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{ #JAM }: Erotic City [Scotty Boy Remix] - Prince - Champagne at Shannon's

{ #JAM }: Erotic City [Scotty Boy Remix] – Prince

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? Featuring :: Erotic City [Scotty Boy Remix] – Prince

{ Shannon Silver // Champagne at Shannon's }

As you can tell by following me, music is extremely important to me. I’ve touched on it in this post the impact it has on my life.

Like the world was on April 21, 2016, I was devastated when I heard of Prince’s passing.

For so many reasons, he was such a legend. His impact on music, art, sexuality, society, culture, fashion, beauty, LIFE was seriously immeasurable.

I know it sounds cliche, but the world was truly got a bit darker two weeks ago and I found myself just reminiscing on his music, his style, his life… again, his impact.

Like I mentioned with Lady Gaga, one thing I really loved about Prince was how unapologetically HIM he was. And for good measure. The world would be {and already is} an entirely different place without him… and believe me, a lot less fun.

{ Erotic CIty Scotty Boy Remix Prince }

As I went through all of his music, one song that has always been my ultimate favourite song was Erotic City.

…if you have been following Champagne at Shannon’s for a while, it is pretty obvious why.

Besides the obvious, it’s a funking classic.

Speaking of funking….

It was very much known for it’s sexuality.

To this day, there seems to be question if it is fuck or funk? So, anything Prince sings is fuck, and Sheila E is funk since she did not want to say the word. Now I’m not saying this so I can shamelessly say fuck all over my blog post, instead, it should be noted that this was on the radio back in the 80s.

So… “Fuck so pretty you and me” was on the radio and completely uncensored.

Like, how rad is that? Not only rad, but monumental in society.

I – for one – am not a fan of censorship, so I am all about that.

{ Erotic CIty Scotty Boy Remix Prince }

Now, let’s go into the song, musically.

I am a major fan of disco, synth {LOVE love love synth}, funk.. you name it.

Erotic City encompasses it all.

Full of strong bass, strumming guitars, and a simple keyboard riff. This song is instantly recognizable and a classic.

Again, this is one of my ALL TIME favourite songs ever and I strongly believe a ton of current day music is righteously influenced by it.

Now, enter DJ Scotty Boy….

{ Erotic CIty Scotty Boy Remix Prince }

I actually know Scott personally. He is a GREAT guy not to mention that he and his wife are seriously the cutest couple ever, it’s ridiculous.

I’ve followed his Soundcloud since the day I met him.

Funny story, but in September 2011 (HOW was that 5 years ago, btw?! not okay), I went to the Deadmau5 concert when I was living in Dallas which was a CRAAZY good show. Seriously, phenomenal. I’m a huge fan of his work and honestly, a huge fan of how protective he is about his craft and creating music.

Back on track – well, after a series of really random events on a friend of mine’s Twitter, I found myself with tickets and backstage passes to the following show the next day since her and her boyfriend could not go. Anyways, so I get there with my friends (this was before #squad was a thing) and Scotty Boy was the opening act. And like… I was introduced to Scott byDeadmau5? Again, most random story ever & I can’t make this shit up. Regardless, it was a really fun night and everyone was as nice as can be.

And note: he was opening for Deadmau5 so he is obviously good af.

The other day, I was casually perusing Soundcloud and saw not only did he have a new remix but it was to one of my favourite songs… and let me just say – he CRUSHED it.

Again, not saying this because he is a friend, but this is one of the best remixes I have ever heard. Period.

What is so cool about music, is that it tells a story. The story Scott is telling goes a little like this:

Prince was one of my all time favorite artists. Erotic City was among one of my first 12″ singles when I was a kid. So with the passing of this musical legend, I figured I would pay tribute with my own remix of this dance classic with a West Coast Nu Disco twist. { source }

And a fantastic tribute, it is.

The Nu Disco touch works very well with it & adds to the funk appeal.

The bass still hits hard, the lyrics are all still there. This song is nothing short of dope.

He also did a phenomenal job at keeping the integrity of the song.

It is funky, sexy, and all you want to do is dance & funk until dawn… or something along those lines.

Give it a listen & go check Scotty Boy out on Soundcloud!

x Shannon  ?


Scotty Boy :: Soundcloud // Spotify // Facebook // Twitter // Youtube
Download ↠ H E R E


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pc :: @ryanjohnsonphotography
Scotty Boy pic via Scotty Boy
Prince pics via Herb Ritts

RIP Prince


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