THIRSTY AF! My Seven Super Easy Tips To Drink More Water 💦

Like many others, with the new year, I’ve made the resolution to drink more water in 2018. If we are being honest, going on week 3, this is something I wish I fully commited to in years prior, especially in my 20’s.

In less than a month, the benefits are MAJOR. For starters, you can really tell in my skin. It’s completely clear & has a nice “bounce” to it. The more hydrated you are on the inside, the more the outside will show. In fact, this whole last weekend, I went make-up free & Erik kept complementing how good my skin looked. I feel like my personal skin story is a post for another day but my skin isn’t the greatest. For it to look clear, bouncy, & glowy, it takes a LOT of care & upkeep that has been made easier by drinking at least a gallon of water a day.

I’ve also noticed in my workouts, I have more stamina to power through cardio. Before, I’d be counting down the seconds to hop off the bike or elliptical but now it flies by.

On that note, I’ve also noticed it has decreased my appetite & I’ve made healthier choices. I’m a MAJOR stress eater & at the office, I have found myself grabbing the not so great but sooooo good stuff {I’m looking at you, flamin hot funyuns}. In the past two weeks on returning to the office, I find I rarely have hunger pains & when they hit, I am craving a slice of avo toast or fruit. It makes choosing healthy truly effortless.

With that, in the past 3 weeks, I look & feel significantly slimmer and leaner & easily down an inch. I haven’t changed much to my lifestyle other than increasing my water intake. FWIW: my normal lifestyle includes working out in the gym every other day & eating whole non processed foods whenever I can.

THAT SAID- I’m a huge fan and plan on making this a permanent lifestyle change since it just makes me feel amazing. Not to get totally annoying, but I find I CRAVE water & with each glass, I feel so refreshed.

Anyways, I totally understand as you get into drinking more water that it can be “boring”. SO- today I am sharing my favourite tips that help me drink more water. I promise, it’s worth it!

My Top Tips to Drink More Water

< ONE >

Get a trenta sized water with your starbucks!

This is one of my all time favourite tips. When I go to Starbucks, I always get a trenta sized cup of water to accompany my drink.  To put in perspective, one trenta sized cup can fit an entire bottle of wine. Sip four of these babies a day and you’ll get your water intake in no time. I like to recycle the cup as long as I can & bring it in to Starbuck’s to get it refilled. I keep a trenta cup at the office, at home, & at Erik’s.

< TWO >

When drinking, alternate each alcoholic beverage

You see this tip constantly, but it’s because it works. Not only will it have you drink less alcohol, but keeps you hydrated as alcohol consumption is extremely dehydrating. Staying extra hydrated is KEY – your skin {& lack of a hangover} the next morning will thank you. Sometimes, I like to alternate with mint or ginger tea to fight inflammation & ease digestion. Basically tipsy you is taking care of sober you in the morning so bottoms up.


Splurge on a cute water bottle

I know this is a silly tip but weirdly it works! Right now, this holographic swell bottle is what dreams are made of, right? A cute water bottle is the most important accessory. I keep it in my purse or gym bag at ALL times. Whenever I am running errands or meeting Erik somewhere, it comes with me. Plus, by spending some extra dollars on it, you HAVE to use it 😉

< FOUR >

Eat Spicy Foods!

Okay so I am well aware there are plenty of websites saying to NOT drink water after eating something spicy & instead drink milk and blah blah blah. To be honest, I’ve never had an issue with drinking cold water after spicy foods {fwiw, hot water will make it more spicy}, but I find cold water soothing and having a little heat on the tongue will make you reach for water more & more. Spicy foods are generally great for your metabolism so it’s a fun way to get a metabolic boost while staying hydrated! I should also mention that I LOVE my foods spicy and have a major heat tolerance 😉 if it does get a little too spicy, check out my golden hemp milk as a fun healthy dessert to cool things down.

< FIVE >

Supplement your diet with foods full of water!

Eat your water! It’s an effortless way to get more hydration on top of drinking it. Load your plate with cucumbers, watermelon, grapefruit, celery, zucchini’s, & cantelope! All of these foods are very refreshing and full of water. It’s a fun way to supplement your water intake. Go the extra mile and blend the watermelon / melon with cucumber & water for a fun ice pop – it will satiate your sweet tooth & keep you refreshed – i also like to add mint to mine!

< SIX >

Fill Your water with superfoods!

This is one of my favourite tips in the book. Remember my detox water? Infuse your water with foods that will make you feel good! I love mint, lemon, basil, pomegranate seeds, chlorophyll, ginger, turmeric, goji berries, lavender, chia seeds, celery, bee pollen, clove, apple cider vinegar – the list is truly endless. I also love to cold steep mint tea in it for an extra boost. Last week, I pulled the trigger on The Super Elixir, so I start every morning with superfood, super green water. Within the past 5 days, I’m already feeling better. FWIW- I’m doing the 30 day challenge so I’ll def keep y’all posted with this


Refill your cup or bottle as soon as you finish it!

The second I finish my trenta or swell, I fill it up IMMEDIATELY every.single.time. By always having something to drink, especially when I am working on the computer or watching a movie, it ensures I will drink it. Kind of the same mentality of why you shouldn’t bring a whole bag of chips while you watch TV, you know, because you’ll finish the whole bag? Well in THIS case it works to your advantage, you want to finish the whole thing and then some. Mindlessly drink away!

All right guys – those are my top tips on how to really up your water intake effortlessly. I can’t recc it enough – the hype is REAL & one of the biggest anti-aging tips out there.

I promise, after a few weeks, it will become like clockwork because you will LOVE the way you feel. I find I am now addicted to that “hydration” & nourishment.

On that note, about to finish my trenta & plan out our dinners for the week so I can make our instacart order… but I want to hear from YOU. Any other tips to sex up water or to drink more more more of it? Let me know in the comments

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  • girl every single one of these tips is right on…. let me tell you – I started bikram yoga at the end of last year – I know I haven’t had enough water when I literally fall on the floor and die in class. 😉


    • Right?! I totally gauge my workouts on water intake – I find they are soooo much easier to get through when I’m properly hydrated. Congrats on Bikram! Those classes are INTENSE but the high after is better than anything! xx Shannon

  • Melanie

    I have always been an advocate of drinking lots of water because of all its benefits. I usually drink my water with Lemon and Chia Seeds but definitely going to get a little more creative with your tips. Great Post – Thank you!

    • Yum! I love the idea of mixing lemon AND chia! I’ll def do that combo – & OF COURSE. I’ve noticed such a difference in such a small amount of time that I can’t imagine the benefits in a year or even 5 years from now!! Thank YOU for reading babe xx

  • I definitely need to drink more water, and I love all of your tips! I got a cute water bottle for Christmas and I’m surprised at how much water I’ve been drinking since I got it. It sounds silly, but it totally works!!

    xo Kayla

    • RIGHT?! There’s something so fun ab drinking from a cute water bottle – a very chic accessory if I do say so myself!! Thanks so much for reading <3 xx

  • Jessica Delmos

    Great tip! I most definitely need to start drinking more water!

  • Kalyn

    I always drink my water with lemon in it just to spice up the taste. I definitely notice a difference in my skin when I drink more water! This was a great reminder! Thanks love!

    • Of course, Kalyn! The benefits are just MAJOR so I had to get a lil preachy preachy. Thanks so much for reading <3 xx

  • Briana Trevino

    I thought about drinking more water just last night! Thanks for this!



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