Okay, okay let me paint the scene as this is one that is ALL TOO FAMILIAR for Erik & me.

& I’m sure many of you relate. Ready?! Ok let’s go.

Erik & I are in our uber to yet another flight. To really set the mood, Erik loves getting to the airport with plenty of time to spare. Me on the other hand? Haaaaa let’s just say if I don’t travel with him, I miss my flight. I cut it WAY too close, I’ll fully admit.

In fact, he HATES these shoes that I always wear because it slows me down in the airport – HA! He 100% banished me from wearing them to the airport a la Blair Waldorf & tights as pants. Btw – my mood in that photo is basically me in the airport with Erik.

Anyways, back to the lecture at hand. We are in the car on our way to the airport. We also live in the neighborhood in SF furthest from SFO so it’s not necessarily on the way.

ALMOST EVERY SINGLE TIME we have the following conversation {he does too!! it’s not just me}:

“wait, is my oven on?”

That’s when allllll the thoughts come rushing in so ready to ruin your vacation…

Welllll I was in a rush and toasted a bagel in there this morning

Oh I DEFINITELY turned it off…. i think?

Wait, did I remember to turn it off from dinner two nights ago?!

WELL- despite Erik’s best efforts to get us to the airport at a reasonable hour, we have def turned the uber around more times than we care to admit to make sure the oven is off.


In fact, as soon as I read it, I told it to Erik & he even was all like “ok that’s legit”. It couldn’t come at a better time since we are traveling this entire month, no joke.

OK so as you leave your house with your bags & everything, the very last thing you do is

Take a picture of your oven dials with your phone

Genius, right?! Then when those pesky thoughts come in, all you need to do is pull up your gallery on your phone

To make it even better, this can apply to literally everything, not just that damn oven that we all wonder if we left on:

Wait, did I feed Lucy on the way out? Take a photo of her food & water

Did I leave the lights on? Snap away

Where tf did I park? Take a photo

Did I blow out that candle? Gotcha covered.

Is Lucy’s playlist on {yes I’m nucking futs}? Proof is in the photo. Should I have her guest post her playlist?! HA – you can peep it here.

I DEF left the straightener on… i think?! Actually, Shannon, you didn’t, check your phone,

Whatever it is that might come to haunt your vacation later… take a photo of it as you go. This will become like clockwork: phone, keys, luggage, passport, wallet, photo & GO!

I can’t take all the credit for this, I read it from this post on someone’s Facebook status but I HAD to share it with you guys. & of course it can relate to whenever you leave the house for the office / gym / dranks / etc. Just make sure it’s the last thing you do!

On that note, we are off to MILWAUKEE on Friday! Super quick trip, then we are leaving the weekend after for Texas, some totally rad international travel until September bc #yolo & then LA for an exciting partnership!

Ok your turn, what are some of your travel hacks?! tell tell, I need ALL the help I can get so Erik doesn’t want to kill me every time we go to the airport.

ta ta for now! x Shannon

+++ cover image here by one of my favourite instagrammers, @korvostills
+++ my post on beating jet lag here
+++ ps this is my go to travel outfit, minus the shoes or else Erik will kill me. These are my go to for the plane w/ socks always 🙂


  • That is seriously such a good tip! I am always cutting it so close for my airport timing and have to call someone to check when I freak out about stuff. I love the idea of having an actual snap shot to look at instead of your mental one.
    Side note: I remember when my boyfriend lived in SF in the Outer Richmond and it was always such a journey getting to the airport. I loved how close I was to the airport living in San Diego and would leave with less than an hour to take off but had to be much more planned up there haha.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • HA- I know, especially because you know that thought will keep on lingering throughout the trip! Totally feel that! You are so lucky. One thing I miss the most about Dallas was being legit 10 minutes from Dallas/Love Field airport, it sure made traveling FAR less stressful… but it’s also likely where I got my bad habit of making Erik age 10 years at the airport LOL! Thanks for reading, Eden!! xx S

  • Rachel Barter

    I honestly never thought of this, but it’s a pretty good tip haha!

    xo Rachel |

    • Thanks, Rachel!! Funny how a simple thought can be SO stressful! x

  • This is, like, WAY TOO EASY. I don’t ever have the “did I turn the oven off” vibe but I always wonder if I remembered to close the windows and lock the back door. So this is exactly the tip I need for that!


    • Right?! It’s like so easy it’s mindblowing! YES the windows omg that’s another one that gets me. This has already been a lifesaver in the past 2 days LOL – thanks so much for reading, Dannie 🙂 x S

  • I love the idea of taking a photo of your oven dials, I hate that feeling

  • Fash-n-Curious

    I always wonder if I put the garage down! THAT’s what makes me turn around. I say we all just get Alexa!

    • Right?! Candles get me all the time too. Alexa would def be a lifesaver!! Thanks for reading babe 🙂 x S

  • How cool is that tip?! I’m just like your husband, I love coming everywhere early just in case, haha!

    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris

    • Ha! To be fair, it makes the airport experience FAR less stressful!! Happy Friday babe! x S

  • Jannine Pampu

    That’s a great idea! I also heard of someone who had a stranger they hired to house sit their house, and they took pictures of EVERYTHING when they left. They were so happy to do that because they noticed a bunch of stuff missing that would have otherwise taken them a long time to realize.

    xo Jannine |

    • WOW! That’s crazy & a great tip too for anyone entering your home unintended. Thanks for reading, Jannine 🙂 x Shannon

  • Meaghan Gonzalez

    This is a new one to me! So simple and yet such a lifesaver, especially when you’re cutting it close with your flight!! Thanks for sharing.

    Meaghan xx

    • Thanks Meaghan! Trust me, it saved us last week! I think it was our first Uber we didn’t have to turn around LOL – thanks so much for reading 🙂 xx S


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