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Everything Seasoning with Superfoods... YES PLZ - Champagne at Shannon's

Everything Seasoning with Superfoods… YES PLZ

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EVERYTHING. Literally everything.

Y’all, I am obsessed.

ok so, as mentioned here, one of my absolute favourite treats in the world is an Everything bagel with cream cheese. If I could, I’d have that every single morning and be a happy girl.

I love a good bagel, but unfortunately, I just can’t have them everyday… it’s a cruel, cruel world, I know. If I’m looking to add a punch of nutrition, I like to get a whole wheat bagel & mix the cream cheese with chia, flax, and hemp hearts. Good enough, but I do miss the everything part.

Well… there’s a sexy little condiment that has been taking instagram over like crazy: Trader Joes’ Everything But The Bagel Seasoning. Say whaaaaa?!

As soon as I saw it all over my feed, I knew I had to make it. I LOVE flavours & the more the better so for the most part, I already had most of these spices in my drawer. However, I wanted to add the Shannon touch soooooo I added some of my sexy seeds mentioned above (chia, hemp, flax) for a punch of superfoods.

Soooo Everything Superfood seasoning? YES PLEASE.

Let’s break it break it down like Bruno Mars and see wtf is in it:

It’s equal parts salt, garlic, fennel, sesame, poppy, shallot/onion, chia seeds, flax seeds, & hemp hearts.

The usual suspects are basically the ones you will find on a fully loaded everything bagel! I subbed shallot for onion because I wanted the minced vs granulated & at the local market, that’s all they had but same diff for the most part. Also, they are all from Spicely Organics based here in San Francisco. I think they are the BEST! Shop Spicely Organics on Amazon here & their full website here. & no I’m not being paid to say this, I’m seriously obsessed, remember?

When you are looking for garlic or onion / shallot, be sure to get minced & dehydrated. Granulated will make it far too powdery.

For sesame, white or black will work. I used white since I had that on hand.

For salt, you definitely want flaky, coarse salt vs fine. I used my absolute favourite salt in the world: Maldon Sea Salt. I strongly believe every kitchen should have a box of this at all times. I don’t use it to cook with, but more for topping off my food. The texture is divine! Buy here.

Now it goes without saying, but use whatever spices YOU like & whatever ratio you like. Though I did equal parts, I might have had a heavier hand with the garlic, salt, shallot, & hemp 😉

As for how to store it? I like to buy empty spice bottles for my blends. Maybe I can do a post on this?? But I have a blend of cayenne + turmeric + ginger {my go to detox blend – i like to mix it with hot water}, & a blend of maca + cacao + true cinnamon {for my collagen coffees}. You can buy blank spice sets here. You can also just put it in a mason jar and spoon it out. Whatever you want. I go through spices semi fast since we cook often so whenever I am out, I always wash out and save the containers!

Speaking of superfoods, let’s go deeper, shall we. This is an equal amounts of hemp hearts, chia seeds, & flax seeds.

I love to top anything & everything with hemp, so this was a no brainer to throw in. I threw in the flax seeds since they favoured the sesame seeds & the chia to favour the poppy! I didn’t want to replace them because I wanted this to be literally EVERYTHING.

The benefits are rad too:

HEMP HEARTS :: an extra source of plant-based protein & fiber! Not to mention they are heart & skin friendly & full of fatty acids. Yes, they are related to the cannabis plant, & no they won’t get you high. 🙂 { source }

FLAX SEEDS :: one of the best superfoods for fiber. Full of good fats & antioxidants. I love the nutty taste & it’s great for digestion and keeping things regular, if you will. { source }

ch-ch-ch-CHIA SEEDS :: again, high in fiber & protein, low in calories… these tiny seeds are full of nutrition. They also absorb water and expand which can help you feel full faster. They also are high in calcium which is great for your bones. { source }

It goes without saying that mixing the three of these superfoods really make one hell of a protein, fiber, antioxidant powerhouse. Not to mention, I want EVERYTHING in my everything mix so in they go. Also great to keep on hand to sprinkle on everything & anything. I even like to sprinkle a spoonful of these sexy seeds on my ice cream at night!

TIP:: I like to buy these in bulk at whole foods! It’s dirt cheap vs paying for the marketing & packaging.

As far as what to put my literally EVERYTHING seasoning on? Honestly… Everything.

Here are some of my favourite ideas:

ONE }: Avocado toast!!

TWO }: Mixed with cream cheese on a sprouted english muffin

THREE}: Sprinkled over the best eggs ever to make them even better

FOUR }: Mix with olive oil & lemon juice for an “everything” vinaigrette!

FIVE }: Sprinkled over some popcorn! Bonus points for keeping this in your purse to bring to the movies.

SIX }: Sex up some mac & cheese with this! I also like to add hot sauce & cayenne to mine.

SEVEN }: Keeping it simple and steaming some chicken & veggies? Sprinkle this over for a punch of flavour.

EIGHT }: Mix with breadcrumbs to make the best crispy topping EVER.

NINE }: Use it to rim your bloody mary! Take a lemon or lime, rim the glass & run it through the seasoning. PS I am working on a special crazy as hell bloody mary for you guys.

TEN }: My favourite way? With a BLT! Trust me. Mix it with the spread! YUM.

All right guys! I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited in my life for some seasoning. If we are being real, I made three…. THREE… three containers of this seasoning. I have one at Erik’s, one at my apartment, and one in the office.

Give it a go & lemme know what you think!

PS – already have the trader joe’s blend? I can’t blame you, it’s only $1.99 give or take. Go ahead and mix it with the sexy superfoods {hemp + chia + flax} and voila! seriously the easiest way to get some extra protein, fiber, & antioxidants ever. Like I always say, so easy, my lazy af cat can do it.

Any other ideas on how to use this?? let me know! xx Shannon



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