically the same as above, but with less artificial flavouring. Plus, that name though (on top of being mint and chocolate) – I’m willing to put it to the test! 😉

Chocolate Macaroon by David’s Tea {BLACK} :: If name didn’t sell you already, allow me to. This tea is so delicious and my favourite way to curb any sweetness cravings throughout the day. Think chocolate, pecans, coconut, & rock candy. YUM. This alleviates any mid-day Marina treat runs… because those happen more than I would like to admit…

Pumpkin Spice Brûlée by Teavana {OOLONG} :: Pumpkin Spice & everything nice! Think a pumpkin spice creme brulee for a fraction of the cals and sugar…which will lead to a sugar crash. No thanks! This tea is white & dark chocolate, toffee, pumpkin spice, butterscotch, vanilla, with some oolong tea! Oolong is also one of the healthiest teas out there for you. So, practically, this pumpkin spice brûlée is good af for you. I’d absolutely add some heated vanilla hemp milk to this to make it extra creamy

Forever Nuts by David’s Tea {HERBAL} :: This tea is crazy good! For starters, it is sooooo so so tasty. Think Apples, almonds, cinnamon, and beetroot (so it brews pink!) – I actually like to spike this one with a lil whisky or pumpkin spice bourbon before bed. My boyfriend is sick so I made him my version of a hot toddy with this, a lil bourbon and stirred in some Royal Jelly when it was lukewarm.

….or make your own!

It’s seriously as easy as making a trail mix. In a tea filter or tea ball, add whatever your heart desires – cacao nibs, coconut flakes, pieces of a cinnamon stick, peppermint oil or leaves, vanilla bean or powder, nuts…. the list goes on, with your favourite tea {loose leaf makes it easy, but you can cut open your favourite pre-bagged tea} and steep! Take it one step further and keep your favourite mix in an air tight jar and scoop a tablespoon per cup as needed & voila!

…In fact, I am going to mix goji berries with green tea & a sprinkle of matcha now!

Sold yet?

Anyone have some favourite teas/blends I should check out? Any tea and food pairings? Dessert hacks? Let me know in the comments!

{ Shannon Silver in Brandy Melville talking Dessert Tea // Champagne at Shannon's }

Bottoms up & pinkies out 😉


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