{ #JAM }: NVDES – Don’t Fvck Your Neighbor [Slaptop Remix]


Any fun weekend plans?

Erik is back so we have a date night at one of our favourite Marina restaurants, which is unfortunately closing, so we are trying to go as much as we can before that day happens. Then I have a brunch with one of my favourite brands, Reformation, shooting for the blog, getting in some tennis & finalizing my birthday!

We are off to LA {stoked!!!!} next week since Erik is lecturing at USC so just getting things done here. I’m finally feeling better too so I’m glad my body has kicked what it was fighting. Not to sound super annoying, but getting to the gym is what really helped kick it to the curb. It’s been nice to get back in the swing of things.

OH! Also! Within the past week I started & finished Big Little Lies. Such a phenomenal show, from the acting {Nicole Kidman was absolutely phenomenal}, to the music, to the direction, and to all the topics it covers. In fact, I can’t stop reading about it. If you are chillin all weekend, def binge on it, it’s only 7 episodes.

Ok y’all, let’s get into the Friday stuff

NVDES – Don’t Fvck Your Neighbor [Slaptop Remix]




Who is NVDES? Well this interview could really sum it up better than I will, but I’ll try. I suspect him to be a major player in the 2017 music scene. NVDES is a collective produced by song writer / musicial Josh Ocean, based in LA, as a creative outlet which later became his full time job. His sound is literally vibing with friends & he is influenced by electronica, punk, indie music. Very cool stuff. He turns each song into an “experience” – this one included

Slaptop, a San Francisco {what up!!!} based DJ, is known for his phenomenal remixes. Mentioned here, he has followed NVDES from the beginning and this was his favourite song from him. I must agree. Well, he remixes this into something truly addictive & something you can dance to. This song is pure neon.

Straight up banger, perfect for the warmer weather and not to mention something to blast with festival season to be the coolest one there. Bet.

As far as what the song is about…. welll… the title says it all. 😉 In fact, fun fact, he wrote it with his actual neighbor. Love it.

Anyways, this is a must for a weekend jam… I personally love it for cardio. If you like CSS, remixes by my OG The Magician, St. Lucia, Le Youth, you will love this one.

Have a great weekend! See y’all on Monday. Let me know what you are listening to this weekend!

xx Shannon

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